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Event: Sea of Contradiction - Black Seafarers in the Royal Navy

Event recording from 09/11/2017 While Britain was becoming the largest trafficker in human lives across the Atlantic, the Royal Navy was simultaneously the world's largest employer of free African labour. This talk seeks to establish the origins, status and significance of this workforce and how their experiences aboard ship and ashore contributed to Black revolutionary thought across the Atlantic World and to the beginnings of multi-ethnic communities across the British Isles. Speaker S. I....

Duration: 00:57:04

Event: The Clash of The New World Orders

Event recording from 4/12/2017; introductory remarks by Dr Natasha Kuhrt. Professor Sakwa explores how the tension between Russia and the Atlantic community mirrored a fundamental realignment of the international system from the late 1980s onwards. He provides a new analysis of the end of the Cold War and the subsequent failure to create a comprehensive and inclusive peace order in Europe. The end of the Cold War did not create a sustainable peace system. Instead, for a quarter of a...

Duration: 00:44:43

Podcast: The US-UK Special Relationship

What made the transition of hegemonic power from British to American dominance uniquely cooperative and nonviolent? In this podcast, Dr Kori Schake analyses the so-called “special relationship” between the United States and the United Kingdom. One of her main argument is that the transition of hegemonic power between the United Kingdom and the United States was peaceful primarily because both countries shared similar domestic ideologies. But how will this special relationship continue under...

Duration: 00:24:08

Podcast: Peaceful Coexistence – Understanding Russia and the West

How has Russia's revolution in 1917 impacted the West? Can Russia and the West coexist peacefully? In this week's episode, we are bringing you an interview with Professor Alexander Sergunin from the St. Petersburg State University and a keynote address by Dr Samuel Greene from the King's Russia Institute at the conference "1917 to 2017: Russia’s unfinished revolution?”. Professor Sergunin examines how the ‘peaceful coexistence’ concept has impacted Russia's foreign policy since 1917 and how...

Duration: 00:23:03

Event: Harsh Lessons: Iraq, Afghanistan and The Changing Character of War

Event recording from 11/10/2017 Brigadier (Retired) Ben Barry examines the military evolution of the US-led interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and their implications for the future character of war. Speaker biography: Brigadier (Retired) Ben Barry, OBE is the IISS (International Institue for Strategic Studies) expert on the higher management of defence, military strategy, operations and tactics, military innovation and adaptation, modern warfare and land warfare in particular. Chair:...

Duration: 00:38:14

Podcast: Remembering World War One: An Artistic Perspective

In this week’s episode, we are bringing you interviews with Professor Vivienne Jabri and Amanda Faber, founder of the Soldiers and Arts Academy, talking about the interface between arts and academia and how the arts can support war veterans. If you would like to watch the live-streamed video of the Remember Dance performance, you can find it UPCOMING EVENTS AT KING’S COLLEGE LONDON THE MARJAN MARSH LECTURE 14th November 2017 (18:00-20:00) War Studies Meeting Room...

Duration: 00:24:45

Event: Soldiers In Revolt: Army Mutinies in Africa

Event recording from 16/10/2017 Dr Maggie Dwyer discusses her research and forthcoming book 'Soldiers in Revolt'. The book examines the understudied phenomenon of military mutinies in Africa. Through interviews with former mutineers in Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, and The Gambia, it provides a unique and intimate perspective on those who take the risky decision to revolt. This view from the lower ranks is key to comprehending the internal struggles that can threaten a military’s ability to...

Duration: 00:52:31

Podcast: Influencing the World

In this week's episode, we ask how digital transformation has changed the sphere of influence in global politics. We hear from Emily Kasriel from the BBC World Service, from Dr Nicholas Michelsen, and Dr Neville Bolt, both from the King's Centre for Strategic Communications at the Department of War Studies. This podcast was produced by Ivan Seifert. UPCOMING EVENTS AT KING'S COLLEGE LONDON ANGLO-AMERICAN RELATIONS AND WORLD ORDER 2nd November 2017 (17:30-19:00) War Studies Meeting Room...

Duration: 00:19:59

Event: The Addis Ababa Massacre: Italy's National Shame

Event recording from 26/10/2017 Book launch: The Addis Ababa Massacre: Italy's National Shame Written by Ian Campbell Speaker: Ian Campbell Discussant: David Styan, Birkbeck College, University of London. Chair: Dr Flavia Gasbarri, Lecturer - King's College London In February 1937, following an abortive attack by a handful of members of the urban resistance to the Italian military invasion and occupation of Ethiopia, 'repression squads' of armed Blackshirts and Fascist civilians were...

Duration: 00:59:04

Podcast: Prof Sir Lawrence Freedman on "The Future of War: A History"

Questions about the future of war are a regular feature of political debate, strategic analysis, and popular fiction. Where should we look for new dangers? What cunning plans might an aggressor have in mind? What are the best forms of defence? How might peace be preserved or conflict resolved? Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman is Emeritus Professor of War Studies at King's College London. He addresses these questions in his new book "The Future of War: A History". In this podcast, we are...

Duration: 00:37:06

Podcast: Blitzed! Drugs in Nazi Germany

Was Hitler an addict? Were his troops fighting whilst high on crystal meth? In this podcast, Norman Ohler discusses his provocative new book on the use of drugs in Nazi Germany. This podcast features an exclusive event recording from 31/5/2017 with Norman Ohler in conversation with Dr Kieran Mitton and a follow up interview where the author talks about his personal background and inspirations for writing 'Blitzed! Drugs in Nazi Germany'. Norman Ohler was born in Zweibrücken in 1970. He is...

Duration: 00:38:34

Podcast: Using Wargaming to Avoid Real-World Conflict

What is a wargame? Who should be playing wargames and why? How can simulating real-world events help to avoid real-world conflicts? In this podcast, we are bringing you five exclusive interviews with organisers and participants of this year's Connections UK conference. The interviewees are Major Tom Mouat, Professor Philip Sabin, Patrick Kwasi Brobbey, Dr Anja van der Hulst, and Commander Matt Payne. The Connections UK is a conference dedicated to wargaming. This conference was hosted by...

Duration: 00:24:18

Event: The Politics of Force in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Event recording from 28/06/2017 THE POLITICS OF FORCE IN THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: A CLOSER LOOK AT THE UN'S STRATEGIES FOR NEUTRALIZING ARMED GROUPS Speaker: Adam Day, Senior Researcher at the UN University and formerly Senior Political Advisor with MONUSCO in the Democratic Republic of Congo This talk examined the current security dynamics in eastern DRC, looking in particular at the armed groups which are the priority targets for MONUSCO’s neutralization mandate. Based on...

Duration: 00:42:03

Podcast: Responding to Extreme Events

In this week’s episode, we explore how the public and governments respond to extreme events. We’re bringing you two exclusive interviews with two of our own experts from the Department of War Studies. Dr Julia Pearce is a social psychologist in the Department of War Studies and an expert on risk communication. Her research interests include risk perception, risk and crisis communication, public health behaviour, social identity, social representations and moral panic. Dr David Parker is a...

Duration: 00:19:31

Podcast: The Issue of Radicalisation

In light of the recent attacks in the UK, Dr Shiraz Maher and Dr Nina Musgrave comment on the issues of radicalisation and counterterrorism. Dr Maher is a lecturer in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London and Deputy Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence. Dr Nina Musgrave acts as Assistant Director at the Centre for Defence Studies. She is also the course tutor for the MA module on National Security in the Department of...

Duration: 00:06:50

Professor Joseph Nye: “I’m much more worried about the rise of Trump than the rise of China”

Event recording from 6th of June 2017 Inaugural Annual Lecture with Guest Speaker Professor Joseph Nye, with introduction by Dr Neville Bolt, Director of the King's Centre for Strategic Communications. Joseph S. Nye Jr., University Distinguished Service Professor, and former Dean of the Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

Duration: 00:50:46

Dr Patricia Lewis: How to Think About the Future of Peace

Event recording from 19th of May 2017 Dr Patricia M Lewis is the Research Director, International Security at Chatham House. Her former posts include Deputy Director and Scientist-in-Residence at the Center for Non-proliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies; Director of UNIDIR; and Director of VERTIC in London. Dr Lewis served on the 2004-6 WMD Commission chaired by Dr Hans Blix; the 2010-2011 Advisory Panel on Future Priorities of the OPCW chaired by...

Duration: 00:56:02

Sir Lawrence Freedman: How to Think About the Future of War

Event recording from 18th of May 2017 Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman has been Professor of War Studies at King's College London since 1982, and Vice-Principal since 2003. He was educated at Whitley Bay Grammar School and the Universities of Manchester, York and Oxford. Before joining King's he held research appointments at Nuffield College Oxford, IISS and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1995. He was awarded the CBE (Commander of...

Duration: 01:07:46

Podcast: Rebel Law

In this week’s episode, we’re bringing you an interview with War Studies alumni Dr Frank Ledwidge. Dr Ledwidge is currently a lecturer at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell and author of three books. His latest book is called ‘Rebel Law: Insurgents, Courts and Justice in Modern Conflict’. In this interview, Dr. Ledwidge reflects on his time at King’s College London, his career, and his latest book ‘Rebel Law’ and argues that dispute resolution is part of any society. UPCOMING EVENTS AT...

Duration: 00:19:13

Event: Passchendaele - A New History

Event recording from 04/05/2017 PASSCHENDAELE - A NEW HISTORY Speaker: Dr Nick Lloyd Chair: Professor Bill Philpott Hosted by the Sir Michael Howard Centre The Sir Michael Howard Centre: Between July and November 1917, in a small corner of Belgium, more than 500,000 men were killed or maimed, gassed or drowned - and many of the bodies were never found. The Ypres offensive represents the modern impression of the First World War: splintered trees, water-filled craters, muddy...

Duration: 00:40:12

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