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With her irreverence, honesty and keen insight, Kelly Carlin is always looking to answer the big questions of life. Whether she’s openly sharing her inner life, or conversing with artists, comedians, and thinkers to discover the truth behind all the white noise, she is just trying to help us all stay a little more sane in the 21st century. While openly wrestling with her own thoughts and feelings about her art, world politics, and spirituality, Kelly, the daughter of George Carlin, remains genuinely curious about how others find meaning and success in their own post-modern American life.




125: Kelly Gets a Grip

Kelly ponders post-election life and gives advice on how to live in Trumplandia. Music by Dan Bern.

Duration: 00:38:40

124: Kelly Says No

Kelly shares about her trip to Jamestown NY for the LucyFest, meeting Trevor Noah and finding herself in a Victorian Disneyland called The Chautauqua Institute. She then dives into the power of saying "yes" and the power of saying "no" in her life and invites listeners to step into their own lives consciously and boldly. Music: "A Feather's Not A Bird" by Rosanne Cash.

Duration: 00:56:40

123: Kelly Feels the Silverman

Kelly briefly touches on the conventions, Sarah Silverman and a few important Garry’s in her life. She then plays part two of her interview with Steve McIntosh, the Integral Philosopher and founder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution where they discuss the future of both the Left and the Right in American politics. Music is co-opted from the DNC.

Duration: 00:48:17

122: Kelly Holds the Tension

Kelly shares what it’s been like to be off of social media for a month, and then reaching back to the roots of what Waking from the American Dream really means for her, Kelly invites Integral philosopher and co-founder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, Steve Macintosh, to drill down into the roots of the hyper partisanship of American Politics. This is part one or a two part conversation. Music is co-opted from the co-opted music of the RNC.

Duration: 01:01:07

121: Kelly Walks Away

On today’s show, Kelly shares her thoughts on mass shootings, talks about her decision to take a summer sabbatical from social media, and shares about her friendship with the late Garry Shandling. Music by Bo Burnham and George Harrison.

Duration: 01:18:18

120: Kelly Comes Home

After traveling near and far, Kelly is home for most of the summer. She is joined on the show by Ben Morrison, comic & actor, who has come to Kelly for clarity & support during a major life change.

Duration: 01:24:45

118: Kelly Finds Joy

Paul Holdengraber, curator and director of the NY Public Library’s highly respected and acclaimed interview series Live from the NYPL, and Kelly talk deeply about the art of conversation. Kelly also discusses with viewers the importance in finding one’s childlike joy in the adult tasks we find daily. Music: "Perfect World" and "Where You're At" by Allen Stone

Duration: 01:18:34

116: The Return of the Kelly

Kelly talks about reinvention, David Bowie's death, her book release and living your life as either a subject or an object.

Duration: 01:09:32

112: Kelly Returns

Kelly talks about Spring, Fleetwood Mac and the drought. She then chats with Rain Pryor about her first comedy album, "Black & White." Kelly then ends the show sharing about her experience doing a five week run of her solo show, "A Carlin Home Companion." Music by Natasha Agrama

Duration: 01:25:19

106: Kelly Finds a More Beautiful Question

Kelly and Warren Berger's (the author of A More Beautiful Question) discussion about the power of questions will inspire and blow your mind wide open. As we as individuals and a species face an era of increasing uncertainty, the skill of asking powerful questions about our lives, the world and challenges is more important than ever. Listen in as Warren and Kelly delve into the art of inquiry. Music by Alan Stone, the Jacob Jeffries Band, and Lisa Brigantino.

Duration: 01:32:32

103: Kelly Makes an Effort

Author, actress, and activist Annabelle Gurwitch joins Kelly to discuss her book, "I SEE YOU MADE AN EFFORT: Compliments, Indignities and Survival Stories From the Edge of 50." They discuss everything from fracking to chin hairs to Darwin to spice cake. Music by Adil Omar and Dan Bern.

Duration: 01:33:36

102: Octagon Table Discussion: Destiny

Kelly is joined by Dylan Brody, Beth Lapides, and Rick Overton in an exploration of the idea of destiny, fate, a conscious universe, free will, choice. As always they go deep while cracking each other up. Kelly then plays an excerpt from her 2009 interview with Sid Caesar, honoring his passing. Music by Tracy Newman.

Duration: 01:36:16

101: Kelly Walks Over the Divide

Kelly reads her newest essay, "Deadline," and then welcomes her guest Avi Tuschman, political anthropologist and author of "Our Poltiical Nature: The Evolutionary Origins of What Divides Us where they discuss the evolutionary underpinnings of the Right/Left political divide of humans. Music by Allen Stone.

Duration: 01:34:53

099: Kelly Writes a Book

Kelly reads her essay "I Don't Know How to Write," and then welcomes three calls from Darren Staley, Lee Camp and Troy Conrad. There is discussion about @TheGeorgeCarlin twitter feed, preventing activist burnout and the comedy improv show "Set List."

Duration: 01:36:53

098: Kelly Stares at the Glowing Screen

In this episode, Kelly reads her essay, "White Noise," and has comedian Ben Morrison as her guest. They discuss the effects of over saturation of media in our lives, how Ben got drunk and started a career in comedy, reptilian aliens and why being a Montessori kid and Gemini rocks. Music by Ben Morrison.

Duration: 01:37:51

097: Kelly Makes an Ode

Octagon Discussion Table: Gratitude After reading her beat poem, "Ode," Kelly and her guests Rick Overton, Dylan Brody, and Chris Bonno discuss Thanksgiving memories, how gratitude transforms one's life and how the Macy's Day Parade has always been a piece of shit. Logan Heftel spins some tunes by Rick Overton, John Elliott, and Dan Bern.

Duration: 01:34:33

096: Kelly Makes the Turn

Kelly ponders what Autumn means for us all in her essay, "The Turn." Her guest Peter Maguire discusses his book, Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade. Music by John Elliott and Tracy Newman.

Duration: 01:33:37

095: Kelly Peels Another Layer

Kelly reads her newest essay, "The Onion," takes calls from friends and listeners - with topics as wide ranging as pit bulls, gluten-free vaginas, how Kelly's dad actually got something wrong, and what it takes to be truly happy - while her in studio guests, Bobbie Oliver, Rosie Tran and Alex Stein bring their funny and deep insights to the moment. Logan spins three great Eric Kufs' songs.

Duration: 01:35:09

094: Octagon Discussion Table: Acceptance

Kelly read her newest essay, "The Hat." Rick Overton, Dave Rubin and Amy Englehardt joined Kelly for a conversation about the idea of Acceptance. Ultimately, they had to accept that no matter where they started, they ended up having to accept that the world is fucked up. Logan played Adil Omar, Cary Cooper and Katie Goodman.

Duration: 01:33:59

093: Kelly Reads Her Note to Self

Today Kelly reads her newest essay, "Note to Self," talks the nation down from thinking that this weekend is the end of summer, and then takes a few calls from you, the trusty listeners of WFAD. Music by Chris Trapper, John Elliott, and Billy Stewart.

Duration: 01:34:07

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