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Weird Bit 13 - Yellowstone Park's Zone of Death

If someone asks you to go hiking in Yellowstone, make sure you stay out of Idaho. Because that part of the park is 50 square miles of lawless hellscape. Welcom to Yellowstone National Park's infamous "Zone of Death."

Duration: 00:21:37

Episode 30 - The Shag Harbor Incident and USOs

Unidentified Submersible Objects - USOs - are just like UFOs, only wetter. Join us as we explore USOs, particularly the Shag Harbor Incident in Nova Scotia that is tough to explain away, mainly because Canadians would never lie about a thing like that.

Duration: 01:00:32

Episode 29 - Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?

Not only do we not know who put Bella in the Wych Elm, we are not completely sure what a wych elm is. Still, someone stuffed Bella in a hollow tree and immortalized her with graffiti. Let's figure out who.

Duration: 01:09:23

Episode 28 - Yog'tze! Or, How I Learned to Stop Fearing the People Out to Get Me and Run Naked Down the Autobahn

Why would a man run naked down the Autobahn and get run over by a car? Because "they" were out to get him, obviously YOG'TZE!

Duration: 00:54:41

Episode 27 - The Wolf Family Massacre - A Weird World Murder Mystery

No one knew who slaughtered seven people on a farm in North Dakota in 1920. That included the state Attorney General, but it didn't stop him from hanging a neighbor for the crime. Find out more about the Wolf Family Massacre - if you dare.

Duration: 00:51:30

Episode 26 - Born Evil - A Study of Psychopathy

Psychopaths are special, and they will tell you so. They might also murder you. Join us in a study of the psychopathic brain. Who knows, maybe you're a psycho too!

Duration: 01:12:36

Weird Bit 12 - Goopidity

Look, we all love the Goop website. Who doesn't need $315 ultra high rise skinny jeans or a $32 jar of patio oil moisture mist (if you don't know what it is you can't afford it). But a $66 egg that goes where? And will those stickers really "re-balance my energy frequency"? We call it "goopidity." And it's really goopid.

Duration: 00:27:20

Episode 25 - The Missing Teens of Toronto and Setagaya Murders - A Weird World Murder Mystery Double Feature

First we examine what happened to three seemingly "good kids" who went missing in Toronto at the same time - did it have anything to do with their friend found murdered a year before? Then we explore the Setagaya murders in Tokyo where the killer left behind his clothes, his backpack and his ... well, you'll see.

Duration: 00:58:19

Episode 24 - Cage Match - El Chupacabra v. The Jersey Devil

Two of the greats of cryptozoology square off in the grudge match of the century! These two don't like each other!! Join us as we explore the Chupacabra and the Jersey Devil and decide who would kick whose ass!!!

Duration: 00:48:17

Episode 23 - Mysterious Dead - Peter Bergmann

In the third part of our Mysterious Dead series, we end with the end of Peter Bergmann. When he walked into the Atlantic Ocean off Sligo in Ireland, did this mystery man mean to leave the world guessing?

Duration: 00:58:23

Episode 22 - Mysterious Dead - Isdal Woman

Part 2 of the mysterious dead finds the charred remains of an unknown woman burned alive in Norway. We know she spoke many languages, traveled to many countries, and had many names, but we don't know which, if any, were real. Permalink

Duration: 00:57:16

Episode 21 - Mysterious Dead - Tamam Shud

In the first of a three part series of mystery corpses, we start with Australia's Tamam Shud case. When a well-dressed man is found dead on the beach, police can't identify who he is or what killed him. Then it starts to get weird.

Duration: 01:40:23

Weird Bit 8 - The Great Gloucester Sea Serpent of 1817

Were dozens of eye witnesses wrong or was there a 100 foot sea serpent in Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1817?

Duration: 00:29:00