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Listen in as Daniel Rubino and the WPCentral team talk about Windows Phone devices, news, and offer tips on how to use your device!




Windows Phone Central 167

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 167 for 20 March, 2014 The news you care about Windows Phone 8.1 sdk leakswe check out the rumoured featuresNokia Lumia Icon reviewCortana leak informationDon't leak things kids Apps worth your attention Blink and you might miss this new lookBreaking newsMixradio updateFacebook Messenger, how is it doing?Rayman fiesta run Conversation this week Nokia's Android offerings and how they will really affect Windows PhoneWhat is happening with dual booting...

Duration: 01:45:46

Windows Phone Central 166

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 166 for 29th January, 2014 The news you care about We've released our Windows 8 app!Microsoft makes it "easier" to plan app launches... nopeFull screen artist visualisations for your tablet to enjoyRebrands! episode 1: OneDriveRebrands! episode 2: Office OnlineOfficial Tinder to replace 6Tindr Apps worth your attention Path joins Windows PhoneViber v4 is releasedCustom notifications coming to WhatsappWindows Phone users can finally take a trip to San...

Duration: 01:37:22

Windows Phone Central 164

The news you care about Tomorrow marks the release of Xbox One, we talk Kinect, Smartglass, and what we're most excited forXbox One gets a dedicated Youtube app... What??Our Lumia 2520 review is in... and so is the Lumia 1520Nokia MixRadio replaces Music Apps worth your attention Instagram official (beta) is here6Snap arrives on the storeWaze rounds off three big releases this weekJay's addicted to building a tiny death stariFruit, the GTA 5 companion finally found it's way to Windows...

Duration: 01:24:37

Windows Phone Central 163

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 163 for 07 November, 2013 Conversation this week Joining up Windows dev accounts with Windows Phone dev accountsMicrosoft CEO hunt is wrapping up, what does the new CEO need to bring to MS?Marketshare continues to grow The news you care about November 22ndThe Lumia tabletThe Lumia phabletThe Lumia phablet - Verizon edition Apps worth your attention Hugely popular Tiny Tower comes to Windows Phone with a Star wars flavour6tag just won't stop...

Duration: 01:11:59

Windows Phone Central 162 Special

Windows Phone Central podcast Episode: 162 Date: Tuesday, 03 September 2013 Special edition: Microsoft purchases Nokia Conversation this week One of the more questionable rumours of this year has come to fruition as Microsoft has announced intentions to purchase Nokia’s devices and services business unit. We go through the facts and the important discussion points. Microsoft’s slides link:...

Duration: 01:14:50

Windows Phone Central 161

Windows Phone Central podcast Episode: 161 Date: Wednesday, 21 August 2013 Conversation this week · Summer hiatus is hopefully over · How is the world of Windows Phone looking since we last broadcast? · We catch up on the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 625 · Nokia Tablet rumours · The YouTube scandal The news you care about · GDR2 continues to roll out: http://www.wpcentral.com/amber-and-gdr-verizon-nokia-lumia-822-coming-soon-early-23rd · How GDR2 fixes Xbox...

Duration: 01:33:03

Windows Phone Central 160

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 160 for 22 May, 2013 Conversation this week The Lumia Lineup completed by the 925Memory gap: 512MB devices are looking increasingly limited The news you care about Xbox OneWant to go to New York?HTC Product chief departs the company Apps worth your attention Mass Effect Infiltrator amoungst a slew of Nokia exclusive gamesItsdagramDrag RacingEvents near me - Eventbrite appWindows 8: Photoshop express Community Comments from last time Credits You...

Duration: 01:25:41

Windows Phone Central 159 - The return!

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 159 for 08 May, 2013 We're back after a long break away, we'll explain why we were gone. Plus we have a new podcast format to try out and are keen to hear what you think. Conversation this week The new Facebook beta does not follow metro, is that a problem?Facebook is the latest organisation to enforce trademark infringement lawsThe rise of Windows Phone 8: New hero apps breathe life (and legitimacy) into Microsoft’s mobile OS The news you care...

Duration: 01:21:26

Windows Phone Central 158

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 158 for 20 March, 2013 The big stories Lots of samples from the Lumia 928Microsoft details Windows Phone support dates - the factsWe talk about the new Galaxy S4New updates to Windows Phone 7.8RIP Google Reader The apps WPCentral app v3.10/11Vote in the Next App Star competition!Skype updated with HD and people hub supportFlightradar24Rise!Shard Dash making a splashGalactic ReignBrotherhood of violence The rest App approval process problems earlier...

Duration: 01:24:15

Windows Phone Central 157

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 157 for 06 March, 2013 The big stories We re-cap Mobile World Congress 2013Other storage situationWindows Phone blue update: GDR2#2insta, with loveiPlayer is inboundNew Twitter app released The apps Glam me... please!Spider man, Spider man, playing soccer this week?Asphalt 7Viber VOIP coming soon!Disqus exclusiveSophieLensPhotosynth The rest 7.8 tile update inboundWindows Phone 7 users can visit Hoth!Foxton's and the Lumia 820Interview: Marco...

Duration: 01:30:09

Windows Phone Central 156 - Mobile World Congress Warmup

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 156 for 20 February, 2013 The big stories Looking ahead to MWCOur Lumia 620 reviewLive tile issues in Windows Phone 7.8Nokia Music + now live in the UK and USHTC announce the 'One', their Android flagship The apps Tis the season... for Angry Birds at leastSkills of the Shogun reviewedNatwest release app for Windows PhoneBloomberg no longer a Nokia exclusiveAmazing weather HD updated The rest Outlook.com out of previewBill gates on 'mistakes' in the...

Duration: 01:35:52

Windows Phone Central 155

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 155 for 06 February, 2013 The big stories We discuss Daniel's '8 things that Microsoft needs to fix in Windows Phone 8 right now' articleThe 7.8 updateLumia 710 T-mobile not getting 7.8 updateHTC's 'ultrapixels'......and financial woesDaniel's impressions of the Lumia 620 The apps A quick update on the progress of our WP8 appBlink and it's goneScrobbleMeMirror's Edge available to all devicesgMaps updateTvCatchupRingtone Maker back for Nokia devices...

Duration: 01:41:23

Windows Phone Central 154

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 154 for 16th January 2013 The big stories Has Dan recovered from CES?T-Mobile Lumia 810 now getting Portico Windows Phone updateNokia launches the colourful, inexpensive Lumia 620 in ThailandHuawei Ascend W2 may just suprise youLumia 920s now shipping with Portico... Where's the official update?No Ativ tab for the US The apps Doom and Destiny currently freeRobotek is just as awesome on WP8Official Speedtest appPhotosynth for Window Phone 8 just weeks...

Duration: 01:29:43

Windows Phone Central 153

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 153 for 12 December, 2012 The big stories Nokia Lumia 920 in a novice's hands (Special Guest: Kevin Michaluk from Crackberry.com)Windows Phone 8 Portico update rolls outNokia Lumia 620Random Windows Phone topics (apps, theories and pontificating)Reader questions Community Comments from last time Credits You can find us all on Twitter @wpcentral, @daniel_rubino, @coppertop004, @RichEdmonds, @JayTBennett, @segacon, @WithinRafael, @RogueCode, @Big_D5,...

Duration: 01:37:59

Windows Phone Central 152

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 152 for 30 November, 2012 The big stories Official: Windows Phone 7.8 Update due in early 2013We look at 7.8's featuresMicrosoft plans fix for Windows Phone 8 rebooting issue with OTA patchNokia rolls out Deadmau5 for another Lumia launchMicrosoft announces Surface PRO pricingWhat is missing from Windows Phone 8? About 20 Xbox games that no longer work The apps Microsoft quietly fixes Windows Phone Store issue for app re-purchasesNow available:...

Duration: 01:30:05

WPCentral Special Windows Phone 8 Edition

Windows Phone Central podcast Special edition - 3 screens and a cloud, episode 151 for 31 October, 2012 The big stories Our big site newsWindows Phone 8 - the ReviewHTC Windows Phone 8XLumia 920 impressionsThe other Windows Phone 8 devicesWindows Phone 8 SDK - first impressionsWindows Phone 7.8The Surface and Windows RT Community Credits You can find us all on Twitter @wpcentral, @daniel_rubino, @coppertop004, @RichEdmonds, @JayTBennett, @segacon, @WithinRafael, @RogueCode, @Big_D5,...

Duration: 01:00:39

Windows Phone Central 150

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 150 for 10 October, 2012 The big stories Lumia 810In depth hands on with the Ativ S - and second impressionsA Verizon Lumia variant?Lumia 920 coming to AT&T November (in cyan!)Clove UK announces pre-order pricing for Lumia 920, 820 accessoriesWhat's the deal Suface, are you US only? The apps 4th and amp; Mayor updateBabel risingMicrosoft retail store appMetrotube once again streaming in HDLapping Cattle, with Cowlick The rest Windows phone 8 events...

Duration: 01:12:57

Windows Phone Central 149 - HTC 8X and 8S Special Edition

Today we focus on HTC's big new Windows Phone 8 announcments with the 8S and 8X--what does it mean, did they impress and how will it do for the ecosystem?

Duration: 01:00:13

Windows Phone Central 148 - Special Nokia in NYC edition

We only focus on one thing in this podcast today: Nokia and their announcements in NYC on September 5th, including the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. We were there all day with the devices so listen in to our thoughts. We also discuss what Nokia could have done better.

Duration: 01:03:45

Windows Phone Central/Android Central Special IFA Podcast

In case you were under a rock today, both Android Central and Windows Phone Central had a busy afternoon covering all the IFA news coming out of Germany. To cover the big Samsung (and Sony) announcements, we gathred AC’s Phil Nickinson and myself along with Alex Dobie and Richard Device (who were on location) for a roundup. So tune in or watch the video for the podcast, which clocks in at a brisk 34 minutes.

Duration: 00:34:22

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