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How Can We Fix This? Ep 48 - Bulding Bridges

Marty and Jonathan have some bridges that need to be mended. For the last couple of episodes cracks have been showing on once solid foundations and this week they look to tend to them.

Duration: 00:32:07

Have We Crossed the Line? Ep 20 - Baltimore Improv Group Kickstarter

Marty and Jonathan are in the final stretch of the Baltimore Improv Group’s Kickstarter. They get a chance to speak to many members of the community who helped get their new theater up and running for the grand opening.

Duration: 00:42:33

Is This How It Ends? Ep 107 - The Truth

Jonathan is finally getting things off his chest. He opens up about the episode that finally did Marty and him in. What a journey it has been.

Duration: 00:16:14

*Insert question here* Ep ^*# - O̸̫̠͈̤͇͑̃͗͝n̴̨̩̥͓̞̉̍ë̴̢̯͉͓̬̫̣͉̭͍̩̘́̈́̀͂̈́̓̋̅̏̏̈́͛̀͜͜ͅ ̶̧̘̖͇͙̘̜̠̯͉͎͉̹͊̀͐̕M̶̨̛͈̘͇̥͍̻̽̐̒̒̿͛͒͗͒̾̀̔͘͜o̷̰̺͎̬̽̔̎̇͂̅͊̈́͘͘̚͠ṇ̵̲̞̤̝̳̦̘̱͎̔̽̈́́͆̑͛͆̌̿̈́̕͝t̷͙͎̿̏͛̃̋̉̈́̀̍͝ḩ̸̧̱̯̘̜͚̭͈̇̑̏̈̃̅̎̀̏̀̀͝͠ ̸̠͖̼̀̔A̸̱̜͍͕̪̝̬̟̤̳̅̐͛͑ẅ̸̧̧̧̛̛͍̟̿̓̽̀̎̓ͅa̶͒͛̀͛̊̋̚

This is the content section. Jonathan or Marty will update this section before posting. Be sure to post a synopsis of the episode.

Duration: 00:19:46

What Time Is It? Ep 1527 - Genghis Khan and Bill

Jonathan and Marty have gone back in time to create a two person squad to face each other in the arcade classic Joust. Now in 1527, the group look to fine the world's greatest jouster and possibly a real dragon.

Duration: 00:29:55

Where's the Coffee? Ep 61 - To Frederick or Bust

Marty and Jonathan are on the road this week to Frederick Maryland for the Comedy Pigs Summer Extravaganza with Hostel. Learn what makes a gathering an extravaganza, how much coffee one person can actually consume, and fun facts about Goldfish crackers.

Duration: 00:43:50

How Do You Say Goodbye? Ep 45 - Bye Bye Sean Latta

Marty and Jonathan wish a found farewell to friend Sean Latta. What does Sean expect to see in New York and what will he miss most in Baltimore. This contributor to the show finally gets his comeuppances.

Duration: 00:42:51

What Are You Looking At? Ep 36 - Cecilia Lopez-Cruz

This week, Marty and Jonathan talk to Cecilia Lopez-Cruz about the world of missing milk carton people. How does big orange juice play a role in the fascinating world of missing people bounty hunting. Also, another exhilarating round of I Spy.

Duration: 00:36:17

What Do The Pros Say? Ep 68- Otakon 2017

Marty and Jonathan have two separate events to go to this week. While Marty is going to John Hopkins for a study, Jonathan is going to Otakon 2017 to talk to cosplayers. Jonathan is out to find if there is money to be made in cosplaying.

Duration: 00:30:50

What's Cooking? Ep 40 - David Bakes You Bread

Jonathan and Marty loaf around the kitchen with urban pirate and semi-pro bread baker David Lustig to learn what drives his passion for bread, and whether he can help them make a good bake of their own. Get your own loaf from David at davidbakesyoubread.com!

Duration: 00:38:31

Hot Enough For You? Ep 4 - Artscape 2017

Marty and Jonathan brave the heat for the 2017 Artscape. They discuss the importance of sauna use during the summer. Also, how far does the gas company hands go into all aspects of government?

Duration: 00:23:13

How's Your Summer Going? Ep 15 - Prof. H Y Paperstacks

Marty and Jonathan get to the bottom of what makes the perfect Snoball for the summer time and can you have to much marshmallow. Also, learn about what is a good sauce to go on and with hot wings.

Duration: 00:34:22

Do You Call That Art? Ep 25 - Nude Self Portraits w/ Trisha

Marty and Jonathan take the next step in Jonathan's journey of self portraits. They bring in world renowned self portrait artist Trisha to discuss the process of an amazing portrait.

Duration: 00:33:56

Do You Call That Food? Ep 30- Author Doug Chetterson

Marty and Jonathan learn the math and science behind Taco Bell. Thanks to Author Doug Chetterson, they are able to learn more about the standard for late night dining.

Duration: 00:28:22

Will You Pass Go? Ep 88 - Day Vatell w/ Wokeopoly

Marty and Jonathan continue their mission to find the fresh new Monopoly game. This week, they bring in Day Vatell who is a huge fan of Monopoly. Our hosts have boarded a car on the B&O railroad and are heading around the board. Will this game pass go?

Duration: 00:33:57

Who Wore It Best? Ep 78 - Euro Vogue's Georgina VanSumting

Marty and Jonathan went all in with this week's episode. You can breath a little easier with this romper-less episode. The Editor of Euro Vogue is on to talk about the new fashion season and where do political fashion trends start.

Duration: 00:30:31

Who's The Boss? Ep 23 - The Big Sloth Man Joel Murphy

It's time for Marty and Jonathan's performance review. Joel Murphy, the founder of the Peak Sloth Network, is here to give his thoughts and opinions on how the show is going. Our hosts get a chance to also review Joel's show and abilities as the head of the network.

Duration: 00:35:09

How Will You Be Remembered? Ep 19 - Maude and Mordy with a D

Jonathan and Marty continue to find ways to cement their legacy in the world. This week they speak to Maude and Mordy about the importance of post-its, take a penny, cardboard, and showers. Take notes, just so you can remember all of these amazing tips.

Duration: 00:31:56

Where's The Exit? Ep 32 - The App Doctor Ralphia Zuckerberg

Jonathan and Marty discuss the long arc of the career of the man, the myth, the legend, the App Doctor. They also play The Fishbowl with your app ideas.

Duration: 00:32:39

Is It Worth the Hassle? Ep 91- Annabellesley Ckenneddie

Jonathan and Marty sit down with the author of "Take the Rude out of Crudités" to talk about the pending summer wedding season.

Duration: 00:37:58

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