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The Weirdball Podcast 56 (Imagination) - Thiago Macklin - Dystopian Sex

Thiago Macklin and I sketch it up. Music from: Vince Tampio You Bred Raptors And find Steiner at and on IG: @funnyfux, weirdball, and andrewbsteiner

Duration: 00:14:06

The Weirdball Podcast #55 w/ Allan Fuks (Conversation) - Virginheart​​​​​​​s

We talk troubled childhoods and losing our virginity. Allan Fuks - Music in order of occurrance: Old Eskimo - Calculations Los Doggies Forescream Me! (Andrew Steiner) - Floby Globy Style IG: @AndrewBSteiner , Vince Tampio - Sound Plan -...

Duration: 01:11:47

The Weirdball Podcast #54: PetSpace


Duration: 00:46:23

Weirdball 52: White, Black and Proud

Neko White and I sit in my Mom’s Prius on 116th and Madison in Harlem and discuss gentrification, race, and the relationship between the police and the black community. We also discuss God, Aliens, and Panspermia. Neko is having his 10th Anniversary of Comedy Show at New York Comedy Club Sept. 29th, so definitely go out and support. Tickets @ IG@NekoWhite93

Duration: 01:12:49

Weirdball 51: Jesus Made Great Tables

I get walked like a dog. We play a lying game and discuss buddha nature. Then we try to get all non-conceptual. Kevin and Chip reveal what it's like working with me. Jib Elliot and Johanne Blitz are professional fishermen and enthusiasts of Portuguese culture. This episode also features Chip Hall and Kevin Chen. If you're in or near NYC on Sept. 9th come out to my show. Stacked...

Duration: 01:04:39

Weirdball 50: Spectoral Analysis

David Spector (@RawSpectuality) is a comedian, writer, and all around talented guy. He just did the road with Kurt Mezger and has a show every Wednesday at 8:30 in Brooklyn at Cantina Royal. This episode was great. We argued about who's worse, Trump or Putin, led a fiendish meditation on the military-industrial complex, talked about my first gay date, and did a little quantum fiction.

Duration: 00:56:55

Weirdball 49: Japanese-American Prince

I'm Joined this week by the hella funny comedian Fumi Abe. We talking Japan, my obsession and his growing up there. We also meditate on the Dan Tien a' la Sogenji, and finish off with a sketch where Fumi eats a lunch in my pants as a Japanese who wishes he were Jewish. Find Fumi on his site @TheFumiAbe Hack City Comedy Every 3rd Wednesday @ Blackcat LES in NYC Music: Magokoro Bros De La Soul (feat Japanese Rappers) The Animaniacs King Suny Ade Freddy Green Tim...

Duration: 01:09:04

Weirdball 48: Neptune City Fights!

We call Ilya and he drops some black hole knowledge ( Sweet sketch where Brett does the best old lady voice in the history of acting. And a pair of psychedelic guided meditations. Brett Kline is a comedian, actor, writer, and general creative stud. He produces a show at Greenwich Villiage Comedy Club (The next one is August 28th.) Find him @Brettkline and As for me, I now have a monthly Live Weirdball at The Platform in Brooklyn featuring...

Duration: 00:40:45

Weirdball 45: Impersonating A Gyno

Nick Simmons is a Comedian and Body-building aficionado. Nick and I record at New York Comedy Club. We talking about (should be il-) legal wrestling moves. Nick drops a great story (see the title). We also meditate and do a short sketch. On IG @NickMSimmons. Come check out Weirdball Live #6. No longer in my basement, now at The Platform!

Duration: 00:32:12

Weirdball 43: Usama Is An Inspirorist

Usama Siddiquee and I talk motivation, hard-work, Bengali Nobel Poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, and The Mystic Musicians, The Bauls. Much love to Marshal Tucker and Billy Shears for all the help! Usama will be at Ervs on Beekman, NYC - Happiest Hour of your Life, July 25th 7:30pm You can find all his dates and comedy at and on IG: @UsamaBinLaughin If you want to support weirdball, become a patron at For a measly 2 bucks you get a slickly...

Duration: 00:39:31

Weirdball 40: Ian Fidance as Henry Miller, Public Dick

Ian and I write sonnets, meditate, and fight to the death in the 1960’s film noir classic, Henry Miller Public Dick. Featuring Lucien Formicella and Chip Hall. Ian is a brilliant comedian and actor and you can find him everywhere that is in harmony with the world. Also at , on IG @Ianimal, At The Fairfield Comedy Club the weekend of June 24th, In Philly June 27th, and in Kennet Square on July 15th. All info about Weirdball can be found at Come out to...

Duration: 00:38:04

Episode 23 (Reissue) - Eagle Witt - Racist Finger Puppets


Duration: 00:25:35

Weirdball 39: Ryan Bard in Unfit For Battle

Ryan is a comedian and runs a comedy show called Morbid Squirrel. We played Cowboysm Indians, and Animals, and hung out at McDonald’s where I drank milkshakes until I puked… on purpose. Dan Wickes joined us. Co-produced by Chip Hall and Kevin Chen.

Duration: 00:18:45

Weirdball 38 - Alan and Marc Silverman (GZF) - Worming Our Way Into It

GZF is Alan and Marc Silverman's band. I was in a few bands with Alan, and Marc is the blessed clown-angel of Nechanublim. In this episode we become worms, they lay down some tasty tune-a samwiches. Then Alan leads a Vipassana Breathing Meditation. ENJOY CUMIN POLU REH.

Duration: 00:28:02

Weirdball 37 - Maddy Smith and Dan Wickes in The Death Of Bob Dylan

In This Episode Andrew and Chip are joined by Maddy Smith and Dan Wickes. Nathan Badalov too! We delve deep into our visual minds and pluck forth sundry malformed sketches and preternatural images, oddities of the subconscious. Check out Dan Wickes and his beautiful baby, The Popped Collar Comedy Show!! See Maddy perform (She's awesome!)

Duration: 00:31:44

Weirdball 36: Chris Faga - The Intimate Cult of Scallops

Chris Faga from High Society Radio joins me (Steiner), Chip Hall, and Lucien Formicella, for some Mint Juleps and meditation, and sketches (featured in upcomings video episodes on YouTube and ) We also reveal some of our most intimate secrets.

Duration: 00:29:55

Weirdball 35: Solitary Refinement in Italy


Duration: 00:19:41

Weirdball 33: Amanda Daviner in Lovey Boo

This week's Weirdball is the supremely talented Singer-Songwriter Amanda Daviner. She also happens to be my Girlfriend and we love each-other a lot. That didn't stop her from tuning me up in a many-holds barred boxing match to the no-brain-damage-life. We also improvised some music, sing some Disney karaoke, and do a guided meditation to improve effortless performance from Kenny Werner's book Effortless Mastery. Find her at And on IG @aqtpi2 and @amandadaviner (for...

Duration: 00:38:34