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Experience Gain From Weddings To Improve Your Wedding Photography

EPISODE #95: GETTING THE MOST EXPERIENCE OUT OF EVERY WEDDING YOU PHOTOGRAPH Summary: While you can use the images you capture at each and every wedding to help market your business, you can also use the experiences to improve your wedding photography in the long term. Many of us are just keen to share the photos with our clients and on our social media channels and move on, but it’s important to reflect on what you did well (and what you could have improved on) after every wedding you...

Duration: 00:41:20

Using Your Images To Market Your Wedding Photography Business

EPISODE #94: ARE YOU TRULY GETTING THE ABSOLUTE MOST OUT OF EVERY WEDDING YOU PHOTOGRAPH? Summary: The main focus of being a wedding photographer is capturing beautiful images for your clients, but that’s not where their exposure should end. In this wedding photography podcast episode, we’re going to chat about how to get the most mileage out of your images from each and every wedding you shoot. First and foremost, you should be sharing photos from your weddings for your clients, their...

Duration: 00:51:00

Finding Your Wedding Photography Niche

EPISODE #93: WHAT IS YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE AS A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER? Summary: In many ways, wedding photographers share a lot in common. We are all dedicated to capturing the love and emotion of a couple’s special day and probably have a website that showcases our images and style. We might use similar equipment and run our businesses according to a standard model, and we might even charge very similar prices. But what sets you apart from others and is crucial to finding your wedding...

Duration: 00:43:06

Why Comparing Other Wedding Photographers To Yourself Can Be Damaging For Your Business

EPISODE #92: THERE'S ONLY ONE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER YOU SHOULD COMPARE YOURSELF TO Summary: No matter what industry you work in, chances are at one point or another you’ve compared yourself with your colleagues and the work they do. While this can be healthy and a great way to find inspiration and guidance for setting your own goals, it can also lead to unhappiness and feelings that “I’m not good enough” if you take it too far. As a wedding photographer, you’ve probably scrawled through...

Duration: 00:48:07

The Lowest Points Of My Wedding Photography Career

EPISODE #91: SOME OF THE LOWEST POINTS OF MY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS Summary: July 15 this year marks exactly ten years since I shot my first wedding, so I thought I’d record an episode to celebrate! But rather than focus on my successes and what I’ve done well to get to where I am today, I thought I’d share some of the lowest points of my wedding photography career. I truly believe we can learn a lot from our mistakes, failures and most challenging moments in life, and sharing them...

Duration: 00:59:51

How To Start Planning Your Savings And Retirement As A Self-Employed Wedding Photographer

EPISODE #90: IT'S NOT TOO EARLY TO START THINKING ABOUT SAVINGS AND RETIREMENT Summary: We can’t work forever and like most professions, it’s important as wedding photographers that we plan for our financial security in retirement. If you’re in your later years, then this might be something you’re thinking about already. While for those of us who are still quite young, retirement savings can often seem like a distant priority and something we can deal with at a later date. But it’s...

Duration: 01:02:42

Why Not Treating All Weddings The Same Is Key To A Successful Wedding Photography Business

EPISODE #89: NOT ALL WEDDINGS ARE THE SAME; STOP TREATING THEM AS IF THEY WERE. Summary: Most weddings follow a certain flow - a getting ready session followed by the ceremony, then portraits and a reception. But that’s where the similarities end. No two weddings are the same and we shouldn’t treat them as such for our own convenience or the simplicity of photographing them. It’s really important that we acknowledge this to create a successful wedding photography business and our own...

Duration: 00:47:05

How To Reset Your Wedding Photography Business For The New Financial Year

EPISODE #88: WE ALL HAVE TO START WITH ZERO WEDDINGS FOR THE NEXT YEAR Summary: No matter how your wedding photography business has performed in the past 12 months (lots of inquiries and bookings or less than you had hoped), it’s important to remember that we are all starting out on a level playing field in the coming year. This episode is a reminder not to get disheartened if you haven’t achieved the success you had hoped for, but also to not get complacent or too confident if you had a...

Duration: 00:52:25

Why Getting Inquiries In Your Wedding Photography Business Is Fundamental To Its Success

EPISODE #87: DOES ANYTHING ELSE REALLY MATTER IF YOU AREN'T GETTING THE INQUIRIES? Summary: As wedding photographers we’re wearing a lot of different hats - we’re business owners, marketers, branders, accountants, and social media managers (sometimes all at the same time). But it’s critical to maintain perspective on what is most important and if what you’re doing in one area is having a positive impact elsewhere. Getting inquiries in your wedding photography business is fundamental to...

Duration: 00:49:02

Why Being Uncomfortable In Your Wedding Photography Business Is A Positive Thing

EPISODE #86: BEING UNCOMFORTABLE IN YOUR BUSINESS IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS EVER It may sound counter-intuitive, but being uncomfortable in your wedding photography business can be one of the best things for its success. Being uncomfortable means you are putting yourself in challenging situations - either artistically or personally - and this is what we’re talking about in today’s wedding photography podcast episode. It may mean capturing a wedding in a style you have never photographed...

Duration: 00:47:09

A career in wedding photography - what does it mean to you?

EPISODE #85: WHAT DOES A CAREER IN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY MEAN TO YOU? Summary: May of this year marks ten years since I started my career in wedding photography and it got me thinking about exactly what it all means to me. I thought I’d share some of the reasons I was drawn to the profession in the first place...and not just as a hobby or part-time endeavour, but as a full-time career as my own boss. First and foremost, we’ll chat about the passion I have for wedding photography (and I...

Duration: 00:44:47

Challenges For New Wedding Photographers And How To Overcome Them

EPISODE #84: MOST COMMON CHALLENGES FOR NEW WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS Summary: Starting out in any industry can be challenging and wedding photography is no different. Establishing a reputation and generating leads is far easier said than done and some will make it in the game, while others won’t. In this podcast, we’re going to chat about some of the most common challenges for new wedding photographers and how we can overcome them. It might be that you don’t have a professional-looking...

Duration: 00:49:45

The Importance Of Being Transparent With Wedding Photography Clients

EPISODE #83: IMPORTANCE OF BEING TRANSPARENT TO YOUR CLIENTS AND ACTUALLY MEETING DEADLINES Summary: One of the great things about running a wedding photography business is being your own boss. But that also means that when it comes to meeting deadlines and client expectations, you need to have the dedication, organization, honesty, and drive to make it happen…as nobody else is going to! We all want to market our wedding photography businesses in a manner which attracts clients, but it’s...

Duration: 00:48:34

Ideas And Inspiration From The 2017 WeddingWire World Conference

EPISODE #82: WHAT I LEARNED AT WEDDINGWIRE WORLD LA 2017 Summary: Having just returned from the WeddingWire World conference in Orange County, I wanted to share a little of my experience over these two inspiring days. For those that don’t know, WeddingWire is one of the world’s leading online resources for all things wedding planning for engaged couples. I’ve been a member of WeddingWire since I started out in wedding photography almost a decade ago and was privileged to be a guest...

Duration: 00:49:47

Best To Have An Efficient Workflow And A Successful Wedding Photography Business

EPISODE #81: TOP 10 TIPS ON AN EFFICIENT WORKFLOW - PART 2 Summary: This is the second episode in a two-part series about creating an efficient workflow for a successful wedding photography business. While Part 1 looked at more general tips and how I’ve personally applied them to my business, Part 2 focuses on the lead up to a wedding day and how you can reduce the amount of work you have to do. We’ll look at things like having informative content on your website, such as FAQs, wedding...

Duration: 00:49:57

Top Tips To Create An Efficient Workflow And A Successful Wedding Photography Business

EPISODE #80: TOP 10 TIPS ON AN EFFICIENT WORKFLOW - PART 1 Summary: As wedding photographers we wear multiple hats and there’s far more to running a successful wedding photography business than just taking photos. It includes meeting with clients, managing our finances, updating social media sites, and ongoing education to keep up to date with the latest technology and trends. With so much going on, it’s important that we work in an efficient and effective manner and have a workflow that...

Duration: 00:48:28

Are you ready to sacrifice your time, energy, and money to create a successful wedding photography business?

EPISODE #79: WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO SACRIFICE FOR THE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS? Summary: There’s not many wedding photographers out there who don’t want their business to be a success. But there is a difference between those who are ready to sacrifice other aspects of their life to make it happen and those who aren’t willing to invest the time, energy and money that is sometimes necessary. So this episode is all about being honest with yourself and addressing whether you’re ready and...

Duration: 00:45:39

The Importance Of Building Relationships With Wedding Vendors To Enhance Your Photography Business

EPISODE #78: TREAT OTHER VENDORS LIKE YOUR BEST FRIEND. WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR THEM? Summary: Photographing a wedding is never a solitary job. Not only are you surrounded by the couple and their family and friends, but there are a whole host of vendors working behind the scenes to make the day special. Wedding coordinators, florists, DJs/MCs and venue staff - these are your trusted colleagues and without them you wouldn’t be able to capture the photos you do. This episode is all about the...

Duration: 00:52:49

How To Book Prospective Clients Who Might Be Considering Other Wedding Photographers

EPISODE #77: TOP 12 REASONS WHY PROSPECTIVE COUPLES DON'T BOOK ME - PART 2 Summary: In the second part of this two-part series about reasons why clients decide NOT to book my services, I’ll discuss some of the ways to address this in your wedding photography business. Whether you’re charging above the budget of prospective clients, don’t have experience shooting at their venue or aren’t offering both photography and videography services, how can you book prospective clients and minimize...

Duration: 01:06:36

Why Prospective Wedding Photography Clients Decide To Not Book Your Services

EPISODE #76: TOP 12 REASONS WHY PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS DON'T BOOK ME - PART 1 Summary: As wedding photographers looking to grow our businesses and book more clients, we’re always looking for success stories of how others have achieved the goals we set for ourselves. But when it comes down to it, there’s a lot we can learn from why prospective wedding photography clients don’t decide to book our services and end up going elsewhere. This episode looks into some of the reasons why prospective...

Duration: 00:44:11

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