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#121 - Jessi Frick (Father/Daughter Records)

Jessi has built an amazing label and has been in the scene for years! She started working with Amy Fiddler of Fiddler Records in Florida and has done just about everything running a label of her own which she started with her dad in 2010. Hence the name Father/Daughter. As you’ll learn this hour, Jessi is a wealth of knowledge and has a keen ear to what’s going on in the independent music scene today.

Duration: 00:56:20

#120 - Charles Cardello (BiFocal Media)

If you were around in the 90s and had a live video of a band like Braid or Michigan Fest or picked up a VHS of Actuality of Thought, BiFocal were the ones that did it. Charles has gone on to do a lot of amazing things from those early days of filming some of the best bands in the mid to late 90s. I bought their VHS tape of Actuality of Thought, which was live songs from amazing bands like Braid, Sleepytime Trio, Jejune, The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring to name a few. Look it up on YouTube...

Duration: 00:43:02

#119 - Arty Shepherd (Saint Vitus Bar, Errortype:11, Mind Over Matter)

Arty was in bands like Bad Trip, Mind Over Matter, World’s Fastest Car, Errortype: 11, Gay for Johnny Depp, Instruction, God Fires Man and Unwed. He’s been running a metal bar/venue called Saint Vitus, in Greenpoint Brooklyn that’s held some legendary shows since opening in 2011. He’s still playing music with a band called Primitive Weapons because obviously, he’s not giving up on the dream. Arty has seen a lot in music and with no punches pulled, tells it how it is. I loved talking to...

Duration: 01:42:23

#118 - Unheard Mineral Interview from 1997

I met John Frazier in college when he was working at Tooth and Nail/Solid State Records. We’d nerd out about bands and stayed in touch over the years. Now, he runs an amazing label called Spartan Records. Go support, listen, buy something from the label if you get a chance. Great person and a great friend. Just a few weeks ago, he sends me this Mineral interview out of the blue. I am blown away by it. He told me in a subsequent email that it was a Mineral interview he did 20 years ago...

Duration: 00:20:00

#117 - Adam Marino (Saetia, Errortype: 11, Instruction)

Today we welcome Adam Marino from the bands Saetia, Errortype:11 and Instruction. We chat about his time in all three bands and his upbringing in NYC. The shows Adam got to see that he lists off during the podcast is insane. One where Green Day opened….Crazy! Finally we discuss his life after music full time running a barber shop. Errortype: 11 has a few reunion shows coming up on the west coast, go check them out. Finally, thank you to the Patreon supporters!!!!!

Duration: 01:13:35

#116 - Greg Bennick (Trial, Between Earth & Sky)

Today we welcome Greg Bennick from the hardcore band Trial. You’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with emo? Fortunately for you, Greg is an amazing motivational speaker and storyteller. His take on the 90s, music scenes and how we are dealing with the things that are around us was enlightening and highly entertaining. I hope you enjoy.

Duration: 01:22:31