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#RiskEveryday Humanity from the Tragedy at Las Ramblas

I'm here in Barcelona, Spain. I arrived just hours after the terrorist attack at Las Ramblas. Today I want to talk about moments in humanity that we have the opportunity to bring on a daily basis. It's a small way we can begin to change the world.

Duration: 00:22:07

066 Make Your Impact -with Nancy Juetten

Nancy Juetten's mission is to help entrepreneurs and speakers get their message out and also get paid doing it. What she found is that to make her own impact bigger, Nancy had to face one of her own biggest fears: speaking on stage herself! Since then, she's spoken on 43 live and virtual stages in 2016 and on track to beat that in 2017. If you have a mission and you're looking to figure out how to bring it to the masses, this show is for you. Nancy comes on the podcast today to talk about...

Duration: 00:52:14

#RiskEveryday - Our Inner Search Engine Dictates Our Life - What are you searching for?

The biggest shift that happened in my marriage is when I shifted my inner search engine from "he doesn't love me" to "he loves me." In this podcast I'll talk about why we tend to look for what's wrong or why not instead of what's possible. We dictate our lives by the questions we put into our search engine. With awareness and intention, we can shift the results and experience of our lives by revising our search.

Duration: 00:30:35

065 The Miracle Mindset to Create Lasting Health - with JJ Virgin

A healthy lifestyle, at this point, is a no brainer in terms of living a long life with vitality. But why is it that even though we know we're supposed to eat healthy and work out, some of us still don't? The answer: mindset. JJ Virgin is a celebrity nutrition and fitness expert and author of four NYT Bestsellers including The Virgin Diet and JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact Diet. She comes on the podcast to talk about her latest book, The Miracle Mindset: A Mother, Her Son, & Life's Hardest...

Duration: 00:49:28

064 Travel on Purpose with Founder of Adventure Awake Antesa Jensen

Have you been day dreaming about your next trip while snoozing on the life that's right in front of you? That was Antesa Jensen's for most of her life, but particularly during her 12-year career in the investment banking industry. She liked her job, she had a great apartment, a fine life, but she was HUNGRY for something. After a couple particular WTF am I doing with my life? moments, she shifted direction. Antesa began waking up. That's when Adventure Awake was born. Her company is...

Duration: 01:14:50

#RiskEveryday This is It

This is a follow up to last week's #riskeveryday about making Declarations. In every moment, THIS IS IT. It's all we have. Any resistance to it takes us away from presence, love and learning. The adventure starts now.

Duration: 00:18:16

063 Four Steps to Release Emotional Triggers with Britta Eskey

If you have ever struggled with jealously, anger or sabotaging relationships, you may be aware of your own emotional triggers (baggage). Britta Eskey, Co-Founder and Facilitator of a company that hosts transformational and leadership workshops called COR, comes on the show to share four steps to releasing these triggers.

Duration: 00:52:15

Risk Everyday - The Power of a Declaration

Here’s how to put your ass on the line: make a declaration.

Duration: 00:16:37

062 Why am I so angry? with Aaron Steinberg

Today on the podcast we get curious about anger. What causes us this emotion? And what can we do to get control of our anger? We dive deep into these inquiries with Relationship Coach Aaron Steinberg.

Duration: 00:51:26

061 A Story of Vietnamese Boat People Meeting Death in Search For Freedom

My good friend Trang Huynh comes on the show to tell her story of fleeing Vietnam in the 80s. In the face of death, not only did she find freedom but she found something unexpected as well. Humanity.

Duration: 00:42:57

Risk Everyday - How I personally deal with social anxiety

Social anxiety is something I've struggled with a decade, but today, it rarely paralyzes me anymore. A fan of the podcast wrote in asking for guidance for his own anxiety. Here's what I shared with him. Other links that may be helpful: Shandra LaMotte discusses how to calm anxiety triggers Renae Garcia shares an equation you can solve for to eliminate anxiety Ashley James shares an NLP exercise to soothe anxiety about an upcoming event.

Duration: 00:29:47

REPLAY #003 Eliminate Anxiety with a Simple Formula

Kristy talks to Renae Garcia about her REMIND formula, a tool which has helped her clients cultivate empathy, creativity and new opportunities, as well as eliminate anxiety, all through intellection. For more, click here for the corresponding blog post. The song featured on the show is, "Slow Burn" by Autograf.

Duration: 01:08:39

Risk Everyday - The Duality of Our Strengths and Illusion of Control

Let me rap with you guys about this. This is a free flow stream of consciousness. Please tell me if you think I'm crazy. kristy@kristyarnett.com

Duration: 00:26:33

060 Calming Techniques for Anxiety Triggers with Shandra LaMotte

Teen-empowerment coach and adult workshop facilitator, Shandra LaMotte teaches us how to calm our overwhelming thoughts and what might be triggering them. Listen to learn more about dealing with frustrating situations.

Duration: 00:57:01

059 Eat and be Happy - Learn How to Be Happy While Losing Weight

Like most people that have tried dieting, Nathalie Botros's best memories were created while going on adventures and eating great food (not dieting). She has learned that in order to lose weight, you must first be happy. Listen to hear how you can be happy while losing weight. Buy Nathalie's Book, "If you are what you eat, should I eat a skinny girl?" here. http://amzn.to/2tpsM0W

Duration: 00:49:41

Risk Everyday - In a Moment, Everything Can Change

I had another WTF am I doing with my life moment when I pushed myself so hard, I almost killed myself. I'm not trying to be dramatic, but I'm also conscious of making sure I learned my lesson.

Duration: 00:28:01

058 Why Relationships Lose Passion (Ken Blackman Part 2)

Is the passion lacking in your relationship? Are you questioning if something is wrong with you because you hate feeling more dominate than your partner? Ken Blackman explains how to regain that passion and overcome the fears that might be holding you back.

Duration: 00:32:55

057 Sex Advice - What Women Really Want in Bed - with Ken Blackman Part 1

Sex and relationships go hand in hand. Without one, the other suffers. Relationship Expert Ken Blackman comes on the podcast today to talk about the path to creating a passionate and intimate sex life. He also gives a few specific pointers about what women really want in bed. We also touch on the following: How to go from awkward to skilled in giving sexual pleasure to a woman Why is there an orgasm disparity (in heterosexual relationships, men have more orgasms than women)? Debunking...

Duration: 00:36:46

Risk Everyday - Early Life Crisis

Kristy answers a young listener's email who is having an early life crisis. Previous Episode Mentioned on the Podcast with Aileen Xu: http://www.kristyarnett.com/aileenxu/ My interview on Ailee's podcast: https://www.lavendaire.com/interview-wtf-life-podcast-w-kristy-arnett/

Duration: 00:18:08

Overcoming Betrayal with Debby Montgomery Johnson

Love can happen quickly and blindly when we are not in our best state. After the sudden death of her husband, Debby Montgomery Johnson began dating a man online. During a course of two years, Debby sent the man over a million dollars only to find out that he was a Nigerian scammer. Listen here to find out how she found out and how she learned to stand in her power today. Links: THE WOMAN BEHIND THE SMILE The song featured in this podcast is called, "Slow Burn" by Autograf.

Duration: 00:53:11

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