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We Discuss Things Episode 011: The 2017 Writies Awards

For our eleventh episode we've introduced a new feature... bearable sound quality! We're going to discuss all the best things of 2017, and award the best of the best with our first ever series of awards, the Writies! What was our best pizza of 2017? Our most enjoyable cinematic moment? Who needed a whambulance after the most sick burn of 2017? You can only find out by listening to our longest episode yet!

Duration: 02:16:52

We Discuss Things Episode 010: The One With The Gifts

Celebrate the well deserved death of 2017 with your lovable buds from We Write Things, in this, our most tenth podcast of all time! We discuss so many things, including but certainly not limited to: those crazy Holidays, that company we worked at that must not be named, Italian food flavored potato crisps, Classic British desserts, driving to LA, the most delicious holiday meals... and so much more.

Duration: 01:59:22

We Discuss Things Episode 009

Welcome to another fantastic Discussion of the Things! We can't believe it either, Steve is back! Sit back, grab a snack or two, and listen in as we talk about which pies are best, which Mario outfits are best, which holiday specials are best, and many more bests!

Duration: 01:40:57

We Discuss Things Episode 008

Welcome to a very (almost) spooky Friday the 13th episode of We Discuss Things! We discuss what we'd dress up as to gather sweets in the cold, cold CO weather, nostalgia that's been lost to time, the two most haunted squares ever, how we'd fare in a monster movie, and probably some more nonsense if we feel like it! Join us, and be prepared to be not-quite-but-almost-nearly-terrified!

Duration: 01:22:47

We Discuss Things Episode 007

Look, listen to this this. A pandemonium of Discussers returns, and we're talking about movies, movies and MORE movies. It's movie season! We also talk about giving gifts, being scared of the spookies, and much more! So if you're one of our ten of listeners, sit back, relax, and delight yourself with nearly two hours of hearty discussion.

Duration: 07:56:37

We Discuss Things Episode 006

We're a person short this week, but we're going to discuss things no matter what! Join the We Write Things crew as we talk about naming cars, Buffy, Chemical Elements, Buffy, catching up on TV over the summer, Buffy, lunch disasters, Buffy, and a lot more!

Duration: 01:27:36

We Discuss Things Episode 005

The We Write Things crew are back in another new location, and we have more whispered words worthy of your attention! Join us as we play 'Are You Even Trying', slip into conversational tangent after tangent, discuss what we love in a console, and ponder some of our favorite things!

Duration: 01:22:04

We Discuss Things Episode 004

It's been a long time, and you need your We Discuss Things fix... so we're back with one hundred and one minutes (!) of pure discussion GOLD to pour into your ears. Join us as we talk about and rank Disney Movies, play a game that involves the most elaborate plot synopsis EVER, the chemical wizardry that allows a taco to ALSO be a chip, how much we love dongles, and much, much more! I'm John Wick, and I present We Discuss Things episode 004!

Duration: 01:48:12

We Discuss Things Episode 003

Back for a third time? Well, have we got a show for you! Steve guides us through the entertainment quagmire that is E3... and we only get sidetracked for murder and high school! And what about those Rabbids, huh? And don't get us started on reality TV, yikes!

Duration: 01:32:48

We Discuss Things Episode 001

Welcome to the very first We Discuss Things podcast, from the creative minds behind WeDiscuss™ the latest movies, TV shows and games, as well as bizarre topics, such as butter making and cannibalism.

Duration: 01:15:07

We Discuss Things Episode 002

Wow, we made another one! Join the team, as we try to figure out how exactly to make a podcast... and this time we're more successful! We discuss the problems with prequels, Baywatch, the Upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo, Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, strange potato chip flavors, and more!

Duration: 01:27:43