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Pete Cohen is the Weight Loss Guru. He has helped thousands of people lose weight, feel great. Motivation and inspirational advice on health, fitness, wellbeing and weight loss.

Pete Cohen is the Weight Loss Guru. He has helped thousands of people lose weight, feel great. Motivation and inspirational advice on health, fitness, wellbeing and weight loss.
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Pete Cohen is the Weight Loss Guru. He has helped thousands of people lose weight, feel great. Motivation and inspirational advice on health, fitness, wellbeing and weight loss.






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Duration: 00:00:02

How to Change Your Relationship with Food - Nov 21,2012

My guest on Weight Loss Guru Radio this week is Christa Orecchio. Christa is a clinical and holistic nutritionis. Tonights show is called "How to Change Your Relationship with Food." We will discuss how we can improve our relationship with food and permanently change our eating habits for the better. Christa has been regularly featured as a health expert on TV and in print throughout the U.S. and is the Fox-TV affiliate in San Diego, CA. Christa believes in using food as medicine, and that...

Duration: 01:07:40

Dreaming Your Way To Weight Loss - Nov 14,2012

My guest this week on Weight Loss Guru Radio is Ian Wallace. Ian is a qualified psychologist who specialises in dreams and dreaming. This show is going to be really different as Ian explores with us how to work with our dreams to increase our healthiness and well-being. He will also explain how we can use our dreams as a way of working with our body image, so that we can unconsciously lose any weight. This might sound too good to be true so do not miss the show.weight loss | well being |...

Duration: 01:11:49

Weight Loss And The Power Of The Mind - Nov 07,2012

My guest this week on Weight Loss Guru Radio is the brilliant Susie Pearl. Susie is a happiness and well-being activist. On tonights show we will be discussing the power of the mind and how we can learn to use ours more productively. In addition we will be looking at how to develop more will power to help us live more happier and healthier lives. Susie cares passionately about taking our minds and attention to a better place so that we can experience better lives through more positive...

Duration: 00:59:27

Lose Weight With The Confidence Factor - Oct 17,2012

My guest this week on Weight Loss Guru Radio is the fabulous life coach Annie Ashdown. Developing true self confidence is the most important element to achieving a slimmer, fitter, healthier and happier life. On tonights show Annie will reveal the secrets to developing the Confidence Factor. Annie is dubbed by the press as ‘The Confidence Expert' and for the past 10 years has been teaching Celebrities, Lawyers, Bankers, CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Business owners, and Corporate employees the way...

Duration: 01:01:54

Making Weight Loss Simple - Oct 10,2012

If you want to learn how to make weight loss easy then listen to this episode of Weight Loss Radio with Naturopath and Osteopath Christian Bates. On the show he will explain that in order to keep weight loss simple people have to learn how to regulate their own blood sugar levels. Christian will give practical tips and tools that we can use to help in this process. Christian uses an integrated approach with all his patients and when it comes to weight loss he uses a holistic view where...

Duration: 01:07:23

Weight Loss Guru Radio - Is Stress Making Your Fat - Sep 22,2012

I have a great podcast for you to listen to with Health and Fitness Expert Ben Pratt. In the inerview we talk about how stress is something that can not only impact on our emotional health but also our physical, making us more prone to put on weight. Weight Loss | Health | Diet | Exercise | Well being

Duration: 00:37:38

The Primal Blue Print With Mark Sisson - Sep 19,2012

I am so excited that my guest on Weight Loss Guru Radio on Wednesday the 18th at 8pm (GMT) is Mark Sisson. When it comes to being well and healthy there a few better people on the planter to learn from than Mark. He is an American fitness author and blogger, and a former distance runner, triathlete and Ironman competitor. Mark finished 4th in the February 1982 Ironman World Championship. He has written several books, including The Primal Blueprint, which incorporates aspects of the popular...

Duration: 01:08:18

How To Stop Over Eating For Good - Sep 12,2012

Tonights show is called "How To Stop Over Eating For Good" and my guest is NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist Steve Tromans. Steve is a specialist with eating disorders, specifically with bulimia, binge eating disorder, night eating syndrome and overeating in general and uses a unique blend of hypnosis, NLP and metaphor to help people to eat a more balanced diet and make food issues a thing of the past. Conquering the habits of comfort and over eating are essential habits to break if people...

Duration: 01:15:02

The Best Exercise For Fat Loss - Aug 15,2012

I am delighted to welcome to Weight Loss Guru Radio the great personal trainer Russell Turner. Russell is without question one of the top tainers I have worked with and his success with helping people get slimmer, fitter and healtheir is incredible. He is one of the most successful weight loss coached in the UK. On tonights show we will be answering the million dollar question "What is the best exercise for weight loss?" In addition he will be sharing with you tools, techniques and...

Duration: 01:07:25

The Obesity Epidemic With Zoe Harcombe - Jul 25,2012

I am delighted to have Zoe Harcombe as my guest on Weight Loss Guru Radio. Zoës passion is obesity and she wants to reverse the obesity epidemic. Her fascination with diet and health started with her brother developing type 1 diabetes aged 15, when she was 2 years younger. It doesn't take many occasions of sticking a needle into a loved one to make a connection between carbs, sugar and insulin. Zoë was the first pupil from her school to graduate from Cambridge University. She set out to...

Duration: 01:28:30

Using Your Brain For Weight Loss - Jun 01,2012

In this insightful podcast I interview Health and Fitness Porfessional Marcel Daana. He explains how we need to understand the makeup of our brain and how to change the way we think and feel in order to lose weight and be fitter and healhier. Marcel's passion lies in the realm of maximizing cognitive and physical performance by using an integrated combination of Neuroscience, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. His Post Graduate work in Neuroscience coupled with undergraduate degrees in...

Duration: 00:28:46