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Interview with WOW’s Jacklyn Hyde

Former Women Of Wrestling (WOW) star, Jacklyn Hyde (Vasilika Vanya Marinkovic) comes onto “The Rights and Wrongs of Pro-Wrestling” show and talks over her time in the wrestling industry. As Jacklyn Hyde she appeared in several episodes of WOW’s initial run, as well as the pay-per-view and she opens up about her involvement on all fronts including what her mind set was as she participated in the matches and worked as a in-ring competitor for the first time.

Duration: 02:05:23

Interview with “Beatiful Brutality” Kyra Maya

On the podcast is the young lady who’s making her return into the wrestling ring. Kyra Maya (most known in the mid-west wrestling area) is back and she’s looking to make a HUGE impact. We talk about why she had to step away from wrestling, what motivated her to come back and what possibilities the future holds. Tune in and listen to Kyra and Mr. Green on the “Rights and Wrongs of Pro-Wrestling” as they get deep into Kyra’s career. SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT...

Duration: 02:16:10

Mae Young Classic [Part Two Review]

It’s the WPN’s full review of the next four episodes of the Mae Young Classic. We cover all of the Second, Quarter and Semi-Final rounds with all the amazing talents that participated and got the opportunity to wrestle in front of the world wide WWE audience. Plus, how many predictions did Mr. Green get correct for these episodes? SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT PATREON: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL...

Duration: 00:57:29

Amazing Maria Interview

The “Most Hated Woman In Wrestling” joins the show and shares her life in the world of pro-wrestling and why exactly she’s perfect for it. She and Mr. Green talk about what other sports she likes and some she’s not particularly cut out for. SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT PATREON: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Like & Share!!!

Duration: 00:56:50

Mae Young Classic [Round One Review]

Full review of the entire first round of the Mae Young Classic featuring 32 of the top women wrestlers from around the world. Also, just how many guesses did Mr. Green get correct in his picks from the earlier bracketology? Take a listen! The Mae Young Classic is available now to view on the WWE Network. SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT PATREON: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL...

Duration: 00:55:37

Mae Young Classic Bracketology_Who’s Your Pick to Win??

We are getting closer to the Mae Young Classic and the brackets have now been released. 32 of the top names across the world have been selected and are participating but who are you personal picks? Mr. Green shares his picks up and down the brackets on who he thinks will take it all! Who’s your money on? SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT PATREON: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL...

Duration: 00:53:30

The Mae Young Classic - How Many Names Did We Get Right???

The Mae Young Classic is in full gear and we’ve watched the unveiling of all the participants in the show. We couldn’t be happier with some of the names that have shown up and now we’re going to go over some of the top ladies that have shown up to take their part on the WWE Network. How many names did you get right?? SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT PATREON: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL...

Duration: 00:41:13

Interview with “The Clockwork Angel” Katred

In one of the most unique interviews on the program, “The Clockwork Angel” joins us to explain the mission of the angel residing within her being. She talks about when it all began and what she thinks it could take for the angel to return home. SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT PATREON: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Like & Share!!!

Duration: 01:57:17

Interview with “The Lethal Librarian” Paige Turner

“The Lethal Librarian” joins the show to explain the life and times of Paige Turner. She talks about her venture into the professional wrestling world, where exactly the unique look of Paige Turner comes from, why she constantly yells “QUIET!” and she then puts her intellect up against the RANDOM QUESTIONS portion of the show! Take a listen … and just what is Paige’s deal with Reading Rainbow? SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT PATREON: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL...

Duration: 01:15:58

WOW (S4) Ep. 6 - Friends Or Foes? Review

The Bully Busters have been the best of friends but when Keta Rush’s original opponent is unable to make the show Stephy Slayz (her tag team partner) steps in. Mr. Green reviews the show in full. How good a match did two WOW originals do? Let’s find out! SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT PATREON: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Like & Share!!!

Duration: 00:30:02

WOW Ep. 4 and 5 - State Of Emergency/Rise From The Dead [Review]

Complete review of the episodes 4 and 5 of Women Of Wrestling’s season 4 return. The ongoing story of Lana Star and her attempt to toss WOW upside down continues and she’s cut deals with new faces to help her do it. Also, Indie favorite Holidead steps into a WOW ring to address the past of new WOW girl, Dagger. SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT PATREON: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL...

Duration: 00:39:53

Interview with “The Queen Of The Dinosaurs” Terra Calaway

The one true Queen of the Dinosaurs, Terra Calaway joined Mr. Green on the program and brought all of her Jurassic goodness with her to talk about her career, her book, her in-ring talents and more on the show! Calaway and Mr. Green even gave a pitch on what could be a interesting storyline for her inside of a Lucha Underground type of environment. And if you want to know more about depression be sure to visit her site SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT...

Duration: 01:44:23

Interview with “The Lady of The Midway” Roxy Rouge

Direct from her traveling carnival, “The Lady Of The Midway” Roxy Rouge joins the show to explain her life as a carnie and pro-wrestler. Roxy also participates in “Random Questions” and gives her personal angle of what she’d like to have done (or do) in the wrestling business. And the big question, are those carnival games rigged??? Tune in to find out!! SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT PATREON: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL...

Duration: 01:20:01

Noelle Foley … WWE Superstar??

Courtesy of the WWE’s reality TV show, Holey Foley, Noelle dropped the “bombshell” that she would like to be a WWE superstar. Whereas that’s not entirely surprising, her wanting to be a WWE Superstar opposed to being a wrestler is something to think about. In fact, that statement represents a lot of what the wrestling community has become. We talk about that on the podcast and what Noelle should do to have a successful career in the WWE. SUPPORT THE SHOW!! VISIT US AT...

Duration: 00:27:52

Interview with Killista

Often wrestling can be far more dangerous than it’s given credit for and the guest on this podcast (while working a match) took a bad injury which has sidelined her for a few weeks. In the meanwhile, as she recovers, Killista joins us on the podcast to discuss her entry into professional wrestling. How she hurt herself (a nasty injury), is she looking to return? And listen to what about the wrestling world she enjoys most …. (very similiar to why Mr. Green loves Smokey and the Bandit...

Duration: 01:08:49

Interview with “The Gold Medal Grappler” Lindsay Snow

The incredibly multi-talented shoot-fighter/grappler, Lindsay Snow joins the podcast to share her life as a dual athlete in the world of Jiu-Jitsu and pro-wrestling. Also, she goes into the not so known deep facets of her personal “weirdness”, artistic abilities and her personal love of Sci-Fi “B” movies (can you say Tokyo Gore Police??) And just what is the Intergalactic SpaceCat Federation??? A very interesting young lady and you can hear her talk about it all in full … and for...

Duration: 01:30:13

Interview with “The Trifecta” M.J. Jenkins

“The Trifecta” MJ Jenkins and all of her incredible talents joins the podcast to share where she’s going in the pro-wrestling world. She talks about her WWE tryout, life on the indies, her previous character in the wrestling ring and did WWE’s Naomi really bite her style??? Tune in and find out!! Like & Share! Subscribe to us on iTunes (search WPN wrestling) Consider supporting our channel:...

Duration: 01:36:23

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