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The WashingTECH Policy Podcast is your resource for media and tech law and policy news. Each week, the WashingTECH Policy Podcast gives you the latest developments in media and tech law & policy, as well as an interview with an influencer in the media and technology sectors, whether they be policymakers, entrepreneurs, politicians or academics. Listen to the WashingTECH Policy podcast to get a quick update in the car, at the gym, between flights, wherever and whenever you need a quick summary of the media and tech policy news and thought leadership driving the day.






Jessica Lee: The Cyberthreat Potential of North Korea (Ep.106)

The Cyberthreat Potential of North Korea For decades, policymakers, journalists and the media have discussed, prevented, and continued to assess North Korea's nuclear capabilities. The United States and the United Nations have repeatedly issued sanctions against the country to prevent it from developing its nuclear arsenal. But what is the cyberthreat potential of North Korea? The Council of Korean Americans' Jessica Lee sheds light on the cyberthreat potential of North Korea and the...

Duration: 00:23:20

Public Health IT Policy with Licy Do Canto (Ep. 105)

Bio Licy Do Canto is founder and president of the Do Canto Group, a bipartisan government relations firm specializing in public health and health care legislative and regulatory policy, with a particular focus on underserved communities. An expert in health care policy with nearly 20 years of beltway experience, Licy has a track record of building bipartisan consensus, guiding federal legislation into law, and directing national issue campaigns and coalitions. Describing him as a “highly...

Duration: 00:29:11

The Power of WiFi for Business and Communities with Edgar Figueroa (Ep. 104)

The Power of WiFi for Business and Communities The potential for WiFi can't be understated. WiFi is beneficial not only for businesses, but also for communities that have traditionally lacked access. In this episode, Edgar Figueroa of the WiFi alliance helps us understand the different types of spectrum. Edgar also describes what WiFi is and how WiFi is playing an increasingly important role in telecom policy. Bio As president and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance (@WifiAlliance), Edgar Figueroa has...

Duration: 00:19:52

Net Neutrality's Winners and Losers with Chris Lewis (Ep. 103)

The FCC is currently considering whether it will overturn the long-fought net neutrality rules enacted under the Wheeler FCC. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia subsequently upheld the rules. If the Ajit Pai FCC undoes the rules, as it is likely to do, there will be, as always, winners and losers. Who will they be? Further, ISPs are arguing that they too believe in net neutrality principles. But does their purported support of net neutrality principles align with the...

Duration: 00:25:54

How to Build a Lobbying Presence in Washington with Elizabeth Frazee Ep. 102

How to Build a Lobbying Presence in Washington Before you build a lobbying presence in Washington, consider the fact that technology now touches almost every aspect of our lives. Accordingly, our policymaking has become more complex as companies develop new technologies and consumers use technology in ways that were unanticipated. What are the key issues that policymakers and businesses should be focused on as they seek to fine-tune their policy strategies? How are policymakers dealing...

Duration: 00:22:36

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Warfare with Gregory Allen (Ep. 101)

How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Affect Warfare? In today's episode we discuss the role of artificial intelligence in the future of warfare. What are the risks? How is the United States likely to fare in confrontations involving the use of AI? In a recent paper, Center for a New American Security Fellow Greg Allen and his co-author, Taniel Chan, illustrate both the risks and opportunities for the use of AI in warfare. We discuss these findings plus lessons learned from previous...

Duration: 00:32:23

Lobbying and Advocacy for Entrepreneurs with Melissa Blaustein (Ep. 100)

Lobbying and Advocacy for Entrepreneurs: The Business Case Lobbying and advocacy is not necessarily something that most entrepreneurs think about when they venture out on their own. Despite the fact that my business focuses on tech policy, when I launched WashingTECH.com, lobbying and advocacy couldn't have been further from my mind. I was more concerned with the minutiae: configuring and registering domains, setting up my workflow, designing my own site, etc. While I intended to include...

Duration: 00:20:07

How Mayors Can Bridge the Digital Divide One City at a Time with Stephanie Mash Sykes (Ep. 99)

The Rise of Technology is a Double-Edged Sword for many African Americans Recent reports suggest that African Americans have the most to gain, and yet the most to lose, from advances in technology. 86% of blacks reported being internet users, compared to 90% of all respondents fossil fuels industry less accurate in correctly identifying African AmericansStick Shift: Autonomous Vehicles, Driving Jobs, and the Future of Work How can local officials, particularly mayors, address these and...

Duration: 00:14:30

How to Work with Philanthropists in Silicon Valley with Gina Dalma

Philanthropists in Silicon Valley Want Your Ideas The provincial Silicon Valley that was loathe to step outside of Northern California is practically ancient history. An industry that once shunned Washington, D.C.'s buttoned-up bureaucrats now leads in lobbying and campaign contributions. Increasingly, philanthropists in Silicon Valley are making investments that in many ways are changing the very structure of our institutions. The New York Times is running a series on the institutional...

Duration: 00:19:13

African American Women in Engineering: Statistics and Solutions with Nicole Yates (Ep. 97)

African American Women Engineers' Silent Struggle Against Indifference I had a hard time finding a title for this post. I wanted to come up with something that would speak to what people were already searching for. So I went to Google Trends and entered "black women in engineering". The results showed zero interest over the past 5 years. I tried "African American women in engineering". Again, no one was searching for these terms, according to Google. I tried narrowing the search to just...

Duration: 00:19:28

What Do Emojis Mean for the Law? with Gabriella Ziccarelli and Joe Sremack (Ep. 96)

Can Using Emojis Get You in Trouble? You know what emojis mean. Otherwise, you wouldn't use them. Right? One recent University of Minnesota study found that there can be vast differences between what you and your recipient think that emoji means.Use the wrong emoji, and you may have some explaining to do. What you think is a smile on your iPhone could look more like a grimace on the recipient's end who is using a different device. Cases in which courts must determine what emojis mean...

Duration: 00:18:03

Racism Online -- Detecting Stealthy Bigotry with Rijul Magu (Ep. 95)

America's History of Recalcitrance De jure discrimination Racism online is evolving in a way that is consistent with the way racism has always evolved--from explicit to subtle. Plaintiff-side civil rights lawyers have found it easiest to win -- if civil rights cases can ever said to be "easy"-- in cases in which they can convincingly demonstrate defendants' explicit discriminatory policies. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the United States Supreme Court's 1954 decision in Brown v....

Duration: 00:15:15

SLAPP Suits and Freedom of Speech with Laurent Crenshaw

What is a SLAPP Suit? Let's say you own a small business called "Policy Town Fajitas". You think your business is second-to-none. You've invested in it--time, sweat, money and otherwise ... But then, all of a sudden, one of your customers doesn't fancy your business as much as you do. So they post a negative review about your business on a site like Yelp. They say your "chicken fajitas taste like pigeon and that's how I know it's not authentic Mexican food." If you're like most...

Duration: 00:19:54

How Much Privacy Should You Expect in the Digital Age? with Bernard Chao (Ep 93)

Privacy, Searches, Seizures and the Law The digital age is challenging the way our judicial system balances privacy against the needs of law enforcement. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.” Our devices, as well as cloud-based services like Dropbox, have revolutionized our concept of what information should be...

Duration: 00:21:11

ISIS Online: Are they Winning? with Audrey Alexander (Ep. 92)

The London Bridge terror attacks that occurred this past weekend are causing policymakers to once again re-evaluate the efficacy of their counterterrorism efforts against ISIS. ISIS counterterrorism expert Audrey Alexander (@aud_alexander) is a Research Fellow at The George Washington University Program on Extremism. Before joining the Program on Extremism, she worked at King’s College London’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR). At ICSR, Audrey used open source...

Duration: 00:18:32

Ep 91: Balancing Privacy Policy and Digital Marketing with Anindya Ghose

How can policymakers balance consumers' need for targeted, relevant content against such consumers' desire for privacy? Anindya Ghose (@aghose) is a Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences and a Professor of Marketing at New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business. He is the Director of the Center for Business Analytics at NYU Stern, and the co-Chair of the NYU-AIG Partnership on Innovation for Global Resilience. He is the NEC Faculty Fellow and a Daniel...

Duration: 00:14:20

Ep 90: 5G Internet is Coming Soon: What is it? How fast? Who will have access? with Yosef Getachew

Yosef Getachew (@getachew2) is a Policy Fellow at Public Knowledge where he works on a variety of technology and communications issues. Prior to joining Public Knowledge, Yosef worked as a law clerk for several technology and communications organizations including the Federal Communications Commission, Comcast, Facebook, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Yosef has also served as a Project Coordinator and Research Assistant for the Joint Center for Political and...

Duration: 00:20:27

Ep 89: How the Police are Escalating their Use of Social Media for Surveillance with Matt Cagle

Matt Cagle is a Policy Attorney for Technology and Civil Liberties at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Matt attended law school at Stanford and has a BA in Latin American Studies and Political Science from the University of Arizona. Before joining the ACLU as a Policy Attorney, Matt worked as an associate with BlurryEdge Strategies, a San Francisco-based law practice advising startups on privacy issues. In this episode, we discussed: Resources: ACLU of Northern California The...

Duration: 00:16:47

Ep 88: Technology and Teaching: Opportunities for Measurable Student Outcomes with Shayna Cook

Shayna Cook (cook_shayna) is a policy analyst with the Education Policy program at New America. She is a member of the Learning Technologies project. Shayna researches and reports on innovation, new technologies, and digital equity issues concerning children from birth through third grade. She is a former teacher who graduated from American University with a master’s degree in education, focusing on policy and leadership. She holds a bachelor’s degree in classics from Howard...

Duration: 00:16:53

Ep 87: Planning to Cut the Cord? This New Cable Company Wants You to Reconsider with Jeff Binder

Jeff Binder (@JeffBinder) is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Layer3 TV, a next generation cable company, founded in 2013. Most recently Jeff was a general partner at Genovation Capital, a stage-agnostic private equity and venture group focused on Technology, Media and Telecom. In addition, Jeff served as an advisor to TPG and Silver Lake, two of the most respected names in private equity. Prior to Genovation, Jeff led Broadbus Technologies as its founding CEO, pioneering the...

Duration: 00:20:13

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