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We interview LGBTQ authors who are writing more than romance. Our guests and listeners span the globe as well as the entire spectrum of humanity.

We interview LGBTQ authors who are writing more than romance. Our guests and listeners span the globe as well as the entire spectrum of humanity.
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We interview LGBTQ authors who are writing more than romance. Our guests and listeners span the globe as well as the entire spectrum of humanity.






Ep 146 - BA Brock - Admittedly Wide Rule

Ben Brock joins us to talk about his first novel, King of the Storm, bisexuality, pansexuality, and being trans in the MM community!

Duration: 01:04:33

Ep 145 - AE Ross - Hey I Can Do This

A.E. Ross joins us to talk about their first novel, Run in the Blood, coming to novel-writing from screen- and animation writing, and writing that represents non-binary identities, mental health, and chronic illness!

Duration: 00:49:31

Ep 144 - Keely - Toby - Lots of Colors

This week two teens, Keely on the West Coast and Toby in the Midwest, join us to talk about what they like in books and media, and what they'd like to see more of!

Duration: 00:56:04

Ep 143 - Meredith King - You Cant Get Happier Than Happy

Meredith King joins us to talk about what Diverse Reader is and what they offer, as well as give some insight into successful vs. not-so-successful promotion!

Duration: 01:02:04

Ep 142 - Robin Reardon - Are You Out of Your Mind It's All About Love

Robin Reardon joins us to talk about her motto, why she started writing LGBTQ, why she writes for teens specifically, and how she includes all manner of subjects into her work!

Duration: 01:04:03

Ep 141 - Lindsay Pierce - Resiliency

Lindsay Pierce joins us to talk about her breakout novel, Trans Liberty Riot Brigade, the dystopian themes we're seeing come to life, the nature of Y/A, and the importance of resiliency!

Duration: 01:14:41

Ep 140 - Christian Baines - A Kiss Kill Love Fight Relationship

Christian Baines joins us to talk about his latest novel, Skin, writing the paranormal and the world-building behind it, dark heroes and LGBTQ antiheroes!

Duration: 00:51:10

Ep139-Baz Collins Vance Bastian-Out of Print

This holiday week (for the US listeners) is just Baz and Vance celebrating what's GOOD in queer storytelling across all mediums. We acknowledge there's still more work to do, but we're in it this week to talk about what's great about living in this era of evolving representation. A lot of our discussion is centered around GLAAD's recent report regarding this topic. While they cite only 7% representation, what is there, they say, is QUALITY work. Vance and Baz discuss the reasons we, as...

Duration: 01:11:44

Ep 138 - Frank W. Butterfield - It's All True and Very Silly

Frank W. Butterfield joins us to talk about his latest novel, The Rotten Rancher, the joys (and woes, but mostly joys) of writing a historical fiction series, and suspending belief long enough to let historical figures impact a story without their legacies being impacted!

Duration: 01:20:14

Ep 137 - Wendy Stone - Sucked in by That Passion

Wendy Stone joins the show to discuss her work as a book reviewer and author promoter, and to unveil her writing as Francesca Donatella!

Duration: 01:07:33

Ep136 - Marshall Thornton - Enjoy What You Enjoy

This week Marshall Thornton joins the show to discuss his novel, Night Drop, writing gay mysteries, and the love of RomCom!

Duration: 01:02:27

Ep 135 - Casey Wolfe - Weird Stupid Kid Stuff

Casey Wolfe joins the show to discuss their novel, One Bullet, writing contemporary before Urban Fantasy, and world building with Vampires, Mages, and Werewolves - Oh My!

Duration: 01:06:01

Ep 134 - Brian Peyton Joyner - Bridge the Divide

Brian Peyton Joyner joins the show to discuss his novel, The Wisdom of Stones, the struggle Brian went through coming out as a senior at a Baptist College, his podcast, and his Agreeable Disagreement movement!

Duration: 01:11:52

Ep 133 - Hans M Hirschi - Hits Close to Home

This week Hans M. Hirschi joins the show to discuss his latest release, Disease, writing about the tough topics that face families of every type, and the upcoming GayRomLit Retreat!

Duration: 01:30:54

Ep 132 - Raevyn McCann - You Are Too Comfortable, Keep Growing

This week Raevyn McCann joins the show to discuss her evolution personally, the mission of NineStar Press, and creating safe spaces through literature!

Duration: 00:41:58

Ep 131 - Keelan Ellis - I Have a Playlist for That

This week Keelan Ellis returns to the show so we can discuss her latest release The One Thing I know, and its upcoming spinoff Everything I Have. We also delve into writing recent historic fiction and what to do when current media forces you to change your story!

Duration: 01:07:26

Ep130 - Robert Hyers - Is It a Line I Should Be Crossing

This week Robert Hyers joins the show to discuss his release Spinning the Record, writing short stories, and queer theory!

Duration: 01:10:14

Ep 129 - JS Fields - Lesbians in Space

J.S. Fields returns to discuss her latest work, Ardulum - Second Don, how wood science has grown since her first book, and why being a vendor at a Pride event is different from a book event.

Duration: 01:04:07

Ep 128 - Eliot Parker - Show Up and Keep the Chair Warm

Eliot Parker joins the show to discuss his new release A Code for Murder, characters with flaws and drive, and then shares some advice for authors prepping for interviews based on his own experience as an interviewer!

Duration: 01:24:56

Ep127-JC Long-Im Not Whitewashing Hong Kong

JC Long joins the show to discuss his the next release in his Hong Kong Nights series, A Matter of Courage, writing in a non-western setting, and sensitivity readers.

Duration: 01:03:18

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