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Episode 15 - Get Off The Bench and Get In The Game

In Episode 15 Leland and Steve talk about Steve’s new Storm Watching career, giving back and how it always ends up benefiting you in the long run and that you should Get Off the bench and get in the game!


4 - How and Why You Should Forgive Even the Worst Things Done To You

In Episode 14 Leland discusses how and why you should forgive people even when they have done horrible things to you or the ones you love. He breaks down some of the studies that have been done relating to your health and forgiveness.


13 - How To Deal With Losing Your Job

In Episode 13 Steve talks about how to deal with losing your job.


Episode 12 - Who Are You When No One Is Looking? Websites Go Straight To Your Hips, Go Eagles!

In Episode 12 we discuss the question all men should be asking themselves, “Who am I when no one is looking?” and how do you not beat yourself up over the fact that you have to check in with yourself periodically to ensure you are morally staying on track? Of course on Super Bowl Sunday, we couldn’t go without talking about the Patriots and the Eagles! There’s some other good stuff in there too.


We Are Better Men - Episode 11 - He was abused in Foster Homes, Bullied in School, Is now a proud father and becoming Canada’s first Wheelchair Boxer

In episode 11 we interview Charles Hilton, a man bound to his wheelchair due to Cerebral Palsy, and his manager Sean Morris. Charles is Canada’s first Wheelchair boxer and is preparing to head over to the UK for his first official boxing match. But he isn’t new to adversity of this magnitude. In 2012 Charles and his wife (who also has Cerebral Palsy) set precedence in the Supreme Court of Canada by convincing the Children’s Aid (social services) in Toronto that they could raise their so...


We Are Better Men - Episode 10 - A Politician Turns on his Party, the legalization of marijuana and how to deal with people who bail

In Episode 10 of the We Are Better Men Podcast Leland and Steve talk about a politician in Steve’s riding turning on his party without notice, the legalization of marijuana in both Canada and the US and how to deal with people who bail on you.


We Are Better Men - Episode 9 - Interview with Country Rapper (Hick Hopper) Charlie Farley

In episode 9 Leland interviews Charlie Farley, a top of the charts “Country Rapper” or “Hick-Hopper” on his raise to stardom, family life, retiring and coming back and everything in between.


We Are Better Men - Episode 8 - The Hawaii Bomb Scare & How To Get Through Life’s Hardest Times

In this episode Leland and Steve talk about the politicization and the Hawaii Bomb Alert Scare and Steve talks about how he gets through some of life’s hardest times.


We Are Better Men - Episode 7 - What is a Libertarian? Preparing your body for War & Sharting

In episode 7 Steve and Leland talk about getting sick over the Christmas Break, Preparing your body for war, libertarian politics and sharting.


We Are Better Men - Episode 6 - Hey Dad…

In 2017 we set up an anonymous mailbox and allowed men to call in and leave voice messages for their fathers. some of the messages were heart breaking, others were inspirational beyond belief.


We Are Better Men - Episode 5 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas from Ernest and Chevy Chase

In episode 5 Steve Tillman and Leland Dieno discuss their favourite childhood christmas’ traditions, movies and a bunch of other great stuff! Merry Xmas!


We Are Better Men - Episode 4 - #MeToo, 2017: The year of sexual assault accusations, Dina Rae and Hector Lorenzo owner of CryptoDads on BitCoin

In episode 004 of the We Are Better Men Podcast Steve Tillman and Leland Dieno chat about #metoo, and 2017 being the year of the sexual assault & rape accusations. We also interview Dina Rae, who sang on many of Eminem’s songs, has gone independent and is now working on a project with Will.I.Am. We chat about what success means to her and how she has maintained a successful career as a r&b, pop and hip hop artist. Lastly, we talk to Hector Lorenzo the owner of #CryptoDads, a company that...


We Are Better Men - Episode 3 - Being a Rapper, Broken Foot, Fade out of Sadness, Black Family Apparel, Dads in Family Court and setting up a drunk driver who fled the scene of an accident

In this episode Steve Tillman and Leland Dieno talk about Steve breaking his foot, Leland’s Hip Hip Hop career in the early 2000’s and fathers in family court. We also interview Nicole J Soule, author of the book “Fade out of Sadness” about overcoming depression and anxiety + an interview with Mike Dorsey the founder of “Black Family Apparel”. Lastly, Leland talks to Corey, a guy in Canada who helped the cops set up a drunk driver who fled from the scene of an accident.


We Are Better Men - Episode 2 - The Business Of Hunting, Stupid Teenage Sh*t, Good Books and Making a Fortune on Amazon

In this episode Steve Tillman and Leland Dieno discuss good books they are reading, their faith, stupid things they did as teenagers that they regret and a bunch of other awesomeness. A couple dad jokes make into this episode as well! They also interview Tim Clark, owner and operator of Red Dog Outfitters in Kansas who primarily hunt Deer and Turkey. Leland talks to Tim about Fatherhood, Hunting and Cecil the Lion, and lastly an interview with Lesley Desmond, the owner of River Bend...


We Are Better Men - Episode 1 - High Conflict Personalities, Professional Footballer and more…

Introduction to the podcast, and interviews with Author, Lawyer, Mediator and Therapist Bill Eddy on his book “High Conflict People in Legal Disputes”, Discussion with Certified Life Coach Steve Tillman and lastly an interview with retired professional football player Dean Valli on work ethic, his career in football and his business venture.