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#276 WP-Tonic Round-Table Show-16th March 2018

Every Friday at 8:30am PST we have a live round-table show where we discuss some of the most interesting articles and posts that deal with WordPress and the internet in general which, we have found during the week. The show is normally around hour in length plus we have a regular panel “see the list of our regular panel below, of great WordPress experts that try and join us every week. You can watch the show live every week on our Facebook Page WP-Tonic...


#275 WP-Tonic Wednesday Show With Special Guest Patrick Rauland

Patrick Rauland is obsessed with eCommerce. He's built sites for clients, he was on the WooThemes support team, he was on the WooCommerce development team, and then he was Product Manager for WooCommerce and lead three releases. Now he creates online courses for LinkedIn Learning & writes books telling people how they can rock the world with eCommerce & WooCommerce


#274 WP-Tonic Friday Rout-Table Show For Friday 9th of March 2018

This week, co-host Kim Shivler filled in for Jonathan Denwood to lead the discussion with the round table. She was joined by Sallie Goestch, John Locke, Chris Badgett, and Mendel Kurland. The group discussed some recent WordPress news much of it concerning Gutenberg. Story 1 - How Will Gutenberg Affect the Enterprise https://crowdfavorite.com/wordpress-gutenberg-enterprise/ Story 2 - Getting Ready for Gutenberg - from the WordPress Theme Review...


#273 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Dagmar Gatell

Dagmar Gatell is an internationally respected SEO consultant, Inbound Marketing consultant, coach and strategist. She is uniquely able and qualified to uncover profitable niche markets in places most entrepreneurs never consider. Dagmar uses her knowledge, expertise and instinct to create cutting-edge, targeted solutions to help you attract the right customers, convert leads and grow your business. Her SEO expertise is especially appreciated by her clients when creating demand and lead...


#272 WP-Tonic Round Table Show Friday 2 of March 2018

This week Matt Medeiros, Chris Badgett, John Locke, and Adam Preiser joined host Jonathan Denwood and co-host Kim Shivler to discuss the latest WordPress news. Episode 272’s sponsor is IntelligenceWP (intelligencewp.com). Are you ready to get more real user information from your Google Analytics data? Configure IntelligenceWP and start getting a better view of your site visitors. The regulars welcomed special guest Matt Medeiros from The Matt Report (mattreport.com) for what turned...


#270 WP-Tonic Show Fridays Round Table Show 23 of February 2018

This week on the WP-Tonic Roundtable show, John Locke, Chris Badgett and Adam Preiser joined host Jonathan Denwood for Episode 270. The covered several articles covering online topics from pondering if websites are dead to evaluating tips for making your website faster. This show’s sponsor is IntelligenceWP (https://intelligencewp.com/) as WordPress plugin designed to give you more insight into your Google Analytics statistics. Story 1 The sudden death of the...


#269 of WP-Tonic Show Wednesday interview With Special Guest Jeff Cobb

We Discuss LearnIing In a New Century With Jeff Cobb Jeff has commercially published two books – Leading the Learning Revolution and Shift Ed – and self-published a third – 10 Ways to Be a Better Learner. he has blogged for more than a decade on multiple sites, including Mission to Learn, Tagoras, and Learning Revolution. You can find more here: https://www.learningrevolution.net/ http://www.jeffthomascobb.com/


#268 WP-Tonic Friday Round-Table Show 16th of February 2018

Every Friday at 8:30am PST we have an round-table show with a group of WordPress developers, online business owners and WordPress junkies and discuss the latest and most interesting WordPress related articles/stories of the week. You can watch the show live every Friday at 8:30am PST on our Facebook WP-Tonic Show page. https://www.facebook.com/wptonic/


#267 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Miranda Lievers of Thinkific

Miranda Lievers is co-founder & COO of Thinkific, a tech company enabling tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and companies to create, market, and sell their own courses online. She jumped ship from her fast-track corporate job and into full-time entrepreneurship a decade ago, earning her MBA along the way. These days she’s devoted to growing Thinkific while working to help business owners around the globe build their own successful companies online. https://www.thinkific.com/


266 WP-Tonic Friday's 9th of Feb Round-table Show

This week on Episode 266 of the WP-Tonic Podcast Sallie Goetsch, Chris Badgett, Adam Preiser, and John Locke joined host Jonathan Denwood to discuss several recent stories in the WordPress and online community. Featured stories included the latest update of WordPress 4.9.4 released to fix the auto update feature that was broken in 4.9.3, a proposal to stop configuring WordCamps in a track format to allow more interaction of diverse users, Five reasons people redesign their websites,...


#265 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks & Joint Founder of CodePen

Chris Coyier joined host Jonathan Denwood and guest co-host John Locke for episode 265 of the WP-Tonic Podcast. Chris is the founder of CSS-Tricks (https://css-tricks.com/) and joint founder of CodePen (https://codepen.io/). This week’s sponsor is Kinsta Hosting (https://kinsta.com/?kaid=QTZIMOYOCEZL). Kinsta hosting is the official web host of the WP-Tonic website. This episode covered information about CodePen, CSS-Tricks and delved into Chris’s ideas about online training and...


#264 WP-Tonic Friday Round Table Show Thursday 2 of Feb 2018

Sallie Goetsch, Chris Badgett, and John Locke joined host Jonathan Denwood for Episode 264 of WP-Tonic. This episode is brought to you by IntelligenceWP, a WordPress plugin that integrates with Google Analytics to give you more insight into your site’s traffic and user engagement. https://intelligencewp.com/ This week’s roundtable covered several hot stories for the WordPress community. Chris Badgett announced a new update for LifterLMS. They just released an advanced quiz...


#263 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Lee Jackson Founder of The Agency Trail Blazer Community

We Interview Lee Jackson founder of Agency Trail Blazer Community podcast and membership website is on a mission to help design & web agencies fall in love with their business again. This show is dedicated to exploring ways we can improve agency life, grow our businesses, achieve our goals and get back time with our loved ones. https://agencytrailblazer.com/


#261 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Ben Arellano of Fly Plugins

Ben Arellano is the joint founder of Fly Plugins: We at Fly Plugins offer 3 premium plugin products. WP Courseware which is a learning management system, S3 Media Maestro which is a media protection plugin with Amazon S3 integration, and Churnly our latest product that helps to reduce churn. Our flagship product is WP Courseware and is by far our most popular plugin. https://www.wp-tonic.com/podcast/260-wp-tonic-friday-round-table-show-19th-jan-2018/


#262 WP-Tonic Friday Round-Table Show January 26th 2018

This week on Episode 262 of the WP-Tonic Podcast, the roundtable discussed Virtual Reality in WordPress and WordPress use in higher education. Sallie Goetsch, Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Chris Badgett, John Locke, and Adam Preiser joined co-host Kim Shivler in a lively discussion of the future of virtual reality with one member believing it has no future. We launched with WPTavern’s covering of Tuesday’s Higher Ed...


#260 WP-Tonic Friday Round-Table Show 19th of Jan 2018

This week, Adam Fout, John Locke, and Adam Preiser joined host Jonathan Denwood for Episode 260. This week, the roundtable covered three news stories relevant to the WordPress and online community. Story 1 WordPress 4.9.2 was released and patches an XSS Vulnerability https://wptavern.com/wordpress-4-9-2-patches-xss-vulnerability This was an important update and brought up the overall importance of keeping your sites updated to keep them as secure as possible. The topic also moved...


#259 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Rachel Cherry of WPCampus

On Episode 259 of WP-Tonic, host Jonathan Denwood and co-host Kim Shivler interview Rachel Cherry of WP-Campus (https://wpcampus.org/). Rachel is a Senior Software Engineer at the Walt Disney Company in California. In the WordPress community, she is more well known as the founder and director of WP-Campus, a community for people in higher education interested in WordPress. This episode is brought to you by Kinsta Hosting (https://kinsta.com). This Premium WordPress Hosting Platform is...


#258 WP-Tonic Show Round Table Show For Friday January 12th 2018

This week, Chris Badgett, Sallie Goetsch, John Locke, and Adam Preiser joined host Jonathan Denwood to discuss two news stories concerning the WordPress ecosystem. This episode is brought to you by IntelligenceWP (https://intelligencewp.com/) a plugin that provides detailed information into your site’s traffic and content value based on Google Analytics. Grab the free version and start gathering more information about your website, today. Story 1 - Introducing Elementor v1.9: Never...


#257 WP-Tonic Show: We Interview Founder of Fatcatepps David Hehenberger

David’s passion is to build useful things on the web. David is the founder of Fatcat Apps, where he makes WordPress plugins that run on more than 100,000 websites across the internet. He also runs a SaaS (Software as a Service) startup called LandingCube. http://davidhehenberger.com/ https://fatcatapps.com/ https://landingcube.com/


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