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Tired of all the complicated, drawn-out explanations when it comes technology and how it relates to you? Waves of Tech podcast is dedicated to technology and how it influences and impacts your daily life.

Tired of all the complicated, drawn-out explanations when it comes technology and how it relates to you? Waves of Tech podcast is dedicated to technology and how it influences and impacts your daily life.
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Tired of all the complicated, drawn-out explanations when it comes technology and how it relates to you? Waves of Tech podcast is dedicated to technology and how it influences and impacts your daily life.




Intel’s Olympics Drone Show, Olympians Train Using VR And Falcon Heavy

First up, Intel’s impressive drone show during the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony caught the attention of many by setting a new World Record with 1,218 drones flying simultaneously. In preparing for the Olympics many athletes, including the US ski team, utilized virtual reality technology to train and prepare for their events. Falcon Heavy launched last week to much fanfare and celebration, proving that space exploration and scientific discovery is still only in its infancy. To those...


Tesla’s Supercharger Stations And Why Alexa Didn’t Light Up During Super Bowl

The US Justice Department is charging two individuals for their involvement in a highly organized ATM jackpotting scheme for being in possession of over $9,000 cash and devices using for hacking. On the way to Vegas, Tesla has constructed another massive Supercharge power station for its consumers and they continue to build a network of electrical infrastructure. If you are curious why your Amazon Echo or Echo Not did not trigger during the Super Bowl ad it’s because Amazon uses digital...


Microsoft Emergency Update, Amazon HQ2 And Jackpotting

Microsoft issued an emergency update to their softwares after Intel’s buggy Spectre fix caused spontaneous rebooting, data loss, and complete PC failure. In their search to find the perfect location for HQ2, Amazon has narrowed the list of cities to 20. But, many are concerned about the e-commerce giant coming to their city and growing the housing crisis, increasing income inequality, and changing the real estate and affordable housing market. Jackpotting, the hacking scheme that spits out...


Spectre And Meltdown Explained. Amazon Go Opens.

We chatting about the major implications of Spectre and Meltdown. Both of these vulnerabilities in computer security are critical to understand, both from a technical side and a user security side. Spectre and Meltdown tear at the fundamental core of how we build and operate our computing systems over the past twenty years. Amazon Go opened in Seattle with much praise and excitement, showing that a grocery store can function without checkout lines and workers. Microsoft is attempting to...


UberEATS Banned from School, Roku’s Smart Home Investment, and Facebook’s News Feed Change

We are back after a brief hiatus! We dive right into the decision from a high school to ban UberEATS from delivery food to students after it disrupted the classroom setting and created headaches in the office. Roku announced two new technologies that creates a new whole-home integrated home entertainment ecosystem made up of smart TVs, soundbars, voice assistant, and smart speakers. Facebook Pixel is causing major headaches for some users and we breakdown what you can do to fight back...


The Hottest Trends From 1997 And Predictions For 2018

We are diving head first into the New Year with a look back at technology of the past that shaped today’s world and a look forward with some predictions as to what is to come. The year 1997 proved to be very innovative for the technology industry. We experienced Windows 95 Upgrade (startup and access), the Palm Pilot (synchronized data), Netscape (web browser battles), Real Player (music streaming), and much more. Moving into 2018, we throw out predictions related to data hacking, net...


2017 California STEAM Symposium. Part 2

We are featuring conversations with exhibitors from the floor of the 2017 California STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Symposium. With these conversations you will learn about the wide range of products and services in the educational technology industry currently that are shaping the classroom. We connected with companies working directly with the International Space Station, the National Science Foundation, and higher educational institutions. It’s evident the wide...


2017 California STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Symposium. Part 1

On this special edition of The Waves of Tech, we are featuring conversations with organizers and attendees from the 2017 California STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Symposium. With these conversations you will learn a lot about the symposium from a variety of perspectives, such as the importance of collaborating in the educational tech space and the power of professional development. We cover a variety of relevant topics in education - preparing the future workforce,...


Amazon And Google Fighting And Viral Netflix Tweet

Over the weekend, Dave attended the STEAM Symposium with microphone and recorder in hand. Hear about the event and what’s coming the next two episodes. The net neutrality vote is this week and we are all bracing for what the future holds as it is expected that the FCC will rollback regulations governing the access to information and control data via the web. In a juggernaut battle, Amazon and Google are fighting which is hurting the consumers that use both their products and services. We...


Blue Apron’s Ups & Downs And Hybrid Devices Soar

Blue Apron is continue to struggle with costs and profits since their technology IPO filing. The meal kit provider is losing customers but existing customers are spending more on average. The shift from traditional PC to hybrid devices continue. As industries shift focus, so does the market for laptops, detachable Windows-based devices, and Android tablets. With the holidays upon us, we share some fresh ideas for the tech or non-tech lover in the family. Gifts range from set-top boxes, VR...


Net Neutrality Updates And Holiday Tech Help

We are diving into some relevant stories hitting the tech headlines this week. In the biggest news this week, the FCC filed draft papers to essentially kill off existing net neutrality regulations. We provide a very in-depth look into what net neutrality is, what this means for users and business owners, and how our bottom lines may be affected. We share the story of a recreational drone pilot arrested for flying a drone over NFL stadiums in an attempt to drop politically charged leaflets....


Sleep Technology, CBS & Dish Network Clash, DOJ Blocks AT&T / TWC Merger

When a personal health issue arises, we look to technology to help us out. In this specific case, sleep technology is advancing the ability to monitor and improve overall health. If you are a Dish Network customer, beware that blackout may be occurring across the stations of CBS and the two battle through a contract negotiation process. Honda and Facebook are teaming up to reach drivers that have yet to replace their faculty airbag systems by using targeted advertising and matching up...


Travel Tech Adventures And Arizona’s New Smart City

We are diving into all things tech this week sharing the stories and experiences affected the lives of consumers and users of technology. We begin by sharing some personal victories and nightmares of travel tech - including cool apps, nightmare customer service with Hotels.com, and traffic camera technology. Many tech companies and a former CEO, Bill Gates, are investing heavily in a new smart city in Arizona that will be designed from the ground up with high-speed networks, autonomous...


EdTech With Matt Markstone

We are very excited to have Matt Markstone, an Instructional Technology Coordinator and history teacher, join the podcast as the three of us dive into a great conversation about educational technology (EdTech) - what it’s like to be in the trenches of the industry and what it takes for educators and students to succeed. Technology has the ability to dramatically alter the manner in which we teach, learn, and grow. Educators are finding new methods to innovate lesson plans, incorporate...


Letting Amazon In And New Braille Smartwatch

Amazon Key was announced by the online retail giant, which allows customers to authorize access to their homes for the delivery of packages. Letting Amazon into your home could either be safe or completely insane. New advancements in the smartwatch industry are offering those with visually impairments an opportunity to own and operate a Braille integrated device. As customer service continues to take a downward spiral in some tech fields, we are sharing recent service disaster and where...


Wi-Fi Krack Attack, Initial Coin Offerings And Changing Rewards Programs

We have you covered from Wi-Fi attacks to Initial Coin Offerings, from rewards programs to walking while texting. The Krack Attack last week, which focused on hacking a level of Wi-Fi encryption, should not affect many of us but it is good to be educated and understand what happened and how to protect ourselves. The latest trend in startup investment is Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). ICOs are designed around the creation and purchasing of a new cryptocurrency as an investment technique...


Social Media Backlash, Impressive Netflix Growth, and Samsung Invests in Online TV

We are exploring the reality of social media backlash as a restaurant in Tucson is forced to permanently close its doors after sharing politically charged statements on Facebook. With an ever growing subscriber base, Netflix is set to spend $6 billion in 2018 for original programming, creating an increase in pricing and a hand full of questions from us. Samsung is the latest electronics firm to invest heavily in online TV, putting them in the conversation as telecom firms continues to...


The Four Horsemen of Tech

We kick off the show discussing a new book - The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. Find out what makes these companies click and why they have become so profitable and ubiquitous. Microsoft announced that Windows 10 Mobile will no longer be a focus of the company, providing only bug fixes and security updates. Continuing with the farewell tone, we are saying goodbye to AOL Instant Messenger, the once famed and popular chat function in the late 1990s and early...


Tragedy And Technology

September 11, 2001 is without question a terrible time in American history. Before YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, we relied on 24-hour news outlets for updates and information. We remember 9-11 and show the difference 16 years make. In the face of tragedy and natural disaster, we have some great tech tools in our back pockets for use. Facebook’s “Checked In As Safe” feature is an excellent means of communication to inform friends and family of our safety. Drone deployment is second nature...


The Biggest Mistakes in Tech History

Yahoo faces lawsuits over data breaches, the upcoming Apple event, and the biggest mistakes in tech history. Yahoo was ordered by federal courts to face charges related to their massive data breaches from 2013 and 2014, potentially setting precedence in the tech community for cyber security and litigation moving forward. Apple’s September 12 event will be help in the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park, where we expect to hear announcements of a new iPhone, updates to Siri and HomePod, iOS...


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