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10. Rasputin - The Mad Monk

Episode 10 is dedicated to one of history’s most enigmatic characters: Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. A man thoroughly integrated with myth, viewed as a monk, a healer, a mad man, a holy man, a con man or perhaps a strange combination of all these things. Set against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution, the tale weaves mysticism, seduction, betrayal, and murder together forming a narrative that has fascinated historians and story tellers alike for over a century.


9. The Matamoros Murders

An investigation into the disappearance of one man from the Mexican town of Matamoros revealed a greater and darker nemesis than authorities dared comprehend, leading them into a labyrinth of drug abuse, trafficking, and human sacrifice.


8. The Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials were more than what happened between 1692-1693, they were the result of a full spectrum of spiritual, social, economic, and cultural factors that would culminate in a year of paranoia, tragedy, and dark superstition. Discover the history, the theories, and the truth behind this tragic event in American History, as well as its surprising tie to your host. On What’s Weird This Week: Science says you can be your own twin, find out how that’s possible in this week’s...


7. The Romanov Massacre

The final days of the Romanov Dynasty is the culmination of centuries of political, social, and civil upheaval. This is a story that has spawned books, movies, cartoons, conspiracy theories, and of course, podcasts. Exactly 100 years after the massacre, interest in what happened that fateful night has not waned, and has even, perhaps, intensified. A story of poverty, resistence, assasinations, mysticism, and so much more - this is a tale that has, and will continue to be, told for...


6. Carl Tanzler and The Corpse Bride

When the ghostly apparition of a long lost ancestor revealed to Carl Tanzler the appearance of his soul mate, he spent his life searching for what he believed would be his one true love. The fairy tale ending, however, was not to be as one man’s love grew into a sinister obsession that even death couldn’t contain.


Richard Ramirez

We’re journeying into the dark world of serial killers for episode 5 as we examine the life, the crimes, and the capture of Richard Ramirez - the Night Stalker. What’s Weird this Week? Find out why some Canadian police forces have been going down the toilet.


Episode 4 - The Dybbuk Box

Centuries of Jewish lore nurtured this famous legend of a box that is haunted by a malicious spirit, possibly responsible for the entirety of the Second World War. Dive into the fascinating realm of Jewish mysticism, ancient folklore, and the crazy world of paranormal eBay buyers as we chat about the Dybbuk Box. What’s Weird this Week? A couple in search of paradise city winds up in parasite city and some unfortunate hitchhikers from the Dominican Republic.


The Cecil Hotel AKA The Tide Podcast

With decades of suicides, murders, and serial killer residents infusing its rooms, The Cecil Hotel remains one of the most notorious hotels in the world, occasionally referred to as simply, “The Suicide”. Once home to not one but two infamous serial killers, it’s no wonder that American Horror Story found it to be such a bountiful source of grim inspiration. Also in this episode I debute a brand new segment - What’s Weird This Week? Here’s a hint: This internet craze takes washing your...


The Black Donnellys

This week on Weird, a story of vengeance, sabotage, and vigilante justice - forever etched into Canadian history: The legend of The Black Donnellys.


Clifford Olson - The Beast of British Columbia

With no less than 94 arrests in his adult life, Clifford Olson terrorized the Greater Vancouver Area with his harrowing crimes. Dive into the sordid details in the opening episode of Weird.


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