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177 Dr. Cortney Warren - Honest Liars: The Psychology of Self-Deception

Change is difficult and terrifying in general. To make a huge, dramatic shift in your life is terrifying because what you do is so based on your identity and that's probably the hardest part about that experience. There's more to it than just quitting a job and starting something new; it's about answering the question, "Who am I now?" It's all about the identity and the most difficult fear to overcome is regret. - Dr. Cortney Warren JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST Doesn't it...


176 Ted Ryce: How To Deal With Stress & Overwhelm

Legendary Life sounds better than Legacy Life, but "legacy" is the word that I think about when it comes down to creating an ideal life. What do you want to be remembered for? For me, especially with everything that's happened with my family, I want people to feel like I really made an effort to make a positive impact. I struggle sometimes, but I know I'm on the right path to living a Legacy Life. - Ted Ryce JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST What does living a legendary life...


175 Mark Shapiro: The Art of Authentic Connection

What can social media be? We can either waste time on our smartphones with social media or we can invest our time in social media. That's what my birthday experiment is about. It's about investing time in relationships and giving our time, energy, and love away to others. - Mark Shapiro JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST Is social media helping you authentically connect or disconnect with friends and family? When you send or receive a message on social media, does it come...


174 Colleen Flaherty: Transcendental Training & Motherhood

Women go through so much mental and emotional stress while pregnant and that's something that we have to continue to address. It's okay that their bodies are changing; pregnancy is temporary, but motherhood is forever. Women need that positive reinforcement from their support system both in and out of the gym. - Colleen Flaherty JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST Should a woman be less or more active during her pregnancy? Because she's carrying a new human life, it's normal...


173 Michael Neeley: The Truth About #MeToo

Men can help the #MeToo cause by first listening to the women in their lives. In the case of my wife, she just wants to be heard. As men, we naturally want to fix things, but we need to remember to simply pause and just listen. Instead of going into a "fix it" mode, try to solve the issue together with your wife or partner. Solving is something you do together; fixing is what you do on your own. Ask her what you can do together to make things better. - Michael Neeley In the light of...


172 Dr. David Minkoff: Creating Sustainable Health In A Toxic World

It's no secret that the current condition of our toxic world makes it challenging to build sustainable health and avoid disease. This is also largely due to the fact that our soil and plants don't contain the same nutritional potency they once did. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST Even with a clean diet and healthy lifestyle, many people are still subjected to an extreme amount of toxic build-up. Much of the problem stems from unhealthy soils, polluted waters, and foods that...


171 Liz Germain: From Skinny To Strength

Emotions are meant to pass through; they're not meant to stay. If you avoid your emotions or try to forget about them through food, then they'll still continue to be with you. Process your emotions and let them out. - Liz Germain What has helped you through a difficult moment in order to find your happiness? Do you tend to turn towards yourself, a trusted individual, or a community when you need it the most? JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE:...


170 Dr. Kirk Parsley: Sleep Science For Better Health

Best of the best in physical intelligence: In today's fast paced society driven by the "hustle and grind" mentality, sleep is usually the first thing to go. With the demands of the modern world, what practical steps for sleep hygiene can we practice every day to get the most emotional, physical, and spiritual fulfillment we need to live life well? Everyone knows that a good night's sleep will make us feel better, but science is showing the impacts from chronic sleep deprivation are more...


169 Jeff Sanders: The Free-Time Formula

If I'm automatically defining my life as "busy," then what does that say about my life? Am I living the life I want to live or am I just filling my time with busy activities that ultimately makes me feel overwhelmed and stressed out? The process to better productivity starts by acknowledging where you're wasting time the most and then figuring out where to go from there. - Jeff Sanders When can too much ambition be a bad thing and how can you set healthy boundaries? In Wellness Force...


168 Dr. Greg Doerr: Connecting The Mind & Soul Through Movement

Functional Soft Tissue is a concept to help evaluate, treat, and stabilize soft tissue injuries through several different pathways: provocation, motion, resistance, functional positions or activities and proprioception. All of these pathways are neurological bombardments of the central nervous system which lead to the ultimate Control-Alt-Delete and reset of all of those tissues to allow for proper neurological function. - Dr. Greg Doerr JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20%...


167 Michelle Norris: From Healing & Growth To Paleo f(x)

As women, when we try to mimic masculine energy, we mimic it incorrectly. When we think that we have to be a man to have power and control, we actually lose our power. We actually have a lot more power when we're being authentic and real. We're not men and we shouldn't try to operate as men. We're women and we should try to operate as the women that we are. – Michelle Norris How can you let go of negative thoughts in order to find inner strength and make an impact on this world? JOIN THE...


166 Craig Cooper: Your New Prime

The message of Your New Prime is about how to get out of complacency in middle age and how to start thriving forward in life. So often we get to our 40s and 50s and we think that this is it and we can't change anything. However, my message is that it doesn't have to be like that. As you age, your focus should be about thriving, not complacency. - Craig Cooper How can men continue to perform after they've reached their physical peak? In Wellness Force Radio episode 166, Author, Venture...


165 Heather Hemmer: What's Healthy Eating Anyways?

Until you know how good it feels to eat healthy foods, your first instinct to eat healthy is because it will supposedly make you look good. However, once people start eating healthy, they keep coming back to it because people feel great from it and they don't want to lose that feeling. - Heather Hemmer JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE: WELLNESSFORCE Without even realizing it, your unhealthy eating habits could be an act of aggression in the form...


164 Anders Varner: The Yin & Yang Philosophy of Strength

Is it easy for you to go all out at the gym, but you always find it difficult to simply relax and be in the moment in other scenarios? Movement is medicine, but meditation is also vital for a healthy mind and body. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE: WELLNESSFORCE In Wellness Force Radio episode 164, Co-Founder, Strength Coach, and Movement Specialist of The Low Back Fix as well as Former Co-Owner and Co-Founder of San Diego Athletics, Writer for...


163 Justin Andrews & Josh Trent: CES LIVE 2018

What's your intention when it comes to using technology for wellness, relationships, and even your family or home life? In Wellness Force Radio episode 163, Founder of Axon and Co-Founder of MindPump Media, Justin Andrews joined Josh Trent at the Consumer Technology Association Show - CES to talk about the latest technology gear, devices, and developments in the world of health and fitness. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE: WELLNESSFORCE From...


162 Dr. Jordan Shallow & Dr. Jordan Jiunta: Movement As Medicine

There's no such thing as discipline; there's just love. You'll naturally gravitate towards what you love to do more. That's the deeper core mission; to find something in this world that you care about so much. Find your passion and live out your dream How can a smart training program and a skilled chiropractor help you heal and support you in your wellness journey? JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE: WELLNESSFORCE Discover the truth about the role...


161 Ryan Michler: What's Masculinity In The Modern World?

It seems that more and more men don't have this need to feel tough. These are men who are emotionally strong figures, but they also want to get more in touch with their feminine side. Unfortunately, society is still dismissing them for not being more masculine. - Ryan Michler JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE: WELLNESSFORCE As men, how can you specifically embrace your masculinity to help your family and community grow? In Wellness Force Radio...


160 Petteri Lahtela: Chronotypes, Circadian Rhythm, & Oura

The body is unique and so its response to different lifestyles depends on the individual. There's no guide that lets us know which path to take or what will happen when we make a decision. The Oura ring helps us reflect and become more self-aware. - Petteri Lahtela Receive A $100 Discount On Your Oura Ring Order *Use Code "wellnessforce" at Checkout Your mind and body do not react the same to physical activity and mental strain as everyone else. So, why should rest be any...


159 Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste: Digital Self Mastery

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158 Dr. Gil Blander: What Your Biomarkers Are Telling You

Today if you look around everyone is taking selfies to show off how they look, but actually only a select few of us are looking inside, trying to understand what is happening inside our most important machine. - Dr. Gil Blander With a huge focus right now across the world on diet and exercise, and with all the New Year's resolutions fading fast, how can we actually quantify and track our progress to know if the inspired health and wellness actions we're taking are truly making a...


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