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WDEK Podcast Ep. 56: Mike Stuto, Jennie Reilly Romer & Chaney Sims - Oct. 24, 2017

Episode 56 is a momentous occasion, with the news that HiFi will close at the end of October 2017, this is the last time we will tape our show in our beloved home space. Currently we are looking for another home and expect to return to a new space live in front of an audience in January of 2018. Christian & Shonali open the show with quality conversation about bunions, butts and adult day care. Our first guest is lawyer, environmental activist and national carryout bag expert Jennie Reilly...

Duration: 01:30:10

Ep. 55: Catie Lazarus, George Gordon & Lori Scacco

Welcome back Christian! The news today bummed us out to no end so we had to talk about it. Christian went to Haiti and all he brought back was the Missing Key Story. Our first guest is comedian, writer and Employee of the Month talk show host Catie Lazarus. Catie is an expert on germs in the gym. Christian is one on airplane germs. Catie grew up in DC with a Public Policy White House advisor father and a peace activist brother. Find out how a doctoral student becomes the "funniest resident...

Duration: 03:08:37

WDEK Podcast Ep. 54: Danny Cohen, Kelly Reidy, Heather Fink & Miyuki Furtado - July 25, 2017

Shonali's special guest co-host is comedian Danny Cohen, her favorite FB live video maker! Guests include scientist Kelly Reidy, filmmaker Heather Fink and musician Miyuki Furtado. "The Summer of Shonali and Danny" thus far has included a trip to a cemetery in the Berkshires and eating lots of snacks. Danny was banned from Facebook. WDEK's first guest is scientist & indie songstress Kelly Reidy. Say "theoretical condensed matter" three times real fast. Kelly is a Museum Hack tour guide and...

Duration: 02:38:32

WDEK Podcast Ep. 53: Becky Yamomoto, Mars Ganito and Mike DuClos - June 27, 2017

We return from our two month break after our WDEK Variety Fest with a Sizzling Summer Show - SSS show - BAM! Is it still considered alliteration if the words start with the same letter although letter doesnt have the same sound - Sss vs sh? Will you look that up for us? While Christian is away, our special guest host this month is a longtime friend of WDEK; the multi talented (musician, illustrator and writer) Mr. Marcellus Hall! Our first guest is comedian, writer & actress Becky...

Duration: 02:07:41

WDEK Variety Fest - Duane Harriott interviews Alfa Anderson

Our first ever We Don't Even Know Variety Fest held on April 23, 2017 at DCTV in downtown Manhattan was a smashing success! To all of you who were able to attend - we love you and because of you we are certain to do it all over again next year. Although we won't be able to share all of the performances via our podcast format from that day, we are honored to share with you our dear friend, a living music encyclopedia, WFMU's Duane (Train) Harriott and his interview with soul and dance music...

Duration: 00:38:06

WDEK Podcast Ep. 51: Colin Buckingham, Selena Coppock & M. Lamar - March 27, 2017

Returning from Hawaii to a blizzard has Shonali feeling down. Leave it to Christian to come up with a story about his jacket to cheer her up. The Get Out of A Funk episode starts out with special guest actor & performer Colin Buckingham. Shonali is impressed with Colin's stage combat skills which he has had to use in real life. Do you know what a "half nelson" is? If you want to fight a drunk person "take out their knees." Colin has a achondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism. We discuss...

Duration: 01:27:50

WDEK Podcast Ep. 50: Negin Farsad, Mike Recine & Beth Wawerna - Feb. 28, 2017

We celebrate our 50th Episode of WDEK on Mardi Gras with party horns, beads and great guests. Shonali shares a feel good story about a NYC cabbie. Christian gives us his take on rules for shushing at the movie theater. We have new WDEK T-Shirts for sale at the show and now online. Our first guest is a comedian, writer, filmmaker, author, Ted Fellow...the list goes on and on, Negin Farsad. She made a film which came out in 2014 called The Muslims Are Coming which follows a group of...

Duration: 02:13:44

Ep. 49: Amber Tamblyn, Damien Lemon & Ani Cordero - Jan. 3,2017

Happy New Year All! Christian and Shonali have brand new haircuts and new resolutions. A familiar audience member has lots to say about our resolutions. Our first guest is actress, writer, poet and director Amber Tamblyn. She comes to us with a Guinness in hand and a baby bump. We discuss her busy schedule this past year which includes a 50+ city tour promoting her own poetry book Dark Sparkler about the lives & deaths of child star actresses. She toured along with her husband comedian...

Duration: 01:23:38

Ep. 48: John Roberts Jr. & Eleanor Friedberger - Nov. 29, 2016

It's a rainy night in NYC, only a few weeks after the election and our mood has taken a turn for the "what the hell happened?" Christian does in fact return to the show after a two month absence. He brings us stories regarding cologne and Shonali shares her important scientific findings as to why the election turned out the way it did. Christian and Shonali been longtime fans of both of our Ep. 49 guests! Our first guest is comedian, John Roberts Jr. who is gay (don't worry - he's out) and...

Duration: 01:06:40

Ep. 47: Jeffrey Joseph, Amanda Duarte, Tyson Meade & Nimesh Patel - Oct. 25, 2016

Comedian Nimesh Patel fills and special guest co-host for our spooky October 2016 edition of We Don't Even Know. How Indian do you believe Shonali and Nimesh are? They wonder if anyone really cares. Their first guest is comedian, actor, writer and teacher Jeffrey Joseph. What does he not do? We find out why he left a successful career in comedy to destress himself for ten years and what made him come back. Besides performing standup regularly, he teaches playwriting to youth and knows qi...

Duration: 01:33:09

Ep. 46: Tessa Hersh, Adam Wade, Yazan Fahmawi and Jordan Clifford - Sept. 27, 2016

While Christian is away, Jordan Clifford, comedian, producer, actor is our special guest co-host on Episode 46 of We Don't Even Know. Jordan Shonali and Jordan are in need of new outgoing voice mail messages. Jordan has the look - he has a beard. Our first guest is performer, teacher, writer, singer, actress, comedian Tessa Hersh, who along with all of her creative endeavors is currently happily teaching teachers. Our intern Justin Hall shares a highlight from his father's experience as a...

Duration: 02:27:09

Ep. 45: Christy Karacas, Jodie Wasserman and Ted Leo

Christian and Shonali talk beach time in NYC, Buddha and getting waxed. Our first guest on Ep. 45 is animator, creator and director of Adult Swim's Superjail, Christy Karacas. Christy jumps right in on waxing and how the new normal in art is trying to be weird. #NothingIsEdgy Christy was a student at RISD and now teaches there. It's expensive now and kids are mellow. Christian & Shonali chime in regarding the DNC convention. Christian appreciates our first lady, Michelle Obama and how she...

Duration: 01:44:56

Ep. 44: Amber Tozer, Cole Escola and Brad Lauretti of This Frontier Needs Heroes

Christian & Shonali quickly admit to things they never have before in their newest segment called Admissions. The show is packed and hot, literally due to the fact that it is late June but also the lineup is yet again hawt with first guest comedian, performer, actor, writer Cole Escola in his summer wear: white denim cutoffs. Cole talks with us about growing up in rural Clatskanie, Oregon surrounded by a prison of trees, following a boyfriend to NYC, getting a tv series at a very young...

Duration: 01:39:03

EP. 43 - Kim Barker, Sasheer Zamata & Holly Miranda - May 31, 2016

We catch up with Christian who auditioned to become a hand model & Shonali who returned from her honeymoon in Peru. Their new segment GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST is now open to audience members. Please share your rants with us on stage at the next show. We will rap right along with you. Highlights of Ep. 43 include Christian's first time receiving a mani-pedi and Shonali's new fluency in Spanish. WDEK's first guest is journalist, NY Times reporter and author of the Taliban Shuffle, Kim Barker....

Duration: 01:21:14


Mr. Goatee (Christian) and Ms. Zenni (Shonali) have a new segment called Get It Off Your Chest. Christian can not beat box. We talk cheese shops, fire drills and self-hate. Our first guest is Antonia Santangelo, a multi-talented PhD Anthropology candidate, an archeology teacher, a Zumba instructor, a student of Krav Maga and a percussionist for Tigers & Monkeys. Whew! Antonia is tough. She comes from a long line of short & strong women. She does way too much and loves it. Check out her new...

Duration: 01:39:51

Ep. 41 - Starlee Kine, Janeane Garofolo & Mark Nadler - March 29, 2016

It's March and 2016 is full in effect. Christian and Shonali get some serious things off their chests. The Man Bun (more like a Man Bud) phenomenon sweeping the country irritates Shonali. An audience member explains the origin of the man bud hair-do came from. Christian is heckled at his own dinner party. By the way the heckler is back! Christian talks tupperware. Our first guest, Starlee Kine, is the creator and host of the #1 iTunes podcast Mystery Show. Starlee in her best vintage NBC...

Duration: 02:01:37

Ep. 40: Kendra Cunningham, Patrick Waldo and Felice Rosser

Christian is back from Brazil with a new goatee. Shonali talks for a little too long to an alkaline water saleslady at Whole Foods. Christian coins the name of a new segment for WDEK called Shit People Say. Our first guest, Kendra Cunningham is a comedian originally from Boston. She is an actress, filmmaker, bartender and former forensics psychologist. Her mom is stylie and loves garage sales. Kendra doesn't like dating per se and is in a relationship. Kendra handled being interrupted by a...

Duration: 01:36:07

Ep. 39: Roger Clark, Patricia Clarkson & Matt Higgins w Guest host Katina Corrao - Jan. 26, 2016

Happy New Year everyone! We dive into 2016 with special guest co-host comedian Katina Corrao along with our special guests: NY1's Roger Clark, super star actress Patricia Clarkson and comedian/actor Matt Higgins. Our venue for our podcast is HiFi bar in the East Village and it was filled with guests ancy to get out of their homes after being cooped up over the weekend due to Jonas, the second biggest recorded snow storm in NYC. Shonali touches on the loss of David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Clarence...

Duration: 01:27:03

Ep. 38 - David Cross, Dolly Wells & Will Sheff - Dec. 29, 2015

This is Christian and Shonali's last WDEK of 2015. They had a great 2015 BUT the Happy Holidays weren't so happy for one of their audience members who thinks Shonali and Christian are too positive. Ep. 38 first guest is comedian, actor, writer and director David Cross. David has maintained his success for a long time. Shonali believes David's success has something to do with promptly answering emails. Which do you think is David's favorite thing to do: stand up, acting, editing, writing, or...

Duration: 01:40:36

Ep. 37 - Marina Franklin, Howard Altmann & Schaffer the Darklord - Nov. 24, 2015

On this special Thanksgiving WDEK episode 37, Christian and Shonali talk to comedian/actress Marina Franklin about working in a writers' room (HBO's Divorce), is it actually better for women in comedy today and dating in New York City. Have you heard of the dating app Bumble? Marina likes Chicago house music and has her own podcast called Friends Like Us which features women of color discussing various hot topics of the day. Look for Marina in the film Trainwreck! Special guest Howard...

Duration: 01:29:23

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