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We’re Only Human 25: How to Forecast Hiring Needs and Lead a Recruiting Team

How do you forecast hiring needs before you need to start recruiting? What’s the difference between working as a recruit and leading a team of recruiters? In today’s episode of We’re Only Human, Ben speaks with Kristi Jones, a sharp talent acquisition leader at H&R Block to learn the answers to these and other questions, such as how to build high-quality relationships between hiring managers and recruiters (hint: show them your data, don’t hide it). Additionally, we discuss how to create...


We’re Only Human 24: Learn How The Best Team Wins

What does it take to win as a team? How do we encourage each of our people to deliver the best performance without taking a bland “peanut butter spread” approach to management? Is there a secret to what high-performing teams do differently from the rest? In this episode of We’re Only Human, Ben speaks with authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton about their new book The Best Team Wins. Gostick and Elton have authored numerous books on team performance, motivation, and culture, and they...


We’re Only Human 23: New Research on Addressing the Skills Gap in the Workplace

The skills gap is a challenge for many organizations, but how do we address it? Read any news article and it seems as if the United States has a looming crisis on its hands around critical skills areas that we simply don’t have enough qualified workers to fill, and new research shows this is actually a global phenomenon affecting firms worldwide. For instance, 98% of workers in Brazil agree there is a skills gap, and two-thirds of them felt like it affects them personally! In today’s...


We’re Only Human 22: Using Referrals and Purpose: How AlliedUniversal Hires 90,000 Workers a Year

How does something as seemingly simple as purpose fit into a company’s hiring plans, especially when those plans involve hiring more than 90,000 people a year? That’s a core part of the conversation when Ben recently connected with Catherine King, VP of Talent Acquisition and Staffing at AlliedUniversal. The company is an impressive security services firm with 150,000 employees spanning the United States and serving in a variety of industries. The company also uses some interesting...


We’re Only Human 21: HR Tech Vendor Demo Makeovers with George LaRocque

Demos! Within the sales process, HR technology vendors often put more effort on prospecting and phone conversations than on the demos themselves. That’s why more than a dozen people recently weighed in on how vendors could improve their demo skills and delivery in one online forum dedicated to HR and talent technology. From demoing without context to discussing ROI and value, there was no shortage of issues and complaints about how technology demos are often run with HR software...


We’re Only Human 20: Growing a Company With Your Heart

Customers come first. Time is money. Tie it to the bottom line. In each of these instances, we think we’re serving the business. But what if we thought first with our heart instead of our head–could we still serve the business just as well? In this interview with Joe DeLoss, Head Fryer and Founder of Hot Chicken Takeover, we will deeply challenge your thinking on that concept. In this episode, Ben talks with Joe about the company’s rapid growth, unorthodox hiring strategies, and what...


We’re Only Human 19 - Lessons on Culture & Engagement from the Trucking Industry

Host: Ben Eubanks Guest: Randy Swart, COO, A. Duie Pyle What would you do if you found out that you were facing a drastic shortage in the primary candidates you hire? How would you work to retain the workers you have while simultaneously marketing your business to potential applicants? In today’s conversation, Ben interviews Randy Swart to answer these very real questions that he deals with every day. As COO of A. Duie Pyle, Swart helps to run the transportation and logistics company...


We’re Only Human 18 - How to Become a Chief Operating Trouble Maker in HR

Host: Ben Eubanks Guest: Jill Kopanis, VP HR, Dynamic Dies We’ve heard the “seat at the table” conversation repeated over the years, but what if that’s all just a bunch of nonsense? In this episode of We’re Only Human, Ben talks with Jill Kopanis, VP of Human Resources at Dynamic Dies, about what it takes to break away from that conversation and become what she calls a Chief Operating Trouble Maker within the business. During the show they discuss a handful of topics that will help any...


We’re Only Human 17 - How to Build a Performance Management Approach That Works

Performance management is one of the most hated HR systems in existence. Yet virtually every employer has a need to measure performance, set goals, and give feedback. So, what’s the right balance between a system that meets the needs of business leaders and one that meets the needs of the employees? In today’s discussion with Autumn Spehar of Stout Advisory, Ben delves deep into this question by asking Autumn to describe her company’s transition from annual, paper-based performance...


We’re Only Human 16 - The Neuroscience of Learning Content

Ask any business leader, and they’ll tell you they invest in the development of their workforce with the goal of improving performance. Yet the training and content delivery methods of the past aren’t keeping pace with the needs of the modern learner. No longer can you throw an hour of eLearning at a problem or slap a speaker in front of an audience and hope that knowledge will transfer and behaviors will change. What gives? In today’s episode of We’re Only Human, I explore three...


We’re Only Human 15 - HR Compliance vs. Being a Great Employer

HR compliance is a necessary evil in the workplace. Rarely do employers make it to the top of the “best employers” lists by handling FMLA or DOL regulations well. Yet time and time again we see HR professional flocking to sessions like “Top 10 Ways to Get Sued in 2018,” taking notes like this is golden content. Why do sessions like those attract so much attention when they don’t help employers create a more employee-centric, engaging workplace? In today’s podcast discussion, I get the...


We’re Only Human 14 - Reinventing Recruiting- An Interview with Terry Terhark

Tried to find a new job lately? It’s easy to feel like a rat in a wheel, running faster and faster yet getting nowhere. Despite this being a candidate’s market, it’s easy to feel like you are never going to get ahead of the game. In today’s conversation (click here to listen), Ben Eubanks interviews Terry Terhark, founder and CEO of randrr. randrr is a recruiting technology firm that is focused on meeting the needs of candidates and individuals by providing highly targeted job...


We’re Only Human 13 - Calculating the ROI of Human Resources

We’re Only Human 13 - Calculating the ROI of Human Resources Host: Ben Eubanks Guest: Mary Ila Ward ROI. Measurement. Data. Analytics. Each of these words has the power to strike fear in the hearts of many HR pros, because let’s face it–most of us didn’t get into this profession because we’re awesome at math, right? Seriously though, we can’t deny the power of data and evidence to prove the value HR can provide. Ben has often said that HR provides plenty of value to the organization...


We’re Only Human 12 - The Value of HR Certification: Q&A with Kristina Minyard

We’re Only Human 12 - The Value of HR Certification: Q&A with Kristina Minyard Host : Ben Eubanks Guest: Kristina Minyard The Value of HR Certification: Q&A with Kristina Minyard Should I get certified or not? What is better, the SHRM or the HRCI certification? How about studying–what’s the best option? HR certification is a big mystery for many HR professionals, whether they’ve been in business for a year or twenty. And it’s no surprise that it brings some angst–with pass rates...


We’re Only Human 11: Using Talent Mobility Tech to Create Employee Engagement

We’re Only Human 11: Using Talent Mobility Tech to Create Employee Engagement Host: Ben Eubanks Guests: Carsten Busch, Laura Fuller, Lumesse Why do employers often hire external candidates at the risk of demoralizing their qualified, competent existing employees? In addition, how does technology play a role in helping employees chart a career path that motivates and engages them in their work? In today’s episode of We’re Only Human, Ben Eubanks talks with Carsten Busch and Laura Fuller...


We’re Only Human 10 - Your Employees aren’t Innovative Enough

We’re Only Human 10 - Your Employees aren’t Innovative Enough Host: Ben Eubanks Guest: Ruth Veloria, Executive Dean of the School of Business, University of Phoenix According to a recent piece of research from the University of Phoenix, while new technologies have increased competition on a global scale, just 1 in 10 hiring managers say their employees excel at innovation. In addition, one-third of hiring managers say their employees lack key traits like creativity and...


We’re Only Human 9 - Sourcing, Recruiting, and Organizational Priorities

We’re Only Human 9 - Sourcing, Recruiting, and Organizational Priorities Host: Ben Eubanks Guest: Madeline Laurano, Co-Founder, Aptitude Research Partners Sourcing isn’t a new activity in the talent acquisition world. There have always been hard to fill jobs, but we’re seeing more of this kind of issue than ever before. In fact, a recent CareerBuilder study puts the cost of open positions at nearly $800,000 annually, tallying up costs that include lost productivity, low employee morale,...


We’re Only Human 8 - Using Books to Create a Shared Culture of Learning

We’re Only Human 8 - Using Books to Create a Shared Culture of Learning Host: Ben Eubanks Guest: Zach Rubin, Co-Founder, PBC Guru Books. They’ve been around pretty much forever, and that familiarity is one reason they are not as appreciated as some other learning tools. But don’t be fooled–there’s more than meets the eye. It’s been said that reading one hour a day will make someone an international expert in their field in 5-7 years. While that exact figure may be up for debate, it’s...


We’re Only Human 7 - Eight Ways HR Can Drive Enterprise Innovation

We’re Only Human 7 - Eight Ways HR Can Drive Enterprise Innovation Host : Ben Eubanks Innovation is often discussed as an activity available only to a select few people or companies, but it is an incredibly powerful tool for companies, especially when we seek ways to use our HR influence to drive a culture of innovation. In a research report published by the International Board of Innovation Science, Dennis Stauffer explored what separates wildly successful companies from the rest....


We’re Only Human 6 - Women Leaders Behind #HRTech Firms

We’re Only Human 6 - Women Leaders Behind #HRTech Firms Host: Ben Eubanks Guest: Lynn Miller This year’s HR Technology Conference had a new feature, the Women in HR Tech Summit. The event was a success by all measures (link to the recap episode below in the show notes), but one person heard about the summit and started to wonder, what do female executives in HR technology do differently? What makes them successful? What lessons can we translate to the HR community at large, helping...


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