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Waseoff Podcast is a weekly hodgepodge of discussions, interviews and self discovery with Stacey Pryce!




How to Life with @UrsaMajor89

Ursa Major released Two EPs L'été AM and L'été PM at the end of August. He shares with us his recent experiences traveling to Europe, Indy support overseas, his upcoming show and why he felt it was important to display and learn is range in Hip Hip/Rap. Upcoming show: Ursa Major & Harvey Leona Live at The Well Eventbrite Link -...

Duration: 01:03:31

I am Hope with @sgthepoeticlifer

@sgthepoeticlifter shares her story of living with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), and the importance of her book release, I am Hope. Join SG at her book release on Sunday, August 27th at Theater 294 in Farmingdale, NY for a great night of entertainment, poetry and art for a great cause. Site: www.projectpoeticfit.com Instagram: @sg_the_poeticlifter_ twitter: @SG_EGO facebook: @sgthepoeticlifter Want to follow #WaseOffPodcast? Follow on social media @WaseOffPodcast

Duration: 01:29:37

"Stacey Thought"

A brief "Stacey Thought" of what drives me to do what I do. Follow @WaseOffPodcast on all (almost all) social media platforms! My personal account where I lurk in the shadows is @strg_theory on Instagram. *Still learning how to "selfie".

Duration: 00:09:40

Motivation with @von.zombie

@Von.zombie shares her ideas on how to stay motivated. Also, what is the correlation of fear and ones past in the avenues necessary to stay motivated? What happens when one works outside of their comfort zone? Instagram: Personal: @von.zombie Photography: @tgephotography_ Branding: @pictographiecreatives

Duration: 00:46:40

CLASSIFIED with @Classique516

It's time for Part 2 of my discussion with @classique516 ! We discusss.. Inspiration, the power of her manifestation, being a member of A.D.D, @dathefuture , the importance of "I'm", Conquering fear, passion, @remyma and so much more! Don't forget this Friday (June 30) is @playwitrox and @classique516 event CLASSIFIED at @thenewvibelounge !!! Get your tickets now!! Classified.splashthat.com Major love and shoutouts go to @pictographiecreatives for WaseOff Podcasts new look!! #follow...

Duration: 01:30:16

Kno.the.Arts - Relationships - a Discussion

Jordan, Duck, Sam, Rae and G.Rox discuss relationships and their perspectives in this long awaited episode! We question whether our upbringing made an impact on how we choose a mate, did we choose someone that is like our mother or father, are we more dominant or submissive and much more! Follow @KnoTheArts on social media and @WaseOffPodcast! Follow the conversation #KNOTHEARTS #PLAYWITROX #WASEOFFPODCAST

Duration: 01:38:08

Let your Passion kiss your Purpose with @Codygibran

@CodyGibran sits down to discuss his upcoming one year anniversary open mic show this Thursday, his upbringing and the importance of having a purpose. Why do you get out of bed in the morning? We discuss why he created the Cafe Open Mic and his perception of vulnerability and more! Come join us at his event this Thursday for the one year anniversary show! Find Cody Gibran on social media! @codygibran The Cafe Open Mic Thursday, May 25th Doors open 8pm | $12 Cover 338 Moffat st BK,NY Unit L...

Duration: 00:51:26

Destined to Art Alchemy with @theartalchemist

@theartalchemist is a remarkable artist! He called into WaseOff Podcast for a discussion on his start as an artist, perception of self, the importance of visualization, the late artist 'nobody', God and more! @theartalchemist is a remarkable artist that resides in the Florida area. You can follow @theartalchemist on social media! Instagram: @theartalchemist Facebook: @theartalchemist On the internets: www.theartalchemist.com

Duration: 01:10:44

Women's Herstory Month with @WeBleedRed_

@WeBleedRed_ (Rae & Mo) and I discuss their experiences at the Women's March that occurred on D.C after the Trump Inauguration. We discuss "race" issues, women's empowerment and what we can do as a whole after the protest. *Their Advertising/Marketing Service is called PictoGraphie (@PictoGraphie_) Promo graphics we completed by PictoGraphie seen on @waseoffpodcast instagram. To follow their social media on Instagram: Mo (@mosark_) Rae (von.zombie) WeBleedRed (WeBleedRed_) Pictographie's...

Duration: 01:31:28

A Touch Of Class (Part 1) With @Classique516

@Classique516 and I discuss how she entered the world of music, music memories and her upcoming project. Classique will be at Vibe Lounge for her 1st project release on 3/3/17. The event is free of charge! RSVP @ www.class516semu.splashthat.com @Classique516 @PLAYWITROX @IDEALROXSTARS

Duration: 00:40:14

The calling of Art with @AndaluztheArtist of @Ondaloose Design Studio

@AndaluztheArtist and I met up at his design studio in Huntington, NY for a brief discussion on how he became the man he is today, and continues to manifest his dreams. We discuss going to school together some years ago and what motivates him to continue on a path that seems almost effortless. You can find Ondaloose Design Studios at 231 Broadway-Greenlawn Huntington, NY 11743

Duration: 00:57:26

Meet Ursa Major (Part 2)

Part 2, Meet Ursa Major Podcast. Polaris EP available now! Tidal Spotify Amazon Music iTunes

Duration: 01:02:14

Freedom of Speech

I share my thoughts after listening to Fearless Conversations a podcast by Abby Wambach. She interviewed Ibtihaj Muhammad, an Olympic fencer that was the first woman to compete in a hijab. Do you feel that the freedom of speech right can sometimes be abused?

Duration: 00:19:53

When you miss someone...

This episode exhibits how I deal with the emotion of missing someone. I share my thoughts and some things I try to do mentally to accept how I feel. Have you ever felt an emotion that you didn't wish to welcome at this time? I briefly touch upon my perception of life after death and more since I tend to ramble. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:31:13

What is your passion?

I recently got over my fear of skateboarding. Yay! However, fear itself can keep us from doing or saying things that we love. In this episode I discuss how I conquered a fear I have lived with for many years and how you can conquer fears on your own. I mentioned in the episode I purchased my Penny Skateboard at a store in Huntington NY. It's called HelisportUSA find them here http://www.helisportusa.com

Duration: 00:16:20

Not So Current Events with @raishphoenix

@Raishphoenix and I discuss everything from Caitlin Jenner to Conor McGregor, the element of thoughts, and more. I introduce probably my longest intro about conquering a fear.

Duration: 01:19:30

#UFC202 predictions & more with @Mister11Marcus

We discuss the fight Marcus thinks exudes the "Real UFC 200". Will Rousey come back and win the belt? Will Holm have the belt again? What does McGregor have to do to win? What does Dian have to do to win? We talk this and more on this episode of Waseoff Podcast!! twitter: waseoffpodcast patreon: Waseoff Podcast

Duration: 00:28:13

I never knew I EQUAL with @blackedgarpoe

I sat down with Polo Paul to discuss his upcoming show, A.N.K.I.E his unreleased new song and more! We briefly touch upon how society views different people as well as his perception of society. Check Polo Paul out on July 30th at Happiness Lounge in Brooklyn! twitter: waseoffpodcast tumbler: waseoff facebook: Waseoff Podcast

Duration: 01:13:27

Waseoff with @raishphoenix

Shari and I discuss random thoughts from our day & beyond. If you like what you hear, let us know! Twitter : waseoffpodcast Tumblr: waseoff podcast Facebook: Waseoff Podcast

Duration: 00:44:54

#WWDC16 and more with Raj!

Raj and I discuss what happened at the WWDC event, why Raj feels the keynote did not display innovation, and why I feel the breathe app is awesome...and more!!! twitter: waseoffpodcast instagram: waseoffpodcast tumblr: Waseoff Patreon: Waseoff Podcast

Duration: 01:12:46

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