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Providing intellectual capital for the nation's capital, the Washington Examiner is quickly becoming a go-to source for news and analysis on politics and policy in Washington, DC and beyond. Also featuring conservative opinion from Byron York, Michael Barone, Tim Carney, Phil Klein and Hugh Hewitt.






Trump Calls Out Assad...and Susan Rice

President Trump hints at a change in US policy toward Syria in the aftermath of the horrifying chemical attacks. Foreign Affairs reporter Joel Gehrke explains how we got here, and what Team Trump may have in mind And Breaking News editor Alex Pappas catches us up on the story of Susan Rice, who was called out as a potential criminal by President Trump. Does she still insist that she “didn’t leak nothing to nobody?”

Duration: 00:13:51

Killing The Filibuster Was The Democrats' Dirty Deed

Wecome to Examining Politics, a daily podcast production of the newsroom of the Washington Examiner. Jim Antle explains the worst-case scenario from the Susan Rice Unmasking story, and Tim Carney says to stop calling the death of the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees a bipartisan act—Democrats deserve all the credit.

Duration: 00:17:16

Jared Kushner's In Iraq, and the Filibuster Is In The Tank

The First 100 Days podcast has become the Examining Politics Daily podcast. Still featuring analysis and reporting from the newsroom of the Washington Examiner, Examining Politics Daily will be around long after Trump's first 100 days. Today's episode featuring Byron York on the filibuster fight and Pentagon reporter Jamie McIntyre on Jared Kushner's visit to Iraq.

Duration: 00:18:39

Why Are Media So Mad Over Pence's Dinner Plans?

It’s Day 71 of the Trump presidency, and this is the First 100 Days podcast from the newsroom of the Washington Examiner. We start with an update of the ever-changing story of former NSA chief Mike Flynn who says he wants to talk—if he can get immunity. Will he? Susan Ferrechio joins us from Capitol Hill with an update on the GOP Congress’s plans regarding the Russia investigation and the Gorsuch nomination. And editorial Writer Emily Jashinsky sits down for quiet, private dinner to...

Duration: 00:22:38

Freedom Caucus Leaders Declare "We Still Love Trump!"

It’s day 70 of the Donald Trump presidency, and this is the First 100 Days podcast from the newsroom of the Washington Examiner. Two key leaders of the Freedom Caucus stopped by the Washington Examiner newsroom to talk about, among other things, being called out by President Trump. Hear their reaction, and get analysis from Tim Carney. And T. Becket Adams says the mainstream media have faced the first serious test of government pressure against the press in the era of Trump…and they failed.

Duration: 00:14:38

Senate Intel Committee: This Russia Investigation is YUGE!

It’s Day 69 of the Donald Trump presidency, and this is the First 100 Days from the newsroom of the Washington Examiner. The Senate Intel Committee says their investigation into Russian meddling is YUGE! And it won’t be anything like the House committee's. There’s good news and bad news on the political front for the GOP And Kellyanne Conway headlines a Washington Examiner event for “Women who Lead.”

Duration: 00:16:31

Poison in the Pipes: Introduction to the Flint water crisis


Duration: 00:07:33

Has The Freedom Caucus Overplayed Its Hand?

It’s Day 68 of Donald Trump’s presidency, and this is the First 100 Days podcast from the newsroom of the Washington Examiner Has the Freedom Caucus overplayed its hand? Congressional Correspondent Nicole Duran has the answer. President Trump is suggesting he may start making “yuge” deals with the Democrats, but Byron York wonders if they will play ball with this president? And don’t bet the ranch on a big reception for Sean Spicer’s “Russian dressing” joke at today’s presser. Maybe it...

Duration: 00:17:15

The Obamacare Repeal Failed--Now What?

The Washington Examiner's Tim Carney hosts a roundtable with Obamacare expert Phil Klein and Commentary Writer Emily Jashinsky on the consequences of the GOP's failed attempt to repeal Obamacare, and where the Republicans go from here. White House Correspondent Sarah Westwood reports on the White House's reaction, including discussions about reaching out to Democrats in the future.

Duration: 00:13:37

Day 64: What The Hell Is Going On? The GOP's Obamacare Repeal Fiasco

It’s Day 64 of Donald Trump’s presidency, and this is the First 100 Days podcast from the newsroom of the Washington Examiner This has been the most momentous day of the Trump presidency thus far as the Obamacare repeal--long promised by Republicans and President Trump--went down to defeat. Our own Chief Congressional Correspondent Susan Ferrechio was there and has the story. Also, Editorial Page Editor Tim Carney with a review of Trump’s first two months in office; and an update from...

Duration: 00:17:11

A Smart Delay, Or A Deathblow: What's The Status Of Obamacare Repeal?

It’s Day 63 of Donald Trump’s presidency, and this is the First 100 days podcast from the newsroom of the Washington Examiner Is the last-minute delay of GOP's Obamacare repeal vote a much-needed move to improve the bill, or a political deathblow? We get the latest news from our White House correspondent Gabby Morrongiello and analysis from Examining Politics’ David Drucker And Editorial Writer David Freddoso reminds us that, whether Trump was spied on or not, the Obama administration...

Duration: 00:21:36

Day 62: Bombshell News Of Team Trump Surveillance Backs White House Narrative

It’s Day 62 of Donald Trump’s presidency, and this is the First 100 Days podcast from the newsroom of the Washington Examiner A bombshell from the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who announces that Team Trump was in fact under surveillance, not related to the FBI’s Russia investigation, during the . 2016 campaign. Investigative Reporter Todd Shepherd has the details and T. Becket Adams has the analysis. Plus, the fate of the House Obamacare repeal bill hangs by a...

Duration: 00:16:21

Gorsuch Gives Democrats A Tutorial In Avoiding Traps

It’s day 61 of Donald Trump’s presidency, and this is the First 100 Days podcast from the newsroom of the Washington Examiner. Judge Gorsuch gives Democrats a tutorial on how to handle partisan attacks, says editorial writer Emily Jashinsky; Gabby Morrongiello reports on President Trump’s visit to Congress to push the Obamacare repeal bill; and investigative reporter Todd Shepherd on lingering questions from the FBI director’s testimony on their Russia investigation.

Duration: 00:00:19

What We Know--And What We Don't--After The Comey Hearing

It’s day 60 of Donald Trump’s presidency, and this is the "First 100 Days" podcast from the newsroom of the Washington Examiner Washington’s attention was absorbed by congressional hearings with FBI director James Comey, so we’ve got our own Joel Gehrke and Pete Kasperowitz to lay out what we did—and didn’t—learn from today’s testimony. Also, Tim Carney on the overlooked story that many conservatives wish were today’s lead: The nomination of Neil Gorsuch to fill the Scalia vacancy on the...

Duration: 00:15:20

Donna Brazile Finally Admits Feeding Debate Prep To Hillary

White House correspondent Gabby Morrongiello reports on the president’s presser with Germany’s Angela Merkel The Washington Examiner's editorial team has taken a long look at Trump's budget and they like what they see--mostly. And Donna Brazile has finally admitted that she helped Hillary during the Democratic debates--but did she do anything wrong?

Duration: 00:12:27

Oprah Vs. Trump In 2020? So Who's Her Running Mate?

A new poll shows Oprah leading Trump in a 2020 POTUS match-up, so we ask some smart political people: Who should be Oprah's running mate? Plus analysis of President Trump's budget plan from Tim Carney and Paul Bedard: Does Trump keep his promises on border security and defense? And David Freddoso on why the court rulings against Trump's second executive orders on immigration and refugees are likely to be overturned.

Duration: 00:21:58

SNEAK PREVIEW PODCAST: What's The Best Part Of Trump's Budget?

Washington Examiner's in-house budget geek Tim Carney talks about the broad overview--and fascinating specifics--of the Trump budget plan. This is a sneak preview of the full First 100 Days podcast which is posted every weekday afternoon at 5pm.

Duration: 00:06:58

Should Trump Send MSNBC A "Thank You" Note?

Should Team Trump send MSNBC's Rachel Maddow a gift certificate to Trump Hotels after her handling of Trump’s illegally-leaked tax returns? We ask Sara Westwood. Obamacare expert Phil Klein on Sen. Lindsey Graham's "Collapse and Replace" plan. And Washington Examiner investigative reporter Todd Shepherd has the latest revelations on the FBI, wiretaps and the Russians.

Duration: 00:19:52

Day 54: Why The Right Is Piling On Ryan In ObamaCare Repeal Fight

Washington Examiner political reporter David Drucker explains why Speaker Ryan is the one taking most of the incoming fire, even as (according to media reporter Eddie Scarry) Democrats and the media try to turn the repeal plan into "Trump" care. And editorial writer Emily Jashinsky doesn't think the newly-leaked "I'll never defend Trump" audio tape is a big deal. Or a coincidence.

Duration: 00:17:43

No, The CBO Does NOT Say 14 Million Will "Lose" Their Insurance Under Obamcare Repeal

No, The CBO Does NOT Say 14 Million Will "Lose" Their Insurance Under Obamcare Repeal

Duration: 00:08:51

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