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#019: Dave Booda - On Polyamory, Writing, and Intimacy

I sat down to chat with Dave Booda (@davebooda). He's the writer of the blog 'Boodaism', host of the podcast 'Darken the Page', a musician, and co-founder of "IntimacyFest". Listen in as we talk about: Polyamory, intimacy, the creative writing process, Bumble, bike tours, an unexpected piece of advice for men, and much more. Check him out: FB: Check me out: Socials:...

Duration: 00:48:13

#018: Dr. Paul Minifee - On Knowing Yourself and the Power of Writing

I sat down to chat with Dr. Paul Minifee (pizzo1004). He's an SDSU professor with a PhD in Rhetoric and a deep appreciation for writing and the pursuit of self awareness. Vulnerability, knowing yourself, book suggestions, fear, meditation, processing emotional events, and's all here. Check the socials: @courtneydiamond Check the site: For a free audiobook and 30-day free trial with Audible:

Duration: 00:54:45

#017: Keith Diedrich - On Starting His Own Gym and Motivation

I sat down to chat with Prime Fitness Training owner, Keith Diedrich (@pr1mefitnesstraining). We talk about how he started his own gym here in San Diego, what it takes to make big things happen, and how to start getting yourself motivated. Check his gym out: 126 Washington Street San Diego, CA 92103 Check out my blog: Check the socials: @courtneydiamond

Duration: 00:30:22

#016: Michelle Harman - Live Bumble Swiping, Halloween, and Answering Male Questions

I sat down for a quick and casual chat with my best friend, Michelle Harman (@mishka2386). It was Halloween! We chat about the holiday, do a Bumble swiping session live so that you can hear what we're thinking in the process, and answer a few questions that I've received from men on Instagram. Go to my blog for a post on how to create an attractive and effective online dating profile! Check out the site: Check me out on socials: @courtneydiamond Get a an...

Duration: 00:38:31

#015: Adam Lanser - On Living Life to the Fullest and Going with the Flow

I sat down to chat with Adam Lanser (@adam_agape). He's a photographer/videographer that has a lot of experience working with kids with disabilities and has now had the opportunity to do so in Peru and Paraguay. His story, how bad circumstances may not always be as bad as we think, the gift of remembering our mortality, paying attention to the signs around us, healthy habits, not letting fear stop you, Peru, Paraguay, and how we should always try to live our lives to the fullest. Plenty...

Duration: 00:59:03

#014: BJ McEvilly - On Work Transitions, Vegas, and the Single Life

I sat down to chat with my friend, BJ McEvilly. He's an animal trainer that's figuring out what his next move should be after a disappointing work experience out of town and his podcast, "Life Moves Pretty Fast", was the first podcast I was ever a guest on before mine even existed. We discuss how we feel about Vegas, the nature of jobs these days, dating people with kids, testing out new dating apps, and about the time I went to Vegas to meet up with a celeb's backup dancer for the first...

Duration: 00:45:14

#013: Jenna Lee Golden - On Florida and The Greatest Bad Date Story Ever Told

I sat down with my friend, Jenna Lee Golden (@jennajennaboomboom), who's back from giving it a go in Florida and...yo...she's hilarious and this woman keeps it real. Why she's not a fan of Florida, BUIs, manatees, a special guest, appreciating life experiences, me laughing too much, online dating through Bumble, and the greatest bad date experience ever told. But, so bad that it's good. You're gonna enjoy this one. Check her out on Instagram: @jennajennaboomboom Check me out on socials:...

Duration: 01:01:51

#012: Duane Bugg - On Oakland, High School, and Relationships

I sat down with my good high school friend, Duane Bugg (@dbugg510), to chat about a lot more than just high school. He talks about Oakland, making life changes, going through some crazy times, the importance of good communication, and relationships. It's real talk. He's self-proclaimed 80% good and 20% hood. Listen in for the details and I hope he puts that on a shirt. Find him on Instagram: @dbugg510 Find me on socials: @courtneydiamond Check the site:

Duration: 00:52:22

#011: Michael Muffoletto - On Extroversion, Education, and Redefining Happiness

I sat down with my old college friend, Michael Muffoletto (@mykal_laplante), to talk face-to-face for the first time since we left Chapman University nearly a decade ago. That makes me feel old. Introversion vs. extroversion, college life and roommates, judging people on appearances, not being good at math, education and what learning should be, the differences in generations, finding what you're good at, happiness, personal responsibility, and why fear of failure is silly. It's all...

Duration: 00:56:13

Late Night Q&A: Social Anxiety, Dating, Childhood, and the Future

A casual solo podcast. Maybe listen to it at night...because I recorded it at 2am. Join me in the late night, musing vibe. I answer some questions that I've received recently from listeners and talk more about the mild social anxiety I've been experiencing lately. Awkwardness, dating, the reasons behind our attraction, why I'm still single (you guys always gotta bring that up, so let's touch on it again), a little info on my childhood, looking for excitement, why I started podcasting,...

Duration: 00:24:53

#010: Andrew Easton - On Bodybuilding, Goals, and Self-Reflection

I sat down to have a long, late night chat with my natural bodybuilder friend, Andrew Easton (@easton_fit). He tells us about his fitness journey and offers a few fit tips along the way. Insight into getting into competitive bodybuilding, insecurities, self-reflection, setting goals, his EastonFit project, how much vanity is too much, steroids, keto diets, and trying to be your better self. It's all here. Check him out: Insta: @easton_fit Check me out on...

Duration: 01:25:46

#009: Austin Oducayen - On Millenials, DJing, and Modern Connection

I sat down with my friend and former roommate, Austin Oducayen (@aoproductions13) to chat on this beautiful Tuesday. Millennials, roommate chatter, he creates a new intro for me, not liking our own voices, movie talk, performing in a band, his new job as a family-friendly DJ, connecting in this modern age, and the fact that he's a grown up with a fiance now. It's silly...and it's all here. Check him out: Check me out...

Duration: 00:54:00

#008: Eric Schwartz - On Comedy Life, Branding, and Speaking Spanish

I sat down in Los Angeles, California to talk to comedian Eric Schwartz (@eeericschwartz) about all kinds of things. Comedy, Spanish podcasts, gender neutral songs, branding, auditioning for reality shows, the travel life, those times when you've got to pull over because you're sleep swerving, and...ya know...other things. Check him...

Duration: 00:58:57

#006: Billy Galewood - On Visiting New York, Comedy, and Humility

I sat down in Los Angeles, California to follow up with Billy Galewood (@billygalewood) on what he experienced while he visited New York for nearly a month to perform comedy shows and dive into his creativity. Check out Ep. 001 of this podcast to hear our previous convo that took place before he went out to NYC. Making big moves, LA, creative processes, escargot, being forward, stoicism, insecurity demons, guilt free foods, and general life chatter. It's all here. Check him out:...

Duration: 01:00:33

5 Ways to Overcome Insecurity

A quick one this week about some steps we can take to try and overcome insecurities when they show up. Join me next Tuesday for a new conversation and a new guest. The written version is up on my site: If this topic speaks to you, head over there to see links to additional reading about your personality type and keys to unlocking some of that inner confidence. Socials: @courtneydiamond

Duration: 00:11:13

#005: Michelle Harman - Answering Men's Questions About Women and Modern Dating

I asked Instagram men, "What question would you ask a single woman if you could ask anything?" I brought in my best friend and first female guest, Michelle Harman, to help give you your answers. Will women ever pick up on subtle hints? What are our major turnoffs? How do you get out of the friend zone? What makes a date great? Is there ever a good time to send a dick pic? Would we change men if we could? That's all here and more. Find Michelle on Insta: @mishka2386 Find me on socials:...

Duration: 01:02:01

#004: Kevin Kirk - On Becoming a Navy Seal and the Importance of Acts of Kindness

I sat down to chat with former Navy Seal and current President of the social media movement, He shares his journey to becoming a Seal, the importance of never giving up, and what led him to want to create a non-profit focused on performing acts of kindness. Visit to learn more. Find me on the socials: @courtneydiamond Check out the blog:

Duration: 00:43:13

#003: Jonathan Coyle - On Dueling Pianos, Yoga, and Relationships

I sit down on a rainy day in San Diego to talk to Jonathan Coyle (@joncoyle22). He's a dueling pianist at The Shout House, a yoga instructor, and a talented musician. Life, performance, the flakiness of dating, creativity, yoga, introversion, golden retriever puppies. It's all here. Find him on iTunes and YouTube under: Jonathan Coyle. Find me @courtneydiamond. Check the site:

Duration: 00:57:29

#002: Alex Hallett - On Volunteering and Re-Writing the Stories We Tell Ourselves

I sat down in Seattle, Washington with my old college friend, Alex Hallett. We talk about his experiences volunteering in several countries, music, photography, rewriting our stories, dealing with critique, and how to deal with times of struggle. Find Alex at: Socials: @thisisbodi, @sattvaphoto Find me at: Socials: @courtneydiamond

Duration: 01:10:40

Late Night Q&A: Dating, Fears, and the Definition of Success

Join me as I lay down and answer the questions you guys have asked me over the last couple of months while I was prepping to launch this podcast. We tap into dating, long distance relationships, when to text back, fears, drinking on a first date, defining success, weird dreams, attraction, and whether Diamond is my last name. Socials: @courtneydiamond Email: Site:

Duration: 00:27:03

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