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022 Jen Fullmer––Boots2Roots!

There’s a lot of talk about helping veterans these days. Today we’ll meet someone who is walking the walk in that area––an amazing community leader, Jen Fullmer, the executive director of Boots 2 Roots on this episode of Walking the Walk… Jen Fullmer is the Executive Director of Boots 2 Roots, a non-profit initiative connecting our veterans with meaningful civilian employment. Jen knows the challenges of the military/civilian transition first hand. She served 24 years in the Air Force,...


021 Judy Hoberman––Walking on the Glass Floor

Empowering women in business is certainly a hot topic today. Judy Hoberman does much more than talk about it. She’s Walking on the Glass Floor––and that’s what she’s talking about on this episode of Walking the Walk… Judy Hoberman is an internationally renowned speaker and author of Selling in a Skirt. Her new book is Walking on the Glass Floor––7 Essential Qualities of Women Who Lead. Judy talks about these qualities and you can walk on that glass floor too! Learn more about Judy and her...


020 Larry Winget––What's Wrong with Damn Near Everything!

What's Wrong with Damn Near Everything!​ That's the title of his latest book and that's exactly what we're going to find out on this episode with New York Times bestselling author Larry Winget!​ Learn more about Larry Winget at LarryWinget.com!


019 Melissa Smith

Can you really be a human focused company these days and still produce significant gains on the bottom line? Melissa Smith of WEX seems to think so… Melissa started her career at WEX Incorporated in 1997 as a senior financial analyst. Twenty years later, she’d the CEO. She was the Mainebiz 2012 Woman to Watch. This year she was inducted into the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame and was named Mainebiz Business Leader of the Year. Melissa is also very active in non-profit work and is the...


018 Darshan Chandaria––"Success is NOT a destination!"

“Success is not a destination…" Darshan Chandaria is one of the most dynamic, innovative and influential business leaders in the world today––and he’s just getting started! The philosophy he lives by: “Success is not a destination but a continuous journey.” We’ll explore that philosophy and much more today with Darshan Chandaria on Walking the Walk… Learn more about Darshan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darshan-chandaria-7143a57/


016 Nana Wanjau––Power Woman International

In the ongoing debate over barriers to women in business and leadership, there are some remarkable leaders who simply take action to empower women no matter what the obstacles. Nana Wanjau is one such leader! Already an established business leader, Nana Wanjau took a break from corporate life to establish a family. She then launched a successful real estate firm in Kenya, led the Rotary Club in Nairobi and established several initiatives to serve women across Africa and the world including...


017 William R. Patterson––Building Wealth

William R. Patterson is CEO of The Baron Solution Group, a Top 100 Minority Business Enterprise. He is also a Senior Field Chairman with First Financial Security, Inc. William was named a Top 20 Business Icon by Exceptional People Magazine. he's a four-time award-winning lecturer and international best-selling author who uses his trademark approach, The Baron Solution™, to coach, train and motivate nonprofit leaders, small business owners, executives, sales professionals and investors....


015 Catherine Schoenenberger––Women in Construction

There is no “glass ceiling” for Catherine Schoenenberger. The president of Stay Safe Traffic Products, one of America’s leading providers of traffic control and safety equipment, Catherine is now the national president of NAWIC… The National Association of Women in Construction. What does the future hold for women leaders in American construction? Join us on this episode of Walking the Walk and find out!​ Learn more about Catherine Schoenenberger at StaySafeTraffic.com! And learn more...


013 Elizabeth Hayes––MaineBiz Woman to Watch!

Elizabeth Hayes is the CEO of Infinity Credit Union in Maine and was recently named one of the "Women to Watch" in business by MaineBiz magazine. ​ When we saw that one of Elizabeth's favorite quotes came from Lao Tzu, we knew she and Jim would have a fascinating conversation. Here's the quote: "A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." Elizabeth and Jim will talk about this concept and many more on...


012 Joe Calloway––Disruption!

Joe Calloway helps great companies get even better. His workshops and interactive keynote presentations help develop leaders, create more effective teams, and improve performance for successful businesses who know that they can, and should, be doing more with the people and resources that they already have. Joe’s client list reads like an international Who’s Who in business, ranging from companies like Proctor & Gamble and Coca Cola to Cadillac and American Express. Joe also works...


008––Brad Douglas, CEO of Heartland Credit Union Association: How history informs today's leadership

I met Brad Douglas last year when I presented at the Heartland Credit Union Association Conference in Kansas City. Brad was introduced to me as their new CEO. Brad graduated Summa Cum Laude from William Jewell College, went on to earn a law degree at the University of Missouri and then moved into a successful career in both non-profit and private sector leadership. Se served as Director and Chair of the CommunityAmerica Credit Union in Kansas City and was a Regional Administrator for the...


010 Erik Fogg –– Wedged

Erik Fogg is a co-author of Wedged: How You Became a Tool of the Partisan Political Establishment…And How to Start Thinking For Yourself Again! You'll find Wedged on Amazon, and learn more about Eric at ReconsiderMedia.com Whether you're a political leader, a community leader or a business leader, there are issues that can drive a wedge between the people on your team, or between you and the people you serve. And sadly, some of these issues are purposely manufactured and promoted! In this...


011 Chris Powell –– Overcome Your Limits!

By rights, Chris Powell would have every legitimate excuse to be more than happy with an ordinary life. Instead, he's overcome his limits to become a teacher, author, motivational speaker and athlete… Chris was born with cerebral palsy. He has limited use of his hands and has experienced frequent falls because of cerebral palsy. As a young child, he needed assistance from his family to accomplish minimal tasks. Dressing, feeding and bathing were some of the daily living activities that his...


009 Nat Greene –– STOP GUESSING!

Nat Greene is the author of a powerful new book: Stop Guessing: The 9 Behaviors of Great Problem Solvers. Author Nat Greene has spent over 20 years solving hard problems, and developing and leading great problem-solvers. In this time he has found that great problem‐solvers consistently exhibit certain behaviors when solving hard problems. In Stop Guessing, you will learn what the behaviors are, why they’re so important to success, and how to begin adopting them. Learn more about Nat and...


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