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Price Johnston - Of War and Men - Netherhavyn Game Works - Work in Progress

Richard is joined by the totally awesome person that is Price Johnston, to chat about Of War and Men, their Kickstarter Campaign starting on the 27th February. We chat about Price’s past in the hobby, and what drove them to develop Of War and Men as well as some genuinely terrible accents all round. Of War and Men looks definitely worth a look and we will post an updated Kickstarter link when it becomes available. FREEDOM!!!! LINKS OF...


Peter Blenkharn - Inside the Box Boardgames - A Chat about the Sub Terra Campaign

A very honest discussion about the Sub Terra Campaign and the issues that followed afterwards. Peter’s Links. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [...]


Repeat Offenders - John D Clair - Edge of Darkness

John D Clair rejoins us on a return visit, and we find out lots about Edge of Darkness, coming to kickstarter on the 20th, as well as some new games John is working on and what ever happened to Squirrel Valley? All at the cool price of $78.37 LINKS OF NOTES +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you like what you...


Seize The Bean - Quality Beast - Dylan Howard Cromwell - Josh Wilson

Richard is joined by Dylan Howard Cromwell and Josh Wilson to chat about dealing in cardboard, interviews in coffee shops and cycling in Valencia without a care in the world while making expressos and having the best components ever. It was a lot of fun to do and the edit has been a real quick turnaround so if Richard sounds even more ridiculous than normal then WE APOLOGISE. LINK to the KICKSTARTER - YEAH LOOK = CUSTOMISED URL...


BezCast - Wibbell ++ - Kitty Cataclysm - Quick Start on the Kick Start

WE HAVE BEZ - HEAR HER ROAR ABOUT WIBBELL ++ , KITTY CATACLYSM AND MUCH MUCH MIAORE LINKS OF NOTES +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you like what you have heard, please take some time to Rate, Subscribe and Review us on...


Work in Progress - Karen Rubins - Comic Turns

Richard is joined by Karen Rubins, comic expert, artist and creator of the soon to be launched Comic Turns, which is an elegantly simply story telling card game suitable for all ages, and sounds like a lot of fun. Comics are a huge part of Karen’s life, so it made sense to trade cardboard for paper, and talk about all things in the frame, from Manga to Avengers Movies and how comics still have such an important role in the area of story tellling. Eventually we speak about Comic Turns,...


Repeat Offenders - Luke Hector - The Broken Meeple - Furniture and Storage Special

Richard is joined once again by the Broken Meeple himself, Luke Hector to talk about furniture, shelving, his videos, Charterstone, his film podcast specials and why saying you like Monopoly on your dating profile will mean a swipe in the wrong direction. Please check out the sheer mountain of content that Luke does in the links below and don’t forget to show him all the love you can through subbing to his channels and podcast. Such a delight. Links of...


Repeat Offenders - Peter Willington - Staying In Podcast - Ogre Videogame

Richard is joined by Peter Willington, former guest, absolute diamond of a man and member of the Staying In podcast, Producer at Auroch Digital and all round man of experience. This isn’t a normal episode, as we kind of chat about boardgames but kind of don’t really because sometimes, it’s great just to catch up and have a chat and a laugh on a lazy Sunday Morning. So this is a little bit different from the norm, but at the same time, because of that. It is that little bit extra...


Unlucky Frog Gaming - Ben and Josh - The Other Scottish Podcast.

Richard is joined by Ben and Josh from the other Scottish Tabletop Podcast AND THERE IS A SCANDAL. We chat gaming, kickstarters, place of birth, what they’ve been playing and watching Gloomhaven from afar. Really appreciated the time they gave us and for putting up with Richard’s chat for far too long. Please support their show as it is Amazing and worth your time. LINKS OF...


Monster Highway - One Day West Games - Bob and Ryan Craig

Richard is joined by Bob and Ryan Craig to talk about their Kickstarter Campaign Monster Highway and it’s just a whole large amount of silliness from the start. Please listen, please give their campaign a look and please join me in the wonder of unicorns popping bubble wrap… JUST listen.. ta LINKS OF NOTES One Day West Games - YouT [...]


Out and About - Dave Wright - Tabletop Scotland

Richard is joined by Dave Wright, DWARF sharer, Dungeon Master, Role Player (No LARPing) and one of the organisers of the Tabletop Scotland Event that will be running in September and will play host to a number of wonderful tabletop based events. We find out more about Dave’s past, his desire to run an event and the wonders and joys of the use of Spreadsheets. All very very awesome stuff. Find out more about the event in the links below and make sure you follow their social media for...


Derek Funkhouser - Druid City Games - BoardGame Spotlight

Richard is joined by Derek Funkhouser, part of the Boardgame Spotlight Group run by James Hudson and soon to be part of the Druid City Games Family. We chat about his origins in the hobby, travelling to Oz and becoming a fully paid up member of the cardboard club. We touch on his written reviews, kickstarters and his future with Druid City Games. Derek is a deligth to have on the show and we were very lucky he took the time to come on. Please check out the projects he is involved in...


Brandon Rollins - Pangea Games - Highways and Byways - Work in Progress -

Richard is joined by Brandon Rollins from Pangea Games who runs the Brandon the Game Dev Blog. We have a chat about how to force family members to play games with you, how Brandon developed a game and then found out about the hobby (true Story) He also chats about his road trip game Highways and byways, which is scheduled to hit Kickstarter in March. He is a brilliant guest, really interesting and a delight to have on the show. LINKS OF...


Episode 14 - Isle of Skye - Kingdomino - Catacombs and Castles and IRN BRU

Richard and Colin are back to bring the thunder at the beginning of 2018 and are here to chat the following stuff and things- Get to the Table Get off the shelf Dice Forge The Godfather Give them a KICK


Casey Hill - The Hill Game Company - Arkon - Work in Progress

Richard is joined by Casey Hill from the Hill Game Company to chat about Arkon, their Card Game coming to kickstarter on Feb 1st. We chat about Magic, art in games, the importance of play testing and including expansions from the beginning. It was a real interesting chat and we can’t wait to see what happens with the campaign. If you want to know more, check out the links in the show notes below. LINKS OF NOTES


Kira Peavley - Mark Burke - Western Legends - Kolossal Games

Richard is joined by Mark Burke and Kira Peavley from Kolossal Games to chat about Western Legends and Kami-Sama, both coming to Kickstarter in early 2018. We discuss favourite games, working together in the industry and the plans for the future of Kolossal, as well as what games you would take from Santa’s Grotto is he let you. Kolossal look like ones to watch and you can keep an eye on them by checking out the links below. LINKS OF...


Matt Evans - Creaking Shelves - Friends of the Show

Richard is joined by Matt Evans from the Fantastic Creaking Shelves and Richard had too much juice. The result is quite simply full of glorious giggles and nonsense and was a huge amount of fun. Please check out all the hard work that Matt does in the links below and please subscribe, follow and like all of their accounts as they are rather wonderful. LINKS OF...


Paul Grogan - Gaming Rules! - Friends of the Show

WARNING - I sound really distant because /i have a new mic and thought I had the settings sorted, but I sound a bit distant. Richard is joined by Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules! to chat through his career in the gaming industry, from something that became a hobby to writing rules, rewriting rules, and designing expansions as a full time job. We cover reviews, rules, Cons, Kickstarters, Designers, and all when this was nowt but fields.. I hope you enjoy the episode as Paul was a great guest...


Martyn Poole - Board Game Exposure - Robin Hood and the Merry Men

Richard is joined by Martyn Poole, reviewer for Zatu Games, Owner of the Board Game Exposure Brand and Designer of the Robin Hood and the Merry Men Boardgame, which hits Kickstarter early next year. We talk about Battleships, writing reviews with dyslexia, helping deigners find their voice in the Boardgame landscape and finally his future ventures into PR to help grow the industry. Martyn is an inspiration to those that want to achieve something through perserverence and work and he...


Mike Coleman - Rebels of Ravenport - Secret Weapon Games - Quick Start

Richard is joined by Mike Coleman of Secret Weapon Games to chat about his Kickstarter - Rebels of Ravenport. We chat with this Tony Hawks Champion about creating games during office hours and why a spreadsheet game would be boring and WHY ISAAC CHILDRES HAS RUINED THE SHOW FOREVER. He was a fun guest and please take the time to check out his campaign as it needs your support. Links can all be found below. LINKS OF NOTES Kickstarter -...


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