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The OC E15 - The Coppola Conspiracy

We really enjoyed our little Christmas break, and we hope you did too. Now, back to the important stuff. How many Coppola's are in this week's episode of The OC? Thanks so much to each and every one of you for listening! If you'd like to help us out some more, please rate and review, like, subscribe, tweet or facebook us @weusedtobeteens, basically just show us some love however you want! LOVE YOU, BAI!


**Special Episode** The Very Best Of We Used To Be 20-Six-Teens!

So long 20-Sucks-Teen, and helloooOOOoOoOoOOOO 20-Heaven-Teen! What better way to start the new year than by listening to the best bits of your favourite podcast, presented by your three favourite former teens, Bryony, Cal and Josh? There literally isn't one (so stop Googling it). So sit back, relax, and enjoy this super amazing and hilarious clip show! Remember to follow us on Twitter / Facebook @weusedtobeteens, give us a cheeky subscribe, rating or review wherever you can, and tell all...


The OC E14 - The Sandy Cohen Dick Test

HAPPY NEW YEAR, NEWPSIES! Bryony has a little snifter, Cal champions the benefits of being a timelord, and Josh is an absolute disgrace throughout. For what it's worth, he is sorry. Thanks so much for making our 2016 so amazing! If you'd like to help make it more amazing, please rate and review, like, subscribe, tweet or facebook us @weusedtobeteens, basically just show us some love however you want! LOVE YOU, BAI!


The OC E13 - Merry Chrismukkah, Ya Filthy Animorphs

It's America's favourite made up holiday! Bryony gets the gang some amazing presents, Cal finally agrees that Seth's a dick, and Josh will never stop talking about cum jellyfish. Thank you SO MUCH to ALL OF YOU for your AMAZING SUPPORT so far! If you're enjoying the podcast please rate and review us on iTunes, repost us on Soundcloud, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @weusedtobeteens, and tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Didn't you know podcasts about outdated teen shows are all the rage this...


The OC E12 - Lads Lads Brexit Lads

Bryony woefully misremembers a Craig David song, Cal will fight to the death to defend Trash Seth, and Josh loses his damn mind to Lou Bega. Apparently we became a big deal in Norway last week, so a warm 'velkommen til OC, tispe' to all of you! And next week we'll be talking about what we were like as teens - you can find us and ask some questions on Facebook & Twitter @weusedtobeteens. Also, thanks to everyone who's left us a review on iTunes so far :) WE LOVE YOU ALL!


The OC E11 - Marissa's Ghetto Safari

Happy Thanksgiving, listeners! Bryony learns about key parties, Cal reveals his camo fedora, and Josh makes some stupid comments that offend nearly everyone. Apologies for the audio quality this week - we tried recording with two mics, and GUESS WHAT we fucked it up, so Josh sounds like a God delivering a sermon to two squeaky mice. Remember you can find us on Twitter and Facebook @weusedtobeteens, and pleeeeease rate and review and say how wonderful we are (if you feel like it). LOVE YOU!


The OC E10 - Uber To The Bone Zone

Come say hi @weusedtobeteens on Facebook and Twitter, and please feel free to rate and review on whatever podcast app you use to get this in your ears.


The OC E6 - Kiss Your Grandma, Square On The Lips

WARNING: THIS TRACK WAS RECORDED UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF MAOAM, DIRTY CHICKEN, AND HALF A GLASS OF WINE. Bryony takes on Jimmy Whales, Sleeper Agent Cal gets triggered, and Josh takes down Seth Cohen for GOOD. We love you, and would love to hear from you, so find us on Facebook and twitter @weusedtobeteens and chat to us about The OC and that...


The OC E5 - The Boffing Of The Prewife

We meet Donnie Crabman, the greatest OC character of all time, and Ryan casts off the shackles of his oppressive neckwear. Remember to follow us on Twitter @weusedtobeteens, find us on Facebook @weusedtobeteens, and rate and review on iTunes. (Please.)


The OC E4 - Marissa The Goomba

Bryony delves deep into Ryan's back fetish, Cal reveals a dark, grungy past, and Josh unearths Jimmy The Animorph's kink dungeon. Remember to follow us on Twitter @weusedtobeteens, find us on Facebook @weusedtobeteens, and rate and review on iTunes. Good or bad. Doesn't matter. We just wanna read your lovely words!


The OC E2 - Ryan Atwood And The Mansion Of Fiyah

Bryony disputes the content of On The Road, Cal makes an amazing Potter-themed comparison, and Josh makes an ironic Obama joke that no one likes.


The OC E1 - Welcome To The Podcast, Listeners

Bryony meets Ryan, Cal notices Luke's dong, and Josh unearths Sandy Cohen's true form... Welcome to the podcast, listeners!


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