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We RRR Legends! the Unofficial DC Legends Podcast!

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Ep 7: PVP changes, analyze Nightwing & the Joker DG, and PVP Tier rankings

In this episode of We RRR Legends, the unofficial Podcast to DC Legends Mobile, we discuss all the news, including the huge PvP changes, deep dive into Nightwing & The Joker: Damaged Goods, and do the next segment into our PvP tier rankings! Nightwing Legendary order: Outside leader: 3,1,4,2,5 If leader: 3,1,4,5,2. If leader best with characters that start invisible or can be inviso quickly like HGDS, Catwoman, Batman CC, Mirror Master, CAGA. Ideal at L3. Joker, Clown Prince: Legendary...

Duration: 00:32:06

Ep 6: Deep dive into Penguin, Bane, Red Hood and updated PvP tier rankings!

In this episode of We RRR Legends, the unofficial Podcast to DC Legends Mobile, we do a deep dive of Penguin, Bane, and Red Hood, discussing the varying legendary orders and what teams best fit them. We also discuss my updated PvP tier rankings, starting with Rework Please tier! Penguin - The order I would likely recommend early would be 4,1,3,2,5 --- don't hold me to that though as not enough play testing has been done to really feel confident on it. I have some videos if you check out...

Duration: 00:32:55

Ep 5: Let's get physical! New Dec content and MSF vs DCL!

In this episode of We RRR Legends! The unofficial Podcast to DC Legends Mobile, we discuss the new December content (the meta busting Red Hood, Penguin, Joker rework, and Bane rework!), how Marvel Strike Force compares to DC Legends and how it will impact the game, as well as a deep dive on Dr. Fate and Cyborg! Special thanks to bam(ÒᵧÓ)bam for his assistance with the Joker: Clown Prince of Crime videos. Did you like the show? Please give us support at:

Duration: 00:25:27

Thanksgiving Special! Our greatest hits!

In this special edition of We RRR Legends, the unofficial podcast to DC Legends Mobile,we review some of our greatest moments and bust out some recovered audio of the missing "lost episode!" We hope you enjoy and have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Watch with full video:

Duration: 00:06:56

Ep 4: Best way to farm gear & Steppenwolf deep dive!

In this episode of We RRR Legends! The unofficial Podcast to DC Legends Mobile, we discuss the latest news, the best way to farm gear, Scraecrow, and a deep analysis of Steppenwolf! Special thanks to Lootboy9000, Ogrebarbarian, and DaPingman for their assistance in the gear farming analysis. Steppenwolf Legendary order: 4,1,2,5/3 -OR- 4,1,3,5,2 if you like the counter attack, use at your own risk. First two are the most important, the last three or more personal preference and teams you...

Duration: 00:38:09

We RRR Legends! Episode 3 - the lost episode.

We want to apologize for this show. Slowbeast had a hissy fit over my terrible audio and after hours of trying to edit it to be "studio quality" he messed it up, forgot to save a back up, then destroyed it beyond any return. Here is a short clip of some of the topics etc. We promise that next week we will have an extra long show including all the stuff we missed and some new great content. I am on vacation next week and have since gotten my audio fixed, so we will be good to go! Thanks all...

Duration: 00:03:16

We RRR Legends! Ep 2: 1 Year anniversary, TDK, Aquamoa, & DS nerf discussion!

We RRR Legends Episode 2! In this episode we discuss: DC Legends 1 Year anniversary, Alliance mission changes, Batman TDK analysis, Aqumoa analysis, and should Deathstroke be nerfed? Videos of 16k teams crushing 29k teams at time stamp 16:30 on the YouTube version which will be up in a few hours. Listen to the show at: iTunes- Google Play-...

Duration: 00:32:29

We RRR Legends! The unofficial DC Legends Mobile Podcast! Episode 1

Welcome to We RRR Legends! This is the first episode of our unofficial DC Legends Mobile Podcast! Starring Hatemael & Slowbeast! In this episode we discuss: November content, analysis on Wonder Woman PoT, the new characters, the state of the meta, and gear farming. We will be releasing this Podcast weekly. Please let us know what you liked, what we should change, and what you want to see in the future. Thanks for listening! Help support us at Twitter:...

Duration: 00:25:35