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WKDA was the first radio station in Nashville after the "big three" of WSM, WLAC and WSIX. It went on the air in 1947, and within ten years had assumed the role of being the city's most popular station among 18-49 year old adults and teenagers. By the late 1950's it was playing popular music, which by then was rock and roll. It had the area's top air personalities, the most exciting contests, innovative station promotions and jingle packages that listeners enjoyed hearing almost as much as the music the deejay's played. The station frequently fronted concerts featuring the singers and groups whose records they played, and put out a weekly survey of the area's top-selling records. And despite the station's lower power and lack of history compared to the "big three," was tops in ratings every year from 1957-1967. Hudson Alexander, who worked at WKDA in the early 1970's, offers the following memories of growing up listening to the station.