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Ep 71: The "Iconic Black Women in American History " Edition – 02.13.18

Ep 71: The "Iconic Black Women in American History " Edition – 02.13.18 It's almost Valentine's Day and the WTD crew wants to talk about women we love! These are women who don't often get mentioned in American history, but nevertheless made contributions that we think should be celebrated and noted. Get your favorite cup of tea out, maybe a little 90's R&B, some Godiva chocolate, and your notebook as we talk about some history. #blackhistorymonth #iconicwomen #wtd ———————————— If you wanna...


The "We Thirsty" B-Side - 02.09.18

In this follow-up b-side episode Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan discuss some of the things that were just covered with Jemar Tisby. Ashley ruminates on how good it was to hear from Jemar that sometimes it's ok to leave a space. ———————————— If you wanna get at us (and we know you do) you got options: Email: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: You can...


Ep 68: The "Is There a Place for Female Professors at Seminary?" Edition — 01.30.18

Ep 68: The "Is There a Place for Female Professors at Seminary?" Edition — 01.30.18 This week the WTD Crew - Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan - look at a blog post by Pastor John Piper asking the question, is it biblical for a woman to teach at a seminary. The Crew breaks down the concepts of egalitarian and complimentarian while discussing Piper’s views. Can patriarchy be divorced from complimentarian systems of interpretation? Does egalitarianism free itself of patriarchal confines? Ashley,...


The "White Dollar" B-Side - 01.23.18

The "White Dollar" B-Side - 01.23.18 On the B-Side, Ashely, Elijah, and Ryan pickup where they left off last week by continuing to discuss the economic systems that perpetuate oppression. The team digs in a bit further to look at white meritocracy, black ownership, and the latest Jay-Z album. Plus, the word for this week is still "hot"! :-) #Hot #WhiteDollar #BSide #WTD ——————————— If you wanna get at us (and we know you do) you got options: Email: Facebook:...


The "White Affirmative Action" Edition - 01.16.18

The “White Affirmative Action” Edition - 01.16.18 In this episode Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan look at White Affirmative Action, and the ways that white people have benefited over the decades from affirmative action initiatives. The crew also looks at the “model minority” stereotype as it relates to affirmative action. And Ryan recounts his experience of fighting the law, but alas...the law won! #AffirmativeAction #FoughtTheLaw #TheLawWon #WTD


The "Shotgun" B-Side – 01.09.18

The first B-Side of 2018 is here! In this episode Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan catch up on all that's happened since Thanksgiving...yep...all the way back in 2017! They cover evangelicals, tax bills, DACA, net neutrality, crypto-currency, natural's a shotgun approach to catch up on all that's happened since the crew took a break. So strap in cause the crew covers some ground this week! #Shotgun #Abs25 #Omarosa #BSide #WTDisBack ———————————— The WTD crew doesn’t have it all...


The "#BlackIn2018" Edition - 01.02.18

The WTD Team is back in 2018! Rested and ready to rumble...Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan talk through what 2018 looks like in light of last year, while being black in America. And Ashley corrects Ryan on the right way to eat a donut! #Blackin2018 #WeBack #Donuts #NoNapkins #Holla #UntilNextWeek What We're Talking Different About Ashley: Amanda Davis - Elijah: Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America (Ibram X Kendi)...


The "What Does It Mean to Be White" Edition - 12.19.17 - Classic

*A WTD Classic Episode from the Vault. This conversation was originally recorded in May 2017, and released as a 2-part podcast. Given the popularity of and demand for this episode we wanted to release it as one whole podcast for more people to easily share and use as a resource. Have we got a treat for you this week! Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan talk with Dr. Robin DiAngelo, author of What Does It Mean to Be White and Is Everyone Really Equal, about prejudice, racism, discrimination, white...


The "Hot Take Confessions" B-Side - 11.14.17

It's a WTD Hot Take! Ash, E, and Happy Hands talk through the conversation they just had with Adam Thomason (@redrev). If you haven't heard The "Confessions of an Ex-Evangelical" Edition please check out last week's episode, download, and listen. This week's discussion is a critique and comment on that episode. #WhyYouRunnin #Confessions #ExEvangelical #HappyHands —————————— Show Notes: Rapsody - The Real Estate Council - Champions of Hope -...


The "Confessions of an Ex-Evangelical" Edition — 11.7.17

The “Confessions of an Ex-Evangelical” Edition - 11.7.2017 This week Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan invite in a special guest into the mix. Adam Thomason (@redrev) joins us to talk through his recent audiobook experience — Confessions of an Ex-Evangelical: Why I Left Christianity and Started Practicing Jesus. Show Notes: Practicing Jesus - Adam on Twitter - —————————— The WTD crew doesn’t have it all figured out but we’re trying to talk...


The "It's Not Your Fault But It's Your Problem" Edition — 10.31.2017

This week Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan call an audible, and go down a completely different path. They came in with a game plan and completely changed it up when they hit record. This week the crew looks at the recent Lecrae album, Piper's response, and the conversation surrounding the Reformed movement as a predominantly white Christian contingent. —————————— The WTD crew doesn’t have it all figured out but we’re trying to talk about and give voice to these conversations in public. So shout...


The "#MeToo" B-Side - 10.24.17

We're keeping' the script flipped this week...starting with the B-side cut..cause it's that good. This week Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan talk through the #MeToo Twitter hashtag that came out over the last couple weeks in relation to Harvey Weinstein and sexual abuse/harassment. The WTD crew gets personal this week and talks about some of their own experiences. Please be warned that this episode could be a trigger for people who have undergone traumatic events as well. —————————— The WTD crew...


The "Take a Knee" B-Side - 10.03.17

This week Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan look at the speech Trump gave in Alabama where he called out the NFL for not taking a harder stance on NFL players that kneel during the national anthem. The WTD crew talk through some of the components of the NFL, their thoughts on how race and politics are particularly intersecting right now, and Ashley and Elijah teach Ryan how to speak in tongues! #StandUp #TakeAKnee #KeysToTheHonda #SpeakingInTongues #HowWeStarted #SpiritIsHear Please join our...


The "Black Hair" Edition - 09.26.17

We got a special episode for y’all this week. Ashley kicks out the WTD fellas from the room and says she ’s drivin this thing. With Elijah and Ryan locked in the control room Ashley brought in 3 all-stars: Sharifa Stevens, Jurrita Williams, and Jayme Hightower. These women talk through a variety of subjects from black hair, to living as a woman, to grappling with colorism. These women are on fire from start to finish. #LadiesOnly #ByeGuys #BlackHair #HairStories #Colorism #SeriousPizza...


B-Side "The Facebook Effect" - 09.19.17

Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan tackle the mountain of social media on this b-side convo. The team talks through how social media impacts us, why we take breaks from it depending on our age, and Ryan continues to test out the potential for a singing career. The crew also takes a brief look back at the last year of podcasts and why we're still on a journey and we're glad y'all are with us! #Facebook #TakeABreak #ChickenScratch #BringOutThosePipesHolmes #NeYo Please join our Facebook group to...


The "Nashville Statement" Edition - 09.12.17

Since nobody so far has asked us what do we think about the Nashville Statement, we took it on ourselves to ask each other! If you haven't read the statement, check out the link below. Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan talk through the messaging, the wording, the tone, and specific points in the statement. In the usual WTD fashion that you've come to know and love we breakdown the conversation in hopes of injecting more nuance. And yes...Ryan gets sidetracked about the word "Biblical" again....!!...


The "Colin Kaepernick" B-Side - 09.05.17

Here's the b-side...Ashley, Elijah, and Ryan talk about Colin Kaepernick's peaceful protest and the result that he now confronts as an unemployed quarterback within the NFL. Plus, Ryan talks about where he learned to preach and Ashley doesn't believe him! #PastorHolmes #PreachIt #ColinKaepernick #Bside —————————— Show Notes Colin Kaepernick stats - Quarterbacks signed ahead of Kaepernick -...


The "Get Out" Edition - Part II - 08.29.17

The WTD crew passes along our thoughts and prayers to our listeners in H-town. Hurricane Harvey has rained tremendous amounts of water in Houston over the last several days, and we hope all our listeners, family, friends, and all Houstonians are safe. We encourage our listeners from around the country to seek ways to help out our fellow neighbors. This week the WTD crew is back with Part II of our Get Out discussion. We continue from last week and discuss how you change an organization -...


The "Get Out" Edition - 08.22.17 - Part 1

This week the WTD team knuckles down and discusses how you change an organization - from the inside out? From the outside in? Both/and? Neither? Something else entirely? The team looks at a recent event where two SBC pastors witnessed the same event and came to different decisions about how to best affect change. —————————— Show notes: Ryan thinks he's pretty fly for a white guy, but he and the rest of the WTD team need your help. Sign up here:...


The "Charlottesville" Edition - 08.14.17

The WTD originally planned to release a different topic this week, but the events happening in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend changed our minds. This podcast was recorded Monday, August 14 in the early morning hours. Given our platform at WTD and what we've advocated since coming on-air last October we felt it necessary to talk about white supremacy, white privilege, racism divestment, politics, and silence. This episode does have heated language and is potentially a trigger...


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