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Rec Commentary (With Henry & Ian)

Ian and Henry's next Spooktober commentary comes in the terrifying shape of 2007 Spanish horror [●REC]. Henry guides Ian through his first time watching this superb example of claustrophobic horror, warning him of any jumpscares. So put on [●REC], hide behind your sofa, and listen to Henry and Ian talk over it. To be honest, you could probably sync up the commentary with the shot-for-shot American remake Quarantine and get the same idea.

Duration: 01:18:05

Insidious Chapter 2

The first of our Spooktober commentaries takes Ian and Henry back to where commentaries began, with James Wan and Leigh Whannell's Insidious franchise. Join us as we go... further into the... Further with Insidious Chapter 2

Duration: 01:43:33

Let's Talk About mother! (Spoiler Review)

After a long wait, Let's Talk About... is... BACK! Henry and Ian are trying to decipher one of the most divisive and controversial films of the year, Darren Aronofsky's Mother! (I'm not shouting, the exclamation mark is in the title) If you've seen it then you'll know there's a lot to talk about here, with these fancy metaphors and shiny double meanings. And we hope you have seen it, as we go full spoilers once again, trying to work out if Mother! is genius or just flashy enough to make...

Duration: 00:22:51

Episode 32: Dunkirk Special

With Summer at its end, it's time for us to look back at the best it had to offer... that being Dunkirk! Who'd have thought that a Second World War film with confusing timelines, too many characters to count, led by unknown actors, and featuring that one from One Direction could have been one of the biggest and best films of the year? Well with Christopher Nolan at the helm, anything is possible. With special guest Elee joining the ranks of Nick, Ian, Tom and Henry, let us lecture you...

Duration: 01:07:38

Episode 31: Your Comic Con 2017 Reminder

Hey, remember San Diego Comic Con? What's that? It was too long ago for you to really remember? Well luckily, Watch If Podcast is here to remind you of what happened there, and totally not just now releasing something we recorded a long time ago... not at all. Join Ian, Nick and Tom as they guide you through some of the biggest announcements of the event. From DCEU, the cinematic universe we all love to hate (or just be confused by), to Ready Player One, which will either prove to be a...

Duration: 00:56:40

Old Man Movie Pitch Special

Ever since Hugh the Jackedman popped his claws in the amazing Logan, we at Watch If have been wondering what other films could benefit from a grizzled old man phase. So we took the franchises and the characters that made the most sense to see wizened and wrinkled... and then threw those out and set to work on the ones we had left.

Duration: 00:35:09

Episode 30: The Spider-Ape Comes At Night

Episode 30: The Spider-Ape Comes At Night Watch If together, strong! Which is a shame because for this episode we're down a Henry. But worry not because we found another hairless ape to take his place and thus welcome back to the show Greig Morrison. Bearing the solemn news of George Romero's passing and a fitting eulogy, Greig shares with us the man's impact on cinema. Following that, reviews of the spooky It Comes at Night, and of course Andy Serkis' simian spectacle. But let's face it,...

Duration: 01:29:54

D23 2017 Special

The House of Mouse (least intimidating Game of Thrones family?) has welcomed the world to another D23 expo and Watch If has handily rounded up the biggest news and reveals like Woody on speed! No matter what Disney you're familiar with there was something big to get Goofy about. From Lion Kings to street urchins, from Underminers to Wreckers, from Genies to Jedi.

Duration: 00:48:59

Eclipse Commentary (With Henry & Ian)

We've got vampires, werewolves and mopey teens. We've got hair gel, glitter, no shirt and an angsty playlist. That's right, we've got a commentary! It's time for Henry and Ian to make their long awaited return to the Twilight Saga with David Slade's Eclipse. This may be our most tangential commentary yet, but it's not our fault that very little actually happens in this installment of the series. But turn on your Netflix machine anyway and put your headphones on and listen as we ponder...

Duration: 01:29:31

Episode 29: The Book of Okja Spoilers

What up?! It's Watch If! With your daily recommended views, reviews and re-reviews along with a few selected items from our specials board. First up, Ian catches us up on his musically-minded thoughts on Baby Driver. Then Nick, Henry and Ian pig out on new swine flick, Okja. Ian and Henry take notes from the Book of... Henry. Then we serve up a TV, Film and Game recommendations (Master of None, Remainder, Papers Please) to widen your media palette. Then finally we discuss what exactly a...

Duration: 01:52:21

Episode 28: The Wonder Baby Universe

It's time for another jam-packed episode of Watch If Podcast, now with 40% extra runtime and 25% extra humans! Adopting long time fan of the show, Ollie, he joins us for all the usual reviews, previews and views. Captains Nick and Henry climb aboard for Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Sir Ian pulls a review of King Arthur out. Doctors Nick and Tom diagnose the upcoming rom-com 'The Big Sick'. The whole crew (except Tom) dig into Tom Cruise's The Mummy Impossible. The whole crew (this time...

Duration: 01:52:53

Episode 27: The Colossal Alien Spaceship

On a podcast no-one can hear you scream... until it's been edited, released and uploaded to SoundCloud. In our latest episode Ian, Henry and Tom bring you their new views, prepared reviews and a little news on: Colossal, a movie about how alcoholics are harming the Korean tourism industry. Spaceship, a cyber-gothic film about abduction that left Ian feeling like he'd been taken advantage of. Jawbone, a new cinematic heavyweight that Henry steps into the ring to champion. Injustice 2, a...

Duration: 01:51:09

It's All Greek To Me - It's All 90s To Me

Socrates. Voltaire. Aristotle. And now introducing Nicolaou, Agathangelou & Pavlou... Welcome to Watch If's BRAND NEW SHOW! It's All Greek To Me. Listen each week as 2/3 greeks (Do you get the name now? It's funny, right?) philosophize and teach each other about different topics. This week we get super nostalgic as we philosophise about the 90s and our childhoods. We discuss: the trauma of watching Pulp Fiction at a young age, the cinematic masterpiece that is Space Jam, Kenan & Kel's...

Duration: 00:42:33

Episode 26: One Year of Watch If

Watch If has turned one year old! We've just started learning how to speak and our first words are "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" which is quite impressive for a one year old if you ask me. That's right, we start this episode the way we started the first, with a review and discussion of Marvel's pre-summer blockbuster. Following that we look back on the last year with a tear in our eye and a set of questions from our fans. Find out our favourite moments films we've discussed, our...

Duration: 01:36:39

Episode 25: Get Out of Logan Island

They're the best there is at what they do, but what they do is... discuss films from a few months ago. That's right, arriving fashionably late to the party we bring you the scintillating cinematic discussion you deserve! Nick and Tom hunt and gather their thoughts on Horizon: Zero Dawn. The Screengrab Returns. Ian and Henry get down with the Get Out. We all Run Through The Jungle as we review Kong: Skull Island. And X marks the spot for the most treasured outing for Hugh Jackman's...

Duration: 01:26:36

The Fast & The Furious Commentary (With Everyone)

Rev your engines! Load the Nitous! Grab a Corona! Adjust your seat for optimal ease of access to the pedals! Check your mirrors for pedestrians or cyclists!... And lay down your best smack talk! That's right, while the Fates of the Furious are being decided in cinemas Watch If is reversing back to 2001 where it all started. Joining your ever present hosts Henry and Ian are the rest of the Watch If family (because 'family' is what it's all about), learner driver Tom and Fast & Furious...

Duration: 01:44:15

Episode 24: The Watch If Awards

It's the first ever Watch If Awards! Are they Watchifscars? Are they the Watchiffies? We don't know either but what we DO know is that the decisions made by our panel of cinema connoisseurs (it's just Tom, Nick, Henry and Ian) will shake Hollywood to its core. We'll be covering all the traditional categories as well as some awards personally sponsored by each presenter to acknowledge some of the more nuanced successes (and failures) in this latest year of film. The coveted 'Spud Award' is...

Duration: 02:02:16

Episode 23: B2 Batspotting

Y'right listeners? What you been up to... for just over a week? Well if that obscure reference doesn't clue you in then check out our latest episode. We send Ian and Henry deep into the drug-addled, nostalgic follow up to Trainspotting, T2. Nick and Ian build their case (brick by brick?) for why Lego Batman is the movie the Caped Crusader has been needing for a while. And finally we fire up the Watch If-puter to find who should be sitting in the director's chair for 'The Batman' (yes we...

Duration: 01:21:51

New Moon Commentary (With Henry & Ian)

With Fifty Shades Darker out in cinemas, Henry and Ian decided to watch the original Darker - that being The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Though, as Bo Burnham said "original does not mean good". A film so silly that even Ian couldn't defend it as he did the last one. On the bright side, we're not short on eye candy, with R Pats and Taylor Lautner being moody and taking their shirts off, and moodily taking their shirts off throughout. Also the delightful Michael Sheen turns up to deliver lines...

Duration: 02:05:33

Episode 22: Live By La La Land

That's no moon, that's a big, massive, review filled episode of Watch If Podcast! What with it being Awards season, we in the UK find our cinemas packed with competing films every January. But which are actually worth leaving the house for? Watch If is here to help guide and advise you through this busy time. Ian and Henry go fully nocturnal with Live By Night, Nick goes fully pacifist with Hacksaw Ridge, and Tom goes fully loud about Silence. We also have M Night Shyamalan up to his old...

Duration: 01:38:16

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