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After a long weekend capturing weddings, you often feel hungover without having drank a drop of alcohol. Dustin and Steve attempt to cope with that horrible feeling by offering insights into how they shoot and how their businesses operate. They won't be too loud, unless you've had a little coffee and some aspirin.

After a long weekend capturing weddings, you often feel hungover without having drank a drop of alcohol. Dustin and Steve attempt to cope with that horrible feeling by offering insights into how they shoot and how their businesses operate. They won't be too loud, unless you've had a little coffee and some aspirin.
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After a long weekend capturing weddings, you often feel hungover without having drank a drop of alcohol. Dustin and Steve attempt to cope with that horrible feeling by offering insights into how they shoot and how their businesses operate. They won't be too loud, unless you've had a little coffee and some aspirin.




Ep. #033 - A Day Late and a Pot of Gold Short (St. Patrick's Day Special)

Here's a St. Patrick's Day episode that we intentionally released the day after St. Patrick's Day. Also, Dustin sent me photos of a Scottish wedding to use for the cover art, because I'm not certain he understands what St. Patrick's Day is... Anyway, in this episode Steve is drinking a Guinness, a Lagunitas Night Time, and a Heavy Seas The Alpha Effect (don't worry, he's just drinking like a half glass of each). Dustin's on that Bailey's Irish Cream. Topics include Irish Wedding traditions...


Ep. #032 - Wedding Businesses Put On Blast with The Devil's Advocate

This week on the podcast, we're talking about some wedding businesses that were put on blast on social media... right after some quick follow up and drink discussion. Steve's drinking a Lagunita's Lag and Dustin's drinking a White Russian, or just milk. Then we're talking about a bug in an IFTTT formula causing people to post three times to Twitter for every one Instagram post they put up, and on the subject of social media Dustin and Steve talk about Next up, we talk about the...


Ep. #031 - The One with Nathan Mitchell

This week we invited photographer and podcaster Nathan Mitchell onto the show to talk about how he got started shooting weddings, why he thinks it's beneficial to second shoot, running Instagram advertising campaigns, and his band Prisms. We touch on a lot of other stuff too and Nathan gives some great, practical advice for photographers. Plus, Nathan tells us about the first wedding he shot... when he was traveling in India. We also play some Star Wars trivia and answer some questions from...


Ep. #030 - Uncle Cousin Ange-Bob And The Bridal Show Hunger Games

Should you do a bridal show? What are some good bridal show hacks for vendors? What sort of expectations should you have going into a bridal show? Is Uncle Bob a worn out old term? What's the best location on a bridal show floor? Is it okay for a vendor to go to a bridal show as a guest and just spend time networking with other vendors, or should they stay away if they're not getting a booth? Do you give out cookies or candy to potential brides? If you're working a 9-5 and shooting on the...


Ep. #029 - Nicole Ashley And A Couple Garys

In this special Valentine's Day episode, we invite Nicole Ashley onto the podcast to talk about her wedding and boudoir photography. Nicole tells us about her love of Nutella and coffee before talking a little more about her work, how she put together her team, how her team helps to get her clients comfortable for shoots, and how being on the other side of camera helped improve the way she shoots. After this brief interview Nicole and Dustin play a quick game that Steve created called Taco...


Ep. #028 - Feeding Photographers and the Crumby Boys

We skipped the basis for me doing these episodes which was to brag about the beer I'm drinking, so I'm just going to add it in here. Steve was drinking a Hop Dealer from Round Barn Brewery. Dustin wasn't drinking anything, probably not even water. First up, follow up. has stopped working. Also, a follow up to last week's topic of photo contests and how they're destroying the production quality of this show by completely flooding out legitimate questions on Facebook. Then we're...


Ep. #027 - Extreme Wedding Photography and a Clustercuss

First up, Steve is drinking a Cabin Fever from New Holland Brewing Company while Dustin is on that tequila. Then it's on to extreme wedding photography. One couple got married on a net over a canyon, 400 feet over the canyon floor.. Another couple got married in front of an active volcano. Then we talk about Vimeo's new data cap for their basic...


Ep. #026 - DJI Mavic Pro vs. DJI Mavic Air

Dustin is on that H2O while Steve is drinking a Mad Hatter from New Holland. First topic is the new DJI Mavic AIR. We talk about a video Casey Neistat put out reviewing it: Then we talk about out thoughts about photoshopping acne and the couple that sent a 30 page critique to their photographer. Story on Petapixel: After that we talk about vendors illegally using photos...


Ep. #025 - Fat Shaming Photographer & $10k Dick Pics

This week on the podcast, Steve's drinking a Trippel from New Belgium. First up, Steve cuts out a large segment because he gets squeamish about the use of a certain word. Which rarely happens... but well, everyone has their limits. Next up, we talk about a magazine that's charging vendors to do styled shoots in their venues, but then doesn't pay any of the vendors who help put on the styled shoot. Essentially, they've found a way to get paid to make content for their magazine, but they're...


Ep. #024 - Filthy Car Fingers And New Cameras At CES

It's Dustin and Steve, live in person! Well, not with an audience, but they're in the same room. It's basically the plot of face off. So check out the video on YouTube whenever Dustin gets that done and be prepared to be confused as you match the voices to the bodies. First up, it's follow up! Steve asks Dustin the serious question of whether or not he faked that his sweet baby was crying so that he wouldn't have to deal with Steve tearing into him because he booked a wedding on the day...


Ep. #023 - Straight Crushin' It & IPS

This week Steve's drinking a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale while Dustin's back on that clear liquid he always seems to drink. First up we discuss why we keep shooting weddings. Then it's on to talking about Instagram and a few changes that were made. Next up we talk about crediting people in your posts and whether or not you should watermark photos you allow other vendors to share. Then Steve shares an email he received and there's a brief discussion about whether or not it makes good...


Ep. #022 - Fortress of Solitaire (New Year Special)

New Year's resolutions for photographers and small business owners. Learning to fly. James Cameron movies. Bedazzled jackets and whoopee cushion marketing. Spending all your money before the end of the year on new camera gear. How to get those baby new year photos of the first baby born in your area. Also, Steve was drinking an Alpha Klaus from Three Floyds and Dustin was drinking a clear liquid again. Special New Year's Eve music from Noble Hunter:...


Ep. #021 - Merry Fistmas to All

This week WPH is celebrating their holiday party with Dustin's Leinenkugel Snowdrift Vanilla Porter and Steve's Revolution Fistmas. Follow up this week is just Steve complaining about ghost photos again. Then we're on to talking about Christmas traditions and how to capture the kids on the holidays. Next up we talk about whether or not we send Christmas cards to clients. Then it's on to Q&A. This week we have two questions from Iain from Steve's house. Both about, spoiler alert, capturing...


Ep. #020 - Wide Angle Distortion

First up we're drinking beer... Or at least Steve is. He's drinking a Necron 99 from Three Floyds. After that we jump into some follow up with an apology for not giving Dustin's weird bluetooth headphones a Kickstarter Failure spot. Then we talk about the bill the president signed into law making it so drones have to be registered even for recreational use. After that we talk about drone laws in the Dominican Republic. Finally out of follow up, we talk about what you should do if your...


Ep. #019 - Tom Cruise-y Boxes

We're talking vendors that try to do too much and Christmas gift ideas for photographers. Dustin's drinking a Budweiser while Steve is drinking either a Storm King or a Hop Lift... We didn't record that part this time so it's a little fuzzy. Questions from this recording whether or not we use accountants for tax purposes and whether or not the apple watch is useful during events. Also, we talk a lot about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman... like surprising amount. So maybe hit up their...


Ep. #018 - Steve's Mac Dies at the End

Steve and Dustin are back and hitting it hard after the holidays. First up, Steve's drinking an Oat Street Porter by Byway Brewing. After that we talk about our Thanksgivings and the photo gear we purchased on Black Friday. We talk a little bit about the sites we use to find the deals too, which are available to use year round and always helpful. - the name your price site - the reddit of deals Also, here's a quick link for some more info on...


Ep. #017 - Diametrically Opposed Editing Styles

What are we drinking: Dustin's on that vodka he claims is water. Steve's drinking a Hop Lift from Third Street Brewhouse. Steve gives Dustin a geography lesson on Minnesota and Wisconsin. Follow up: Looks like we don't have to do a ghost photo since no one cares. Also, Forever 21 stole our music (check out the ad at the link) Working together with videographers and photographers... and the difficulties that arise. Twitter character count changing to 280 and...


Ep. #016 - The First Annual Thanksgiving Special

It's our first annual Thanksgiving episode! In this special episode, Dustin and Steve talk about the ways we are blessed and then give thanks. It's a family friendly holiday event, assuming your family knows is comfortable with talk of aubergine photos. Next up we discuss what we're looking forward to buying come Black Friday. Dustin's all about those B&H deals. Those are discoverable at Then finally we answer the most inane question Steve has found yet. It's...


Ep. #015 - Fluffy, Beautiful, And Long-Eared

On the podcast this week, Dustin's back on that vodka that he claims is just water. Meanwhile, Steve's drinking another great Indiana beer for a great Indiana man, a Zombie Dust from 3 Floyds. After that Steve introduces a new segment, Follow Up (trademark John Siracusa). First up we revisit Dustin's negative Facebook reviews and Steve posits a new theory (which several listeners also wrote in to suggest, but they did it after he wrote it in the show notes, so no credit given). Then Steve...


Ep. #014 - Professionals Dual Write

This week on the podcast Dustin is traveling and unable to get a beer up to his hotel room, so Steve's pulling all of his dead weight with a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. Dustin's off enjoying the Niagara Falls, in down province Ontario. Then we talk about the app for posting photos to Instagram from your desktop computer. After that, Steve and Dustin talk Instagram hashtag strategy. Next up we talk about that new Sony A7R III, and that falls apart when there's a shocking revelation...


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