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A group of swell gals in LA chronicle their experiences when one of them gets diagnosed with breast cancer.

A group of swell gals in LA chronicle their experiences when one of them gets diagnosed with breast cancer.
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A group of swell gals in LA chronicle their experiences when one of them gets diagnosed with breast cancer.




Slip Into Our DMs

Welcome to the first episode in Danielle's new apartment! Danielle fills the gals in on her latest visit with Dr. Kwan, recaps what happens once you find a lump, and discusses her plan to find real answers about her fertility. Heather asks Danielle questions about group therapy, and also works through some feelings of her own. While Tana provides the hottest tips on caring for your cast iron, & where to get the best donuts in LA (Ms. Donut)! Also in this ep, developments on their gals...


Woman Scouts with @badcomixbyanna

The gals are joined by writer, actor, comedian, Anna Salinas, who is also the talent behind @badcomixbyanna (look her up on IG!). Anna is a great friend of the gals who is also Heather's comedy partner (they go by John Baxter Comedy and host a show at The Clubhouse in LA called the Pickle Hour AND are the current champions of UCB's Sketch Showdown - shameless plug forgive me!). Anna comes on to share her own personal experience of when her dad was diagnosed with cancer. Danielle talks about...


Natch Beaut!

Jackie Johnson, actress and host of the greatest beauty podcast Natch Beaut, joins the gals to talk not only skin care and cosmetics, but also share stories of moving to LA, going Vegan, Chooch, Disneyland and so much more! Danielle opens up to Jackie about her diagnosis, treatment regimen, and self confidence as she approaches a year since being diagnosed. Tana discloses how she snagged a mammogram, and Heather finally learns "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt". This episode will snatch your...


Nate Get the Bottle!

Swell Mama Toni joins the gals this week to talk pregnancy, birthin' babies, & of course BEWBZ! Danielle opens up about wanting children, and her fears surrounding her genetics and fertility. Toni shares her own experiences of loss. Tana discovers new found appreciation for her mom. And Heather tells the tale of how she landed her first Bob! This episode is jam packed with bravery, vulnerability, and rumors about Elvis Presley - you won’t be disappointed!


A Fine Road

Periods, menopause, pap smears, and therapy! The gals really seize the day in this one, and discuss the steps they are taking toward all their healths! Heather swears by Manuka Honey, while Danielle reveals some excellent cancer support resources. Tana opens up about a breakup, but most important, the gals learn how to grapefruit.


Baby One More Time

The gals catch up on what they did for NYE (hot hot goss!), and begin planning a gals getaway. Danielle opens up about her body image issues and the steps she's taking towards her emotional recovery. The gals gripe about the errands of adulthood, but most importantly the gals all open up about their PUBES! Also, spoiler alert, old man Britney Spears makes a cameo!


New Year's Island

Heather delivers some major news, while Tana delivers some major caughs! Danielle reviews the gals' homework, and they reminisce about their previous New Year's adventures. The gals also reflect on their whirlwind of a year, PLUS Danielle corrects a major Harry Potter snafu!


Little Diddy

The gals catch up after Heather's return from abroad. Danielle & Tana get ready for their trip to Disney World (Happy Birthday Hailey)! Danielle also provides a status update, & talks tumor markers! Tana talks about her recent trip to Florida!! Heather reveals she speaks many languages!!! The gals make Christmas plans!!!! AND BONUS there's a couple spooky stories in this one!!!!! Finally, Danielle gives Heather & Tana HOMEWORK, while Little Bob gives all of them a piece of his mind.



Vanessa Lavorato, gal pal and creator of Marigold Sweets, continues to educate the gals on the goings on of Cannabis, and gets Danielle to open up about fertility, dating, and the transition back to “regular life”! Tana sparks a discussion about a hot conspiracy theory. Heather has a coughing fit for no particular reason. Also on the floor are prophecies, THC suppositories, teen angst stories, and SPOILER ALERT Vanessa reveals that she’s been Cher this whole time!


Vanessa Marigold

This week on WTS we are joined by the one and only deliciously talented Vanessa Lavorato. Creator of Marigold Sweets and of Viceland’s Bong Appétit fame, Vanessa talks to us about all things cannabis baybee! Oils vs. edibles vs. smoking. Medicinal benefits. And Vanessa’s cannabis culinary arts origin story. Boy are you in for a TREAT (- but be careful how many grams you eat)!



Tana recalls how OG Swell Gal, Hailey Keen got introduced to the group. Hailey discusses how she felt when she first heard Danielle's news. Danielle opens up about discovering your Patronus, and her decision making process with treatment options. Ultimately, the gals get excited for an upcoming Orlando reunion, and Heather introduces a new game called, "Vulgarmort".


Best Dick in the Biz

Wise guy Hailey Keen joins the gals of WTS and “HO BOOOOY” does she not disappoint. Hailey shares her recent boob experience and (not so recent) struggles with anxiety. We find out the true reason why bras have 3 clasps. Other topics include: angry anonymous notes, guerrilla forging and healing oil. Why aren’t you listening yet?!


Tana Tears

Don't pour your own wine & fill the house with lemons because the gals get superstitious! Danielle is apprehensive about facing her surgery options, & opens up about her plans being disrupted. Tana opens up about not knowing what she wants, & the power of positive thinking. Heather opens up about the sweet deals at Costco, & doesn't cry BUT SOMEONE DOES! Better listen up because "excuse me, your life is waiting!"


Shoutout to Noah!

A very special episode packed with insight & inspiration! The gals are joined by super rad dude & amazing dad, Eric Capone, who's son, Noah, has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Eric shares his family's experience & also provides great info about LA Children's Hospital, Cannakids, stage 4 success stories, & more! Eric & the gals also bond over being street kids, moving to LA, & Jaguar Jumpsuits! Please donate to their gofundme! https://www.gofundme.com/zcshrd-noahs-fight


Party of Three

Danielle reflects on her experience watching Hollywood's depiction of cancer. The gals open a dialogue about exploring alternative treatments, and Danielle hesitates using "healing oil". MOST IMPORTANT, however, the gals shoot the shit about Solange dreams, laundry drama, and Whataburger! Also, what's Erik Von Detten up to? He up?


Test Icicles

"It" at the Arclight! Solange at the Hollywood Bowl! The gals discuss their fun adventures and deliver great news! Danielle gets vulnerable about what's next. Tana schools us on heavy metal. Also, don't google sepsis.


Ay Que Cute

Part 2 of Violet's visit! Danielle & Violet go over their methods to tame the Pink Devil's side effects. Danielle reveals some positive news! Heather feels up Danielle, and Violet drops some hard wisdom. Also, who is Mario Casas?! ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT.



Violeta's (Danielle's mom) in the house! She shares her experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer 21 years ago and the importance of having a strong support system. Danielle and Heather exchange childhood tales, express their excitement about joining the Feral Audio family, and gush over Violeta's cooking. Also cats! Ay que cute!


8 - Four Pokes Total

Fluctuating boobs! Pubic hair! Breast milk ice cream! The gals juggle all the hot topics in this one! But in all seriousness, Danielle goes over her new symptoms on “The Pink Devil”, walks us through the day she got biopsied, and answers a tough question. Also, Heather reels from a not-so-good audition, and Tana teaches us to love cooking!


7 - Simple Feet

BFFz4L Lauren and Tyler join Danielle and Heather while Tana’s in J-Tree! The gals discuss day 1 of “The Pink Devil”, and press their pals on how they felt when they learned of Danielle’s breast cancer. The gang reminisces further about their FSU days, and get real vulnerable about expectations, getting older, and farts.


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