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A tiny show about a big fruit company.

A tiny show about a big fruit company.
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A tiny show about a big fruit company.




7: The Shimmy

The story of how a YouTube video made Steve Jobs dance. Featuring Jonathan Mann and MG Siegler.Find all 2500+ of Jonathan's songs on his YouTube channelor on his Bandcamp.Download the fantastic credits song Jonathan and BMC wrote for the show (it's the new ringtone here at Welcome to MacintoshHQ).Music in this episode is by Jonathan Mann and the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder.Theme music is by Terique Greenfield.Thanks to Kolin Pope and Rob McGinley Myers for editorial assistance, and to...

Duration: 00:24:47

6: Somewhere In My Memory

For the past couple of years, Alex Kapelman has been plagued by an iPhone notification sound that constantly reminds him of one of his favorite songs. He goes on a journey to find out why — and learns that he's not alone. You should listen to more of Alex's music podcast Pitch, it's really fantastic.The amazing remix of Sloop John B and our ad music are by the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder.Theme music is by Terique Greenfield.This episode is brought to you by:Harry's: a great shave at a...

Duration: 00:15:18

Extra: Reviews of Siracusa County

A reflection on how John Siracusa began writing reviews of Mac OS X for Ars Technica.John's review of Infinite LoopJohn's review of OS X YosemiteBlog post announcing the end of his reviewsThis extra is brought to you by Backchannel: a better way for developers to collect feedback from beta testers of your iOS apps.Coming soon.Music for Welcome to Macintoshis by the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder.

Duration: 00:03:57

Extra: Compute!

"Downloading" programs in the '80s. Photo viaArs Technica GuestsJason SnellReferencesCompute! MagazineCommodore PETBASIC programing languageType-In programArs Technica article on Compute!'s type-in programsMusicMusic is by the mysteriousBreakmaster Cylinder.Brought to you by:Harvest: simple, beautiful time-tracking software. Use code MACINTOSH for 50% offyour first month.

Duration: 00:03:11

Extra: Itty-Bitty Buttons

Letting a button be a button. GuestsNeven MrganReferencesWelcome to Macintosh episode 1Gruber "Let a button be a button"Neven's At-Home Button TestMusicScoring for this Extra is by the mysteriousBreakmaster Cylinder.Brought to you by:Backblaze: Unlimited, unthrottled online backup for just $5/month.

Duration: 00:03:51

Extra: Sagan

The Power Macintosh 7100 and the BHA. GuestsRick LePageReferencesMacWEEK MagazineMac the KnifePower Macintosh 7100Carl Sagan"Billions and billions"Sagan's letter to AppleMusicScoring for this Extra is by the mysteriousBreakmaster Cylinder.Brought to you by:Backblaze: Unlimited, unthrottled online backup for just $5/month.

Duration: 00:03:29

5: Rumors

The Apple rumor mill. GuestsJason Snell@jsnellSix ColorsRick LePage@rlepageJohn Moltz@moltzVery Nice WebsiteMark Gurman@markgurman9to5MacRob McGinley Myers@robmcmyersAnxious MachineReferencesApple introduces MacBook at the March 9th, 2015 EventMacWEEK MagazineMac the KnifeCrazy Apple Rumors SiteQuicktime Live Attendees Wish Schiller had Pled the Fifth (Crazy Apple Rumors Site)Crazy Apple Rumors Site shutting downTim Cook at AllThingsD Conference in 2012Gurman's scoop on the 12"...

Duration: 00:25:52

4: Page Turner

It's the end of theMacworldas we know it. GuestsJohn Siracusa@siracusaHypercritical SiteAccidental Tech PodcastJason Snell@jsnellSix ColorsSerenity Caldwell@setterniMorePersonal SiteReferencesMacworld (Wikipedia)John Siracusa on Steve Jobs & the original issue of MacworldMac ClonesMacUser(Wikipedia)Macintosh II FXChandler Bing readingMacworldonFriendsMacworldto end print edition (NYTimes)Jason Snell: GoodbyeMacworldMusicThe theme music is byTerique Greenfield.Ad music is by Kebu.Scoring...

Duration: 00:21:23

3: Trip to alphaSyntauri

An Apple ][, a synthesizer, the movieTRON, and dolphins. Charlie Kellner playing the alphaSyntauri at Steve Wozniak's wedding GuestsCharlie KellnerClipsTRONDisc FightTRONLight CycleReferencesLogic Pro XApple ][Moog SynthesizerMountain Hardware Sound CardAppleCorps.v.AppleComputerFrank SerafineDolphin Research CenterBob MoogHerbie HancockBrian WilsonSteve WozniakInquisitive: Behind the AppPodcastMusicOur theme song is by Terique Greenfield.Scoring for the episode was performed on the...

Duration: 00:17:18

2: Sweet Solution

Apps before the App Store. GuestsNeven Mrgan@mrganmrgan.tumblr.comPanic Inc.Craig HockenberryThe 2007 KeynoteReferencesJohn Gruber's negative take on the "sweet solution"One Trip websiteApple Web Apps DirectoryGlyphboardPie GuyApple Design AwardsCraig Hockenberry, "Beyond Sweet"Craig's article onA List ApartC4 ConferenceiOS JailbreakingOriginal convoluted jailbreaking processesLights Off by Lucas Newman and Adam BettsTwitterrificXMLSteve Jobs's...

Duration: 00:22:50

1: Rich Corinthian Leather

The rise and fall of skeuomorphs at Apple. Episode TranscriptGuestsDave Wiskus@dwiskusBetter ElevationVesperNeven Mrgan@mrganmrgan.tumblr.comPanic Inc.ClipsMacworld 2000 Keynote AddressRicardo Montalban on LettermanReferencesSkeuomorph (Wikipedia)Corinthian Leather (Wikipedia)Apple's Aesthetic DichotomyThe New Yorker's profile of Jonathan IveDave's Macworld article predicting iOS 7's designEvolution of Vesper's designLetterpress GameOn Apple's Skeuomorphic UI TexturesSteve Jobs'...

Duration: 00:22:10