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Weekly Stack is a weekly comic book news and reviews show that dives deep into the comic industry and our favorite books.






Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 25

The Comic Plunder Podcast is made whole again as Lucas rejoins Josh and Seth for another week of comic goodness! The guys cover everything from this week's comic news, the new Runaways title, Mr. Oz's identity, strange Metals, Jeff Lemire, and Josh even dabbles in conspiracy theory! Don't miss this episode! Check out these great books! Runaways #1 Action Comics #987 Dark Nights Metal #2 Iron Fist #7 Black Hammer #12 I Hate Fairyland #15 Follow us on Twitter! Seth Dixon - @sethdixon00 Lucas...

Duration: 01:58:29

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 24 - Starman

Welcome to a special episode of Comic Plunder! With Lucas away at a convention, Josh and Seth share an episode to themselves in the first listener recommended episode. This week they get into a discussion of graded comics before diving into the deep end of the DC Universe pool with the first volume of James Robinson and Tony Harris' legendary Starman series! Seth gives Josh, and you, a history lesson in the DCU of the nineties and beyond! Did they enjoy it? Tune in to find out. Starman...

Duration: 02:40:15

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 23 - Interview with Ben Kahn

This is the show we've all been waiting for. Josh and Lucas are joined by comic book writer, Ben Kahn. They've read his books, now it's time to talk about his process, what influences him, and the hardest hitting question of all. What is his opinion on Iron Man 2? It's a jam-packed episode celebrating 2 years of Comic Plunder! Give the episode a listen, and then go out and Pick up Ben's Books.Heavenly Blues is #1 is out now and issue two hits shops on Wednesday! Interview Starts at 4min...

Duration: 01:21:01

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 22

The Comic Plunder crew are a man down! Jet Setter Josh is off to the Rocky Mountains!The two of them are at sea without a compass! This leaves Lucas and Seth alone to talk about whatever they want! They cover this week's best books, events, relaunches, movie news, The Defenders Netflix series, lots of Daredevil, an Iron Man book that Seth would read, and much more! Were their faces melted off by Scott Syder and Greg Capullo's DARK NIGHTS METAL?! Tune in and find out! #LeaveDebbieAlone...

Duration: 02:04:46

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 21

The gang is back with another exciting episode of the Comic Plunder Podcast! Seth is back from his journey to Atlanta and the guys waste no time getting down to what you want to hear! A discussion of music! Wait, what? THe guys discuss everything from Skrillex, Netflix buying Millarwodl, the Justice League movie madness, the new Mister Miracle, and all the way to the Nintendo Switch! Don't miss this episode! It's a wild one! Check out these great books! Mister Miracle #1 Hal Jordan & the...

Duration: 02:22:52

Independence Late- Batman The Long Halloween Part 10

It's Josh and Lucas going back in-depth for some more Dark Knight! Seth is out of town so the boys thought it would be the time to deliver on that episode they missed...oh, only a month or so ago. But before Josh and Lucas cut into the Long Halloween, they talk one of their favorite writers, Donny Cates. Is Cates building his own multiverse through different publishers? Josh seems to think so! Join Josh and Lucas as they talk multiverses, the paranormal, and a certain caped crusader on an...

Duration: 01:23:47

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 20

We've achieved something! The Comic Plunder crew have made it twenty episode with all you listeners! This episode has it all, speculation, unwarranted rage from Seth, Josh's undying love for Donny Cates and Jeff Lemire, and Lucas' shining optimism by finding a new book he loves from Scout Comics called Heavenly Blues! Don't worry, there's also lent of in-fighting and pettiness! Don't miss this great episode! Check out these great books! Follow us on Twitter! Seth Dixon - @sethdixon00 Lucas...

Duration: 02:13:51

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 19 - SDCC 2017

It is finally here! The biggest comic event of the summer! And, no, we aren't just talking about the new episode of Comic Plunder! San Diego Comic Con is here! Everybody get ready for an episode filled with love, hate, "mehs," sadness, and over whelming excitement! After a short tangent that Josh and Seth take down a war movie rabbit hole, Lucas rights the ship and they get down to discussing all the cool news from San Diego! This is a big one! Don't miss it! If the guys didn't touch on...

Duration: 02:25:03

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 18

The guys are back with another action packed episode of Comic Plunder! They discuss the exciting Marvel news from the recent D23 Expo! Thanos' new look, the Black Order, and more! Lucas and Seth go down a manga rabbit hole! Then Josh gets down to business and discusses the great books from this week! All this and so much more! Don't miss another exciting episode of the Comic Plunder Podcast! Check out these great books! Follow us on Twitter! Seth Dixon - @sethdixon00 Lucas Harbolt -...

Duration: 01:52:42

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 17 - Spider-Man Homecoming (Spoilers)

Get ready for another exciting episode of the Comic Plunder Podcast! This was a big week for comic fans! Spider-Man Homecoming finally hit theaters! The guys waste no time getting into a spoiler filled discussion about the film! What did they love? What did they hate? Is this the best MCU and Spider-Man film of all time? Find out on this week's Comic Plunder Podcast Follow us on Twitter! Seth Dixon - @sethdixon00 Lucas Harbolt - @LucasHarbolt Josh Day - @JoshDay413 Show Feed -...

Duration: 02:37:31

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 16

We've got the whole group back this week! The guys talk about Howard Chaykin's controversial cover that made headlines! The guys also dive into their favorite books of the week, but not before diverging to the video game world! What's all the ruckus about? Find out on this week's Comic Plunder Podcast! Check out these great books! Follow us on Twitter! Seth Dixon - @sethdixon00 Lucas Harbolt - @LucasHarbolt Josh Day - @JoshDay413 Show Feed - @comicplunder The post Comic Plunder Podcast...

Duration: 01:31:41

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 15

Josh and Lucas are back for an exciting week of books. Did the Marvel Legacy announcement live up to the hype or did it leave the guys cold? One thing is for sure, Seth is out of town so the rage will be left to a minimum. Also, God Country wraps its 6th and final issue. What other books had your hosts welling up? Tune in and find out on the newest Comic Plunder Podcast! Check out these great books! Iceman #1 - Sina Grace (W), Alessandro Vitti (A) The Walking Dead #168 - Robert Kirkman...

Duration: 01:05:17

Father's Day Bonus Stack - Batman The Long Halloween Part 9

It's Father's Day! The day where all the Father's of the world get the recognition they deserve. Or, in Luigi Maroni's case, gunned down in his own vineyard. Holiday strikes again as Josh and Lucas continue their dissection of Batman the Long Halloween. But Wait! There's more! This is also the week after E3, the yearly Electronics Expo and the guys are avid gamers. What did they like and dislike about the event? Find out on this week's Bonus Stack! Batman Long Halloween talk start...

Duration: 01:12:28

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 14

Josh is finally back from his trip to Chicago! He catches everyone up on his experiences and what goes into a Chicago-style hotdog! They guys then move on to Marvel movie news and discuss the recently released Black Panther trailer! Then they tell you what comics your should be reading right now! Seth is pleasantly surprised by the new Iceman comic, Josh loves Babyteeth, and Lucas was very sad to see Baltimore go! All this and more on this new episode of the Comic Plunder Podcast! Check...

Duration: 02:05:46

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 13

It's Wonder Woman week as the long anticipated movie finally releases to theaters! Lucas and Seth give a spoiler-filled discussion on what works and doesn't work in the movie. The guys also talk the week in comics. Seth talks the return of Saga while Lucas picks up the odd, Trinity Annual. Oh, and where is Josh during all this? Tune in to find out! Follow us on Twitter! Seth Dixon - @sethdixon00 Lucas Harbolt - @LucasHarbolt Josh Day - @JoshDay413 Show Feed - @comicplunder The post Comic...

Duration: 00:53:54

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 12

Get ready for a wacky episode of the Comic Plunder Podcast! With very little comic new this week, the guys improvise and talk about whatever comes into their heads! Josh and Seth get emotional over the newest issue of Deadly Class! Lucas tells everyone how much he loves Redneck! Josh talks about the newest issue of Black Hammer! And the guys also get into another Transformers movie debate when Lucas tries to explain the plot of the film series! This is a special episode so don't miss it!...

Duration: 01:28:15

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 11

Comic Plunder is back with another action-packed episode! Seth is finally back from his work trip and wastes no time criticizing everything! Josh tells you (again) why you need to be reading everything that Donny Cates and Jeff Lemire create! Lucas talks about Secret Empire and his new love for Vagabond! The guys also spend some time on the Transformers films and Josh gets hot under the collar! Don't miss this episode! Check out these great books! Secret Empire #2 - Nick Spencer (W),...

Duration: 02:24:28

Mother's Day Bonus Stack - Batman The Long Halloween Part 8

What better way to enjoy Mother's Day than with Josh, Lucas, and Batman! With Seth gone another week, Josh and Lucas go in-depth into another chapter of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's classic. The two also talk the new Hellboy Reboot and Judge Dredd tv show news. What more could a mother ask for? Batman Long Halloween talk start (38;11;00) Follow us on Twitter! Seth Dixon - @sethdixon00 Lucas Harbolt - @LucasHarbolt Josh Day - @JoshDay413 Show Feed - @weeklystack The post Mother's Day Bonus...

Duration: 01:04:58

Comic Plunder Episode 10

It was a wonderful week for comics and with Seth away, Josh and Lucas take on the daunting task of talking about it. The guys talk about their experience with Free Comic Book Day and Secret Empire. Also, Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 came out. Did they agree on a Marvel movie for once? Find out all this and more on the Comic Plunder Podcast! Check out these great books! Old Man Logan #22 - Jeff Lemire (W), Eric Nguyen (A) Flash #21 - Joshua Williamson (W), Howard Porter (A) Batman/The...

Duration: 01:42:16

Comic Plunder Podcast Episode 9

The guys have a great episode for you this week! This was a slow week for comic news, so the guys decide to open the show by dissecting the Marvel Cinematic Universe a bit! Josh and Seth talk about Man of Steel! Lucas defends Iron Man 2 with all his might! And Seth may be turning on the potential of the DC Extended Universe! You will also get some great recommendations for the books you need to read! Don't miss this one! Check out these great books! Old Man Logan #22 - Jeff Lemire (W),...

Duration: 01:51:45

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