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Everyone is a philosopher and everyone has an interesting story to tell, you just have to know how to ask. I find that I am surrounded by some of the most interesting people in the world. They are our neighbors, friends, and relatives and they help shape who we are. Some conversations are serious, some are deep, and some are silly... Enjoy :)

Everyone is a philosopher and everyone has an interesting story to tell, you just have to know how to ask. I find that I am surrounded by some of the most interesting people in the world. They are our neighbors, friends, and relatives and they help shape who we are. Some conversations are serious, some are deep, and some are silly... Enjoy :)
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Clayton, NC


Everyone is a philosopher and everyone has an interesting story to tell, you just have to know how to ask. I find that I am surrounded by some of the most interesting people in the world. They are our neighbors, friends, and relatives and they help shape who we are. Some conversations are serious, some are deep, and some are silly... Enjoy :)






WWI #82 Dr. Joseph Uscinski and Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories often conjure up the image of shadowy characters running the show behind the curtain. Cross the system and the system will take you out. This idea makes for a great John Grisham novel but rarely represents reality. My guest tonight is an expert of conspiracy theories and how they become a part of our culture. Do conspiracy theories expose nefarious plots to undermine the system or simply a way to address political shortcomings and help quell the feeling of...

Duration: 00:50:43

WWI #81: Author/Podcaster Jason Seib Discusses the Psychology of Fat Loss & Body Image for Women

Jason Seib is the creator of the AltShift Diet, the author of The Paleo Coach and Body Beliefs and the co-host of the AltShift Podcast. He is also the founder and co-owner of AltShift Fitness and Fat Loss located in the Portland, Oregon area. I would describe Jason as an expert in the psychology of weight loss and fitness, a subject that is as complex as the weight problem we face in America. From his site: “Jason speaks on the subject of fat loss regularly, delivering his Sustainable...

Duration: 01:50:30

WWI #80: Christmas Cocktails from Revival 1869

Well, we had so much fun with the Live Ghost Hunt from Revival 1869 on Halloween that I figured why not return to this fine establishment to celebrate Christmas the best way - making merry with friends and spirits! On this episode, Mike and Maleah introduced us to their professional bartenders and we are schooled about the intricacies of craft cocktail mixing. This was a live Facebook event (see video) and handling the sound, video, and interviews as a one-man show was a challenge. The...

Duration: 00:28:11

WWI #79: Pro-skateboarder, writer, coach and world traveler, Sean Michael Hayes

Sean Hayes, professional skateboarder, author, and world traveler. He joins us to talk about unconventional ways of dealing with depression through experiencing life fully through all that it throws at us. We delve into philosophy, ayahuasca, morals and death. This was a great show and truly back to the roots about what the WWI Podcast is all about. I think you’ll really enjoy the show. To find out more about Sean visit: or twitter/Instagram...

Duration: 01:15:02

WWI #78 Hans Fex recounts a harrowing adventure scaling Dracula’s Castle in the middle of the night!

Hans Fex is a successful entrepreneur and the creator of the fascinating Mini-Museum ( What is a mini-museum? In a nutshell, it is a collection of rare and interesting artifacts, sliced and diced into tiny specimens and sealed in a small epoxy display case. If you’re a history buff or fascinated by artifacts, this item is right up your alley. I own one myself and love to watch my friends and family gaze at the collection of specimens which included a small piece of...

Duration: 00:32:04

WWI #77 (technically #76.5) - The Halloween Ghost Hunt Part 2 - The discussion

So, did the ghost hunt and follow-on discussion persuade me that there are indeed ghosts amongst us? You’ll have to listen to find out. In this companion episode to WWI#76 I pick John Mathis’ and Vincent Genna’s brains about the paranormal world. We review some of the events of the night and discuss personal stories with the unexplained. Please visit: and support the show with the promo code “WHATIF” for free shipping at checkout. Visit for...

Duration: 00:59:54

WWI #76 LIVE Halloween Ghost Hunt at Revival 1869 in Clayton, NC - PART 1

On October 16, 2017, I invited paranormal investigator John Mathis and renowned psychic Vincent Genna to explore the possible sources of unexplained events taking place at Revival 1869, a craft cocktail bar located at the center of Clayton, NC. As a self-proclaimed skeptic-at-heart, I wanted a chance to see these events through the eyes of true believers and approach the investigation with an open mind about the possibility that some things exist beyond our five senses. The Wait What If...

Duration: 01:00:36

WWI #75: @awayward_ Travels the world based solely on Twitter voting!

Hey, we’re broadcasting the annual HALLOWEEN LIVE EPISODE this MONDAY 10/16 (that’s two days from now) from Mike and Maleah’s bar Revival 1869! We’re investigating unexplained events with some paranormal experts. The show starts at 9pm. I’ll tweet out the link from @wwipodcast and post the feed to the WWI FaceBook page ( The video will be on demand, so check it out if you can! Today’s guest (who wishes to remain anonymous) travels the world via twitter polls....

Duration: 01:19:27

WWI #74 Deep discussions with Elder from the YouTube channel “The Open Debate”

This is the final installment of my First Amendment series where I interviewed a number of guests (liberal and conservative) who share the common passion of “freedom” from oppression via de facto censorship. From his patreon site: As many of you are aware YouTube has been getting quite strict around what they consider “sensitive” content and as a result I have decided to start a Patreon. I make videos focusing on the social injustices and racial hypocrisy we are forced to deal with...

Duration: 00:37:29

WWI #73 Daniel Duerst, creator of YouTube Channel “Duerst the Wuerst”

Daniel Duerst is the creator of “Duerst the Wuerst” YouTube channel. He describes himself as “I am a center left, liberalish guy who goes around filming political protests, live bands, and other crazy, random, weird occurrences.” We live in a strange era where the average person with a cell phone can become a citizen journalist just by the act of live streaming political events. This is great in that we can watch events unfold in real time without the bias so often interjected by the big...

Duration: 00:36:34

WWI #72: Were the moon landings a big conspiracy? How about 9/11? Spoiler alert - they weren’t but today’s guest will try and convince me otherwise!

So this is a bit outside my normal episode but I thought it would be fun. We got into a back and forth on twitter over the veracity of NASA’s claims out going to the moon. I dropped some 5th-grade science and think I won the debate. Take a listen and let me know who you think won! WWI Podcast is brought to you by We Are Dapper Ties is owned and run by brothers Andrew and Julian. They started the company as broke college students who were tired of paying ridiculous...

Duration: 01:24:34

WWI #71 - Based in LA with Jeffrey Mark Klein and Tim Stabers

Based in LA is a media company focused on comedy, culture and politics. Their modis operandi is to counter the predominantly leftist culture of Hollywood and offer an alternate but equally valid view of politics, society and culture. Based in LA captures their audiences attention by embedding themselves within the often chaotic scenes of contemporary activism. We’ve seen the state of political discourse decay into violent stifling of opinion resulting in stark polarization of political...

Duration: 01:34:32

WWI #70 Summer Shorts #2 - Crowd Funded Indie Films: Zombie with a Shotgun actor Kyle Hester

Kyle Hester joined me to talk about how modern technology has created a golden age for indie film makers. He has (from what I countd on IMDB) more than 20 acting credits to his name and is appearing in the up comming indie film Zombie with a Shotgun! He is great resource for the process of crowd funding films and if you’re an aspiring film-maker then your chances of landing on the big screen are better today than ever! We cat about the film-making process; acting; and guaging success. You...

Duration: 00:40:06

WWI #69 What if you found yourself facing a major disaster? Safety Expert Dr. David Perrodin

Dr. David Perrodin as an expert in School Security, Crisis Preparedness&Response, Connectedness&Intruder Education. He has a book coming out this spring about the miraculous boat rescue of 500,000 people from lower Manahttan during 9/11. He joins the show to discuss how and why we react to certain crisis situations. How can you prepare for a disaster when no two disasters are alike? Does preparing for a disaster actually hinder an individual’s response? [...]

Duration: 01:55:11

WWI #68 Summer Shorts - Pat From Moonachie from the Opie and Anthony Show

Have you ever heard Joe Rogan talk about the “baby bird” incident? Do you have a strong stomach? If the answer is no, then maybe skip searching for it on Youtube. (Don’t worry, no animals were harmed!) Pat Philbin (@PatfrmMoonachie) was a regular guy from Moonachie, NJ who found himself thrust into a semi-famous figure when he became a recurring guest on the infamous Opie and Anthony Show. He has hung out with comedy greats and toured with the Opie and Anthony Comedy Festival. Pat was...

Duration: 00:29:24

WWI #67 Bugs for food? Vincent Vitale of Aspire Food Group/Aketta Crickets

Vincent Vitale joins us from Austin, TX as part of Aspire Food Group which produces Aketta, edible crickets. They raise food-grade crickets on a commercial scale, and actively work to normalize the consumption of insects in the western world. Additionally, they commercially farm palm weevil larvae and run a program which empowers peri-rural farmers to raise palm weevils in Ghana. I sample a few crickets while Savanna and I discuss the possible future of food in a world where resources are...

Duration: 01:21:31

WWI #65 Scott Santens - Writer and advocate for Basic Income for All

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a somewhat controversial subject in a culture of capitalistic competition but if you’ve been paying attention to technology and the presence of automation, you should realize that human labor will soon be antiquated and jobs across the spectrum of trades will be lost. How will you provide for your family when artificial intelligent machines force you into retirement? If you don’t believe this is a reality, then you’ll need to get out from under that rock and...

Duration: 01:02:38

WWI #63 Archaeologist and expert in Egyptology Nigel Hetherington

Archaeologist Nigel Hetherington is co-founder and owner of Past Preservers a media consulting firm which places experts in archaeology in front of the cameras for documentaries, TV series and new reports. From the site: By way of his many contacts in both the global academic field and in the media industry, Nigel serves as head of Past Preserver’s daily operations. Throughout his years immersed in the real and various challenges of graduate studies and professional field work in...

Duration: 00:56:47

WWI #62: Whay are humans fat?; Kevin tries to understand what the “Flat Earthers” are thinking; Savanna goes off the grid

I took a break from interviews to catch up with Savanna Steele. First we discuss what in the hell could flat Earth people are thinking! I mean seriously, how can anyone think the Earth is flat??? I watched a few “documentaries” on YouTude and never once felt compelled to believe this horse shit! Savanna tries to reconnect with her ancestors by treking through the Carolina wilderness. And finally, I go on one of my medical rants on why we are getting fatter and fatter. It’s really not our...

Duration: 01:21:30

WWI #59: Papa Frank Dropping Some Wisdom

Papa Frank came for a visit, so why not sit down and hit record! We talk about rights of passage, growing older and discuss what it is like to be “dead” for 2 hours during open heart surgery! For links, bios and show information, visit

Duration: 00:59:08

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