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Do you like Kanye West? Do you like podcasts? Well! We provide a lyrical analysis of Kanye West, in podcast form(!), going track by track through Ye's discography. We find new ways to appreciate old favorites like College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation. We'll show how 808s and Heartbreak is the starting point for the current version of Ye. We pull back the curtain on the socio-political exploration that is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. We'll blow your mind when we show that Yeezus is one, cohesive narrative. And how The Life of Pablo might be Kanye's most brilliant album yet. We also get into some Kanye news, North West news, and have the most insane Jay-Z news you will ever hear. We hope you listen and enjoy!




Flashing Lights - Kanye West, Graduation

This week, the song hits a little too close to home for Chris and Travis: Absolutely swarmed by the paparazzi as they strut down that red carpet, through the gold-plated doors, into the brick hallway, down the creaky stairs, and into the basement where their girlfriends force them to record the podcast because they're so goddamn loud, the WTT crew just understands where Kanye West is coming from on Flashing Lights. And they get into in this episode, where they discuss the structure of what...

Duration: 01:22:22

My StorYe: Martin Connor, founder of Rap Analysis

Martin Connor analyzes production in hip hop music living on his website, Rap Analysis. In his StorYe, he discusses the evolution of Kanye's production from soul-sample-heavy to weird-as-shit. Kanye’s soul samples have become the orientations through which all of his stories are experienced, even as they begin to occupy ever more fragmented parts of his structures, keys, or mixes. It seems, then, that soul samples for Kanye have always had a significance that is purely cultural, having come...

Duration: 01:16:42

My StorYe: Cole Cuchna, Host of the Dissect Podcast

Today we're talking to Cole Cuchna, creator and host of the Dissect Podcast. He performs musical analysis (just like us!) by going track-by-track through albums, breaking the format into short, easily digestible episodes (not just like us!). The first season featured Cole going through Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly, and the second will continue with Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Chris and Travis sit down with Cole to get his StorYe: When he first heard Kanye...

Duration: 01:04:45

Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) - Kanye West, Late Registration

Kanye is forever... He's all we need to please us He can't stimulate or tease us He won't leave in the night Have no fear that he might desert me... KANYE IS FOREVER. FOREVER. FOREVER. Good mornin'! It's another week, another #TuesYe, and (unfortunately) another JAY-Z verse to dissect. That's right: Chris and Travis are ripping into a verse that many consider to be GOAT...which is weird to us, especially when its pit against Kanye's brutally honest and capricious confession on the...

Duration: 01:45:41

Waves - Kanye West, The Life of Pablo

Scars. Tattoos. Diamonds. Hydro flasks. L.L. Bean hiking boots. J.K. Rowling's imagination. Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Ryan Gosling's charm. The universe. Love. Oh—and waves. Waves also last forever. Waves don't die. Actually, you can add this episode to that list, because Chris and Travis can apparently spend forever talking about Waves, one of the most popular tracks off The Life of Pablo. It also happens to be one of the most strongly contested songs between the WTT hosts...

Duration: 02:00:01

Kill Jay Z - JAY-Z, 4:44

Welcome to Watching the Throne, a lyrical analysis of...Jay Z? No, wait: JAY-Z. Because Jay Z is dead on 4:44, which means it's time for Chris and Travis to—for the first time ever—analyze a song that isn't a Kanye West track! However, the first track off JAY-Z's latest album is ABOUT Kanye, which means the WTT crew is uniquely qualified to analyze it, dissect it—and completely trash it (sort of). They explore the old-Jay Z vs. new-JAY-Z dynamic set up on 4:44, the manner in which JAY-Z...

Duration: 01:19:30

Is Kanye West a Misogynist?

Chris is gone, which means Travis has nobody telling him to not make terrible decisions...which means Travis decided to bring his friend Christina on the show! And they have an interesting relationship when it comes to Kanye, as in Christina thinks Kanye might be a huge misogynist and Travis likes to yell about how she's wrong about that. But seriously, it's an important discussion that Travis thinks is good to have live on the show, considering how Chris and Travis just constantly talk...

Duration: 00:52:42

My StorYe: Caitlin White, managing editor of Uproxx Music

Caitlin White is the managing editor of Uproxx's music section. She also happens to be wavy as hell because she's a firm believer of the one and only Yeezy. In her StorYe she discusses the impact Kanye West has had on her life and career, why 808s & Heartbreak is her favorite album of all time, and a ton more. This episode is also brought to you by Audible. Go to www.audibletrial.com/wtt to get a free audiobook and test out a 30-day trial with Audible.

Duration: 01:07:56

Guilt Trip - Kanye West, Yeezus

Kanye lives his life...we living ours!!!!!! And ours is pretty dope, because today we're analyzing an extremely underrated Kanye West song, Guilt Trip. Not underrated, like, say, Breathe In Breathe Out is underrated. But underrated like, "Why don't more people consider this to be one of Kanye's best songs?" Because not only would the narrative of Yeezus be complete without it, but the song is also absolutely brimming with creativity and nuance. Listen in as we detail the song that shifts...

Duration: 01:42:50

40 Things We Love About Kanye West For His 40th Birthday

Watching the Throne is finally taking the time to celebrate the greatest national holiday that's ever been blessed upon this great nation of ours: Kanye West's birthday (aka Christmas in June). And Chris and Travis appropriately go overboard by naming their 40 favorite things about the one and only Yeezus. From music videos to tweets to legendary quotes, they attempt to do the tiniest bit of justice for the best 40-year-old 10-year-old the music business. This episode is also brought to...

Duration: 01:59:53

Runaway - Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Do NOT run away as fast as you can. In fact, we suggest you slowly walk towards us instead, take our hands, and follow us into the melancholic, symphonic soundscape known as Runaway. In what may be Chris and Travis' greatest challenge yet, they impossibly attempt to capture the beauty of perhaps Kanye West's greatest song by detailing the manipulative/desperate intentions of Kanye's conversations with his lover, unpacking the relevance and genius of Pusha T's verse, and talking excessively...

Duration: 02:09:21

The Kimye Third Anniversary Special

Bill and Melinda Gates. Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII. Jay Z and Beyonce. Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Come on—we all know why we're here. While countless power couples have graced the earth with their presences over the years, only one couple has given us an AT&T Park engagement, a Florence wedding, those ziplining photos where Kanye is happier than anyone has ever been, the cat Mercy,...

Duration: 01:32:18

Street Lights - Kanye West, 808s & Heartbreak

Let us know...does this podcast still have time to grow? Ratings aren't always set in stone...let us know. Let us... SEEMS LIKE. STREET LIGHTS. GLOWING. HAPPEN TO BE JUST LIKE MAKING. US CRY. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. That's right! Chris and Travis are covering Street Lights, a song many consider to be one of Kanye West's greatest achievements. They get into the the cyclical, repetitive nature of the song; Kanye as a lyricist vs. Kanye as a poet; and the aesthetic power the track holds and...

Duration: 01:17:31

Drunk and Hot Girls - Kanye West, Graduation

For weeks—for years, even—Chris and Travis have been saying it. They're persisted there is more than meets the eye. They have endured the laughter and vitriol that comes with taking such a stance. And today...today is the day they will finally defend that sentiment, that idea, that truth. And that truth is that, dammit, Drunk and Hot Girls is a good song! Seriously. They've detailed the thematic journey that exists on Graduation solely to prove there's more to Drunk and Hot Girls than...

Duration: 01:32:58

The 2017 Kanye West Song Draft

What do Hold My Liquor and Barry Bonds have in common? "Nothing," you say, snorting in that patronizing tone you've developed since listening to our Hold My Liquor episode and discovering the power of Yeezus. Well guess what...YOU'RE WRONG. Because those two songs DO have something in common: They were chosen in Watching the Throne's first ever Kanye West Song Draft. To celebrate the NFL's big day, Chris and Travis each decided to draft their own Kanye West playlists, pitting them against...

Duration: 00:52:09

Addiction - Kanye West, Late Registration

What's your addiction? Is it podcasts? It is Ye? Is it Jay? Well prepare to be afflicted by not one...not two...BUT ALL THREE. Yeah, even in an episode where Chris and Travis dissect Kanye's Late Registration track Addiction, they can't pass up an opportunity to humble-brag about their latest dinner party with Jay Z. But eventually they get into the song, which continues the album's blending of humbled past and overwhelming present through an intriguing, somewhat cryptic narrative. Plus,...

Duration: 01:29:42

I Love Kanye - Kanye West, The Life of Pablo

Oh...you thought we wouldn't discuss I Love Kanye? You thought we'd ignore a song that's shorter than any of the Broke Phi Broke skits? You thought we were above spending an hour and twenty minutes dissecting a one-minute acapella ditty? Oh...wait. You thought there was no double meaning to I Love Kanye? You didn't realize The Life of Pablo is a grand narrative where Kanye is learning to love himself and his family? And that this meta song marks an important turning point in that journey?...

Duration: 01:22:06

We Now Have a Kanye and Depeche Mode Mash-Up, Kanye Lecture Sparks Debate, Kanye Has a Storyline on The Magicians, We Finally Meet Drake and Taylor Swift

Hotline Cream? That can only mean one thing...there's an obnoxious Kanye West news episode for waiting everyone! It's a very special week for WTT, as Drake and Taylor Swift have officially become best friends with Chris and Travis and realized what undeniable geniuses they are. In this episode, Bean and Lamb discuss several weird tiny bits of Kanye news, the songs they would love to see mashed up with Yeezy, and their new, blossoming friendships with two celebrities that can only dream...

Duration: 01:33:23

Glow - Drake & Kanye West

Prepare to get GLOWED UP. That's right, there's a new Kanye song, which means there's a new Watching the Throne episode. For the first time, Chris and Travis are including Drake in the Kanye discussion and dissecting the new track Glow, which explores the promise of celebrity, the repercussions of fame, and why sunblock is important when riding around town with the sunroof down. It's a tiny preview of what the Kanye-Drake collaboration could have been (or might be someday!), which means...

Duration: 01:34:03

Kanye Releases Jewelry Collection, The Life of Pablo Goes Platinum, Kendall Jenner Drops Controversial Pepsi Ad, KImye Discusses Baby No. 3

Real fans. How many of us. How many of us. How many of us—TIME ISSUES. How many of us. How many zealous? Real fans. There are so many of us. We hug each other. But how many waste their days away doing a Kanye podcast? TIME ISSUES. Kanye switched up his style. He can't be bothered, I cannot blame him, for havin' a jewelry line, I ain't got no issues, I'm just doin' my thing—hope he doin' his thing too. Kendall is an awesome sister, improves family reunions. Fuck the Pepsi ad up by...

Duration: 02:01:37

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