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We Speak English Good. Can't you tell. Share our stories, games, insults, and good times with awesome people.




Episode 90 - San Diego OysterFest w/ Dam Funk Part 1

On this episode of W.S.E.G. we head into the San Diego Oyster Festival ( http://www.oysterfest.me/san-diego )and listen to a live performance from Progressive Funk artist, Dam Funk (http://www.dam-funk.com/ ). This was originally recorded on June 10 2017 in San DIego Ca and was totally a bad ass show! Get the funk out of here and write the show at: wespeakenglishgood@gmail.com wespeakenglishgood.net

Duration: 00:57:48

Episode 89 - w/ Craig and Ben of The Verigolds

On this episode of W.E.S.G. we sit down with Ben and Craig of The Verigolds ( https://www.theverigolds.com/ ) . We Talk about and listen to their latest single "Walk on Water", working with backing tracks, and democracy within the band. Go to reinamystique.com and check out all the cool stuff happening and stuff! Take off those girl pants and write the show at wespeakenglishgood@gmail.com wespeakenglishgood.net

Duration: 02:10:11

Episode 86 - w/ Matt Smith & Louis Venezuela

On this episode of We Speak English Good, Matt Smith and Louis Venezuala return to the show to talk shop. We talk about Matts new album, recording with grammy award winners, and Louis' random ass planet. We also listen to a couple of tracks off of themattsmithneujazztrio's new album I.Am.Calm ( https://themattsmithneujazztrio.bandcamp.com/ ). We listen to Dependence and the tittle track I.Am.Calm. *** Note *** On the Show we introduce inter but we meant "Dependence" Go to reinamystique.com...

Duration: 01:04:00

Episode 85 - California Roots Festival 2017 part 2

On this episode of W.S.E.G. we hear part 2 of the the Cal Roots festival 2017 https://californiarootsfestival.com . We hear live performances from Sitar Power http://ashwinbatish.com and Stick Figure https://www.stickfiguremusic.com . Go to reinamystique.com and sign up for the patreon and support Mike E.P. As he travels the country in his van! Join Jah Army and write the show at: Wespeakenglishgood@gmail.com Wespeakenglishgood.net

Duration: 01:00:18

Episode 84 - California Roots Fest 2017 Part 1

On this weeks episode of W.S.E.G. we hear part 1 of 3 of the California Roots Festival 2017 ( https://californiarootsfestival.com ). This week we hear from The Late Ones ( http://www.thelateones.com ) and Common Kings ( https://commonkings.com ). Plus, we go back stage and have a little chat with The Late Ones! Go to reinamystique.com and sign up for the patreon and support! Get Rootsy and write the show at: Wespeakenglishgood@gmail.com Wespeakenglish.net

Duration: 00:44:46

Episode 82 w/ Brian Repac, Tony Econom, & Oskar Beckmann

On this episode of W.S.E.G we sit down with our old pals Brian Repac and Tony Econom! They bring along with them a new friend and bass player Oskar Beckmann. We shoot the breeze about breaking into a new science as a working musician, theory, and being Mexican. Find our guest: @blrr21088 @tonyeconom @oskar.beckmann Follow us on insta: @wespeakenglishgood Fly your freak flag and write the show: Wespeakenglishgood@gmail.com

Duration: 01:51:25

Episode 81 w/ Robert Timothy & Damian Mercado of the Science Faction Podcast

On this episode of W.S.E.G. we sit down with the boys of the Science Faction Podcast( http://roberttimothy.podbean.com/) . Robert is an archaeologist and Damien is a stand up comic, together, they make one of the funniest, yet, informative podcast ever in the whole wide universe and beyond.... We talk about The "god" particle, fake science, and Damien channels a dead scientist. Find the podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/science-faction/id816090927?mt=2 Discover the...

Duration: 02:02:28

Episode 80 w/ David Stranger of Stranger

On this weeks episode, of We speak English Good, we chat it up with our friend David stranger. David stranger is best known as the front man and face of the Stranger Band ( http://www.strangerband.com ). Stranger is a San Diego staple in the reggae music scene. We talked to David about touring extensively, Utah, and the reggae scene here in San Diego California. Also, David gives an amazing in studio performance. Find Davids other project Hummingbird Hotel:...

Duration: 01:39:41

Episode 79 w/ Scott Tournet & Ty Kiernan of Elektric Voodoo

On this episode of W.S.E.G we talk to Scott and Ty of Elektric Voodoo ( https://www.elektricvoodoo.com ). Scott Tournet is best known for being the lead guitarist in The nocturnals and has toured extensively all over the world. Ty Kiernan is a world class percussionist and is a staple in the San Diego music community. On this episode we talk to them about the inception of Elektric Voodoo and how they crafted a sound that Host Mike E.P. Describes as "If Fela Kuti banged the Black Keys and...

Duration: 02:12:21

Episode 78 - Vancast VII w/ Arise Roots Live at The Date Shed

On this episode of W.S.E.G we Travel to Indio Ca to witness Arise Roots http://www.ariseroots.com/ live at The Date Shed http://www.dateshedmusic.com on May 6th 2017. Go for early retirement and write the show: wespeakenglishgood@gmail.com Check out the website: wespeakenglishgood.net

Duration: 00:42:07

Episode 77 - Vancast VI w/ Skanks Roots Project ,Raggamuffin Radio, & Wasted Noise

On this episode of We Speak English Good we have our very first simulcast with Raggamuffin Radio ( http://the360radio.com & https://www.facebook.com/RaggamuffinRadio/?ref=br_rs ) in Sacramento Ca. Skanks Roots Project joins host, Norcalchika ( @norcalchika ), and talk about their new album, how they met, and production. Also, we here from our friends Wasted Noise ( https://www.facebook.com/wastednoisemusic/ ) live from the Blue Lamp in Sac. Pull out a thought and send it to the show at:...

Duration: 01:03:21

Episode 76 - w/ Jack Grubb & Gabriel Valentin

On this episode of We Speak English Good we sit down with Jack Grubb and Gabriel Valentin. Jack Grubb is a writer/performer on Tonight in San Diego (https://www.tonightinsandiego.com/), Improv artist, and musician. Gabriel Valentin is the creator of Digital Lizards of Doom, an expierimental electro pop sci-fi band (dlodworld.com). We talk about improv, comic books, and comedy. Also, we listen to a track of DLOD's E.P. Dizzy Eko Makeover. Find Jack: Twitter and IG @thejackgrubb...

Duration: 02:12:44

Episode 75 - w/ Tonga Ross-ma'u, Ricky Giordano, & Tim "Figg" Newton of Bomb Squad

On this week's episode, of We Speak English Good, we are joined by the band Bomb Squad(https://www.facebook.com/BombSquadSD/). The Band consist of Keyboardist/Multi-instrumentalist Tonga Ross-Ma'u (https://www.tongarossmau.com/home), Guitarist Ricky Giordano (https://www.facebook.com/ricky.giordano.5), and Drummer Tim "Figg" Newton (https://www.facebook.com/tim.f.newt/). Together they make up a power trio that spans progressive Funk fusion and everything in between. We talk Hendrix,...

Duration: 01:35:19

Episode 74 - Brown-Cast II

On this episode of We Speak English Good we sit down with a Black Guy, an Asian, A white dude, and a Half Mexican to talk about bacon wrapped burritos, race, and TV! This is Brown-Cast the sequel! To Do List for After the show: Go to reinamystique.com and subscribe for updates via the email list. Get racey and write the show: wespeakenglishgood@gmail.com Leave a review on itunes if you wish: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/we-speak-english-good/id1050508321?mt=2 Check out the website...

Duration: 03:18:33

Episode 73 w/ Bad Habbit

On this episode of We Speak English Good we are joined by Rapper Bad Habbit ( https://soundcloud.com/smokebreakrecords )We talk about his up coming album, playing basketball, football, and the fear of our mothers. Also, we are joined by Bad Habbit's big brother Pedalay the Boss. Tommy Lucero ( https://www.facebook.com/TommyLucero1502 ) joins the panel and he brings his buddy, and fellow stand up comedian, Damien Mercado ( http://www.damianmercadocomedy.com/ ) Damien has a podcast called...

Duration: 02:03:06

Episode 73 - Vancast V w/ Eli Mac & Rebel SoulJahz

On this episode of the We Speak English Good podcast we sit down with members of Sol Rising (wearesolrising.com) David And Gabe Gomez back stage as the backing band for Janelle Phillips to talk about their time with Pato Banton, surviving on tour, and what should be expected of a working musician on tour. Also, we listen to Eli Mac (http://www.iamelimac.com/) And Rebel SoulJahz (http://www.rebelsouljahz.net/) preform live at Sainte Rock in Hermosa Beach Ca on April 7th 2017. More info on...

Duration: 01:13:44

Episode 72 - Vancast IV w/ Skanks Roots Project & Rappin 4 Tay

On this episode of the We Speak English podcast we are joined by the the Skanks Roots Project, from a haunted brothel, in Groveland California, before they take the stage at the historic Iron Door Saloon. They are Joined by owner Chris Loh as they talk about the haunted saloon, ghost stories from the past, and how one of the members of the band was 86'd from the bar. Also, we listen to Rappin 4 Tay perform live at Casa Sorrento in Salinas California. He also joins the Skanks Roots Project...

Duration: 01:27:35

Episode 71 w/ Miles Brown of 77 Jefferson

On this episode of the We Speak English Good, we talk with Miles Brown of the reggae band 77 Jefferson (http://77jefferson.com/). MiIes is an all-in-one musician, producer, film maker, marketer , and more. We talk about 77Jefferson, having a back ground in computer science, and his process producing. We also listen to 77 Jefferson's song "Rocksteady" and a Josh Heinrichs song (produced by Miles) "Good VIbes". Find more from Miles: http://staywisemedia.com/...

Duration: 01:50:28

Episode 70 w/ Richie Estrada

On this episode of the We Speak English Goodpodcast, we talk to Stand Up Comedian, Porn Actor, and Pro-Wrestling podcast host Richie Estrada. We talk about stand up, his experience with porn, Pro-Wrestling, and we give him a new porn name. Find Richie Estrada online: https://twitter.com/sweet_estrada https://www.instagram.com/sweet_richie_estrada/?hl=en https://wcpwloadedtop10.tumblr.com/post/158285024339/wcpw-exit-wounds-liam-slater-vs-cody-rhodes-for...

Duration: 01:43:15

One Love Cali Reggae Fest-Cast PART 2 w/ The Expanders, Leilani Wolfgramm & Hirie

In Part 2 (of this 2 part episode)the We Speak English Good Podcast goes on location. We hear live performances from the artists at the One Love Cali Reggae Fest (www.onelovecalifest.com/). We hear live performances from Janelle Phillips (https://www.facebook.com/janellephillipsmusic/), Leilani Wolfgramm (http://www.leilaniwolfgrammmusic.com/), The Expanders (http://theexpanders.net/), and... Hirie (http://www.hiriemusic.com/). Also, we play some tunes from some of the other artists that...

Duration: 01:27:32

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