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Keeping up to date with Pop Culture is hard. We're here to help... kinda. Every episode is a riotous discussion inspired by the latest in Current Events, Pop Culture, and Internet Trends. Hosts Cole, Andy, and Dylan aren't concerned with being politically correct, and no topic is off limits on this explicit comedy podcast.






Ep. 40 - Lethal Coffee Injection (A True Story)

The boys wonder what happens if you inject coffee, so we find out! Spoilers, you die just like characters on Game of Thrones. Does Trump do cocaine? Can you marry beer? We answer so many of life's questions this week on your favorite comedy podcast.

Duration: 01:07:05

Ep. 39 - Juggalos, Our Nazi Fighting Heros

Get ready for the fight of the century folks, ICP is marching on Washington DC the same day as Trump rally. We're hoping for some serious nazi punching. Amanda Turri joins the show this week to about secret cults of chocolate milk drinking old ladies, the Wu Tang Clan, and Andy's special campfire technique. All this and more on your favorite comedy podcast!

Duration: 01:09:59

Ep 17. Let's Make New Mexico Late Again

We're taking a week off this week, but we wont leave you hanging. In this critically acclaimed re-run, we've got pride in New Mexico and all the weird things that are uniquely New Mexican.

Duration: 01:11:36

Ep. 38 - New Mexico's New World Record

New Mexico is home to a very long world record. Game of Thrones means something completely different in the south. Martin Shkreli is facing 20 years in prison. We check in on Subway's Jared, and prison is not going well for him. All this and more on your favorite weekly podcast show.

Duration: 01:04:35

Ep. 37 - The Awkward Question Episode

This week things get real embarrassing as we ask some tough questions, like: What are DJs really doing behind the booth? Have you ever pissed yourself in public? Ever get caught stealing? Had a threesome? We also learn about a ground breaking medical procedure, that could leave with a literal awkward boner. All that and more this week on your favorite comedy podcast.

Duration: 01:08:27

Ep. 36 - China's Teleporter Will F*** Up The Future

It's not a conspiracy, just a *hard* fact: teleporting will change everything from Fast Food to Sexting. Experts Isaac, Alyssa, and Renee, join the show to discuss the way China's new teleport technology could ruin everything. Plus Miley Cyrus is moving to New Mexico, Cole is tired of all the name Puns, and we tell some real ghost stories, this week on your favorite comedy podcast.

Duration: 01:11:49

Ep. 35 - In-N-Out Burger, Literally

Winter is coming this week, and KFC's brilliant Hodor TV ad inspires us to think up a few new Game of Thrones fast Food tie ins. Cole has some embarrassing questions for Dylan and Andy. We try to understand sports and, of course, there's a conspiracy brewing on your favorite weekly comedy podcast.

Duration: 01:07:09

Ep. 34 - Do It Live!

What do robot bar tenders, Bruce Willis, and The 10 Commandments have in common? We talk about all of them and more on this week's live episode of your favorite comedy podcast, Well Kept & Unclean!

Duration: 01:03:05

Ep. 33 - You Are Not Prepared! (For Rafting)

Get your go bag prepped and load up the raft, because it's time to go raving! Plus, we uncovered Uber's big secret, Dylan think he's met the real life inspiration for Tyrion Lannister, and Disney movies are f**ked up! All that and more on your favorite comedy podcast.

Duration: 01:06:51

Ep. 32 - You (Fidget) Spin Me Right Round

Special guest Mike T has a sponsored beard. We have fidget spinners, and 90's songs. What kind of mess while the gang get tangled up this time on your favorite comedy podcast?

Duration: 01:12:05

Ep. 31 - A Roller Coaster of Undeveloped Orgasms

It's sex ed week on WKUC, and genuine new father Isaac has some advice for the hosts. From genital injuries to safe sex tips, we've got you covered! Plus Urban Dictionary and more on your favorite comedy podcast.

Duration: 01:00:49

Ep. 30 - Trapped on a Plane with the Most Racist Man in America

Genius musical artist Issac stops by the studio to preview his new hit. Cole got stuck sitting to a racist guy for 4 hours on an airplane. It was a really bad day. Or should we say bidet? All that and more on your favorite comedy podcast.

Duration: 01:00:27

Ep. 29 - Cop Stories, Road Rage, and Lawsuits

We cover the latest Fyre Festival fallout, discuss our favorite times we almost got arrested, and rage at some roads. All this and more on your favorite comedy podcast.

Duration: 01:09:04

Ep. 28 - The One About Sturries (NSFW)

What's a Sturry? Listen and find out. Special guest Kelly joins us to record either the best episode we've ever had, or our worst... Also, we talk insane shit happening on capital hill, pro e-sports, and... someone might puke... This episode is definitely NSFW

Duration: 01:05:46

Ep. 27 - Powered by Ego and Bad Decisions

This week we take a look at the shit show that was Fyre Festival, and social media coverage of the failed event. We also have a very big announcement on this episode. Plus viewer mail and more on your favorite comedy podcast!

Duration: 01:06:09

Ep. 26 - Russia's Real Life Hunger Games

This week: Russia wants you to straight up murder people on TV and we get all SJW about it. Don't reduce us to a single body part because we're more than that! Plus viewer mail, and so much more on your favorite weekly comedy podcast.

Duration: 01:01:07

Ep. 25 - Remembering The YoYo

Remember the jump rope squad that came to your school as a kid? How about the YoYo team? Was it all just a ploy to sell toys to elementary school kids? Either way, YoYos were damn cool back in the day!

Duration: 01:10:28

Ep. 24 - Let's Pitch 30 The Fast and The Furious Sequels!

We pitch the ultimate movie crossover series, and the next 30 years worth of The Fast and The Furious movies. United Airlines gets the shaming it deserves.

Duration: 01:08:09

Comedy School with Nicholas Starr

Comedian Nicholas Starr schools us in the art of joke writing. We talk about some awkward situations, and the proper way to measure your favorite body part.

Duration: 00:58:55

Ep. 22 - They Call Me The Cornivore

We sign up for Farmers Only to get our country date on. Special Guest Sam poses a really hard "would you rather" question. We talk about a grammar conundrum and Trump in a truck. Ahoy matey, this comedy podcast is about to set sail!

Duration: 01:07:58

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