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The CBC Radio Morning Show from Corner Brook serves listeners in Western Newfoundland and Southern Labrador.

The CBC Radio Morning Show from Corner Brook serves listeners in Western Newfoundland and Southern Labrador.
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The CBC Radio Morning Show from Corner Brook serves listeners in Western Newfoundland and Southern Labrador.




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Ferry tale - MV Apollo will stay on the Strait of Belle Isle ferry service for at least another year

It's aging, gets stuck in ice and has had its share of mechanical trouble. But Transportation and Works Minister Steve Crocker says MV Apollo (owned by Woodward Group and run by Labrador Marine) will serve the Labrador Straits for at least one more year.

Duration: 00:07:16

A fire in Corner Brook this week points out the importance of fire safety for apartment dwellers

Firefighters in Corner Brook rescued four people and two dogs trapped by a house fire this week. Deputy Fire Chief Craig Harnum says the incident points out the need for residents and property owners to take precautions against apartment fires.

Duration: 00:12:54

Lauchie McDougall's mural causing controvery.

A Corner Brook business wanted to cover up Lauchie McDougall's mural that was painted 20 years ago, but they are having a change of heart. Gary Moore speaks with Chad Anstey, the artist.

Duration: 00:07:54

Corner Brook's Downtown Business Association is working on helping to save the Lauchie McDougall mural

Corner Brook's Downtown Business Association is working with the owners of Louis Gee's Pizza to see if a deteriorating, history-themed mural on an outside wall can be saved from being covered up as part of renovations. Nicole McKinnon is with the DBA.

Duration: 00:08:10

Marble Mountain announces plans to revamp operations at the ski resort, including lowering prices.

Marble Mountain Development Corporation's interim board of directors says big changes are coming to the hill this winter, as a part of plans to make the facility more financially self-sufficient. Interim chair Tony Abbott spoke with Bernice Hillier.

Duration: 00:10:04

The library at Grenfell Campus has cut its hours of operation. The students' union speaks out, and the admin responds

Students at Grenfell Campus will spend less time at the campus library this year, because Memorial University has cut back on library hours. Alex Wicks is with the students' union, and Ivan Emke is acting vice president at Grenfell.

Duration: 00:12:38

Jim Parsons and Charles Pender are vying for the mayor's chair in Corner Brook

Jim Parsons and Charles Pender are running for mayor of Corner Brook in the Sept. 26 municipal election. CBC heard from each of them when they announced earlier this year that they planned to run. They spoke with Bernice Hillier on Friday, Sept. 22.

Duration: 00:12:31

Bathing in filth and tired of it - people in Margaree, near Port Aux Basques, speak out about their dirty tap water

People in Margaree are tired of the town's water system. Margaree been under a permanent boil advisory for 20 years, but pictures on social media of dirty water have brought tempers to a boil. Edwin Northcott of Margaree spoke with Bernice Hillier.

Duration: 00:05:53

Where once they shopped, we stand. An exhibition at a Corner Brook art gallery features images of the store that used to occupy the site

Remember the old Corner Brook Co-op store? The site is now the location of the new City Hall, Public Library, and Rotary Arts Centre. Emily Critch's art exhibition at the RAC features images of the old Co-op, and she told Bernice Hillier about the show.

Duration: 00:07:05

A Facebook group in Corner Brook takes steps to prevent people from abusing others' generosity

The Pay It Forward Corner Brook Facebook group has had to take steps to keep users from taking undue advantage of others' kindness. Users now have to agree to a contract before they can get help. Group administrator Traci Park spoke with Bernice Hillier.

Duration: 00:07:38

A fun vacation back home turned into a nightmare for one pet owner.

A Jackson's Arm woman is trying to find the person responsible for the death of her pet. When she was hiking along Western Brook Trail one of her dogs was viciously attacked by another. Katherine Ralph speaks with Gary Moore.

Duration: 00:08:56

Grenfell Campus wants you to sign up for its new Indigenous course just for the fun of it.

Grenfell Campus has a new course it's offering to the general public to either take for credit or just for the fun of it. It focuses on Indigenous autobiographies.Kelly Anne Butler is the instructor and she speaks with Gary Moore.

Duration: 00:08:11

Katarina Roxon is featured in promotional photos throughout the Avalon Mall as part of their 50th anniversary campaign.

You may have seen her somewhere else, out of the pool and away from athletic competition. Katarina Roxon is featured in promotional photos throughout the Avalon Mall as part of their 50th (or gold) anniversary campaign.

Duration: 00:07:09

Port of Stephenville has great plans for the future

The local port facility has just been re-branded from the former Port Harmon to the more obvious Port of Stephenville. Theresa Keeping-Benoit is president and CEO of the Port of Stephenville and she speaks with Bernice Hillier.

Duration: 00:06:46

Win-win: The NL West SPCA will get help from the City of Corner Brook to move into a new shelter

The NL West SPCA animal shelter in Corner Brook has seen better days, so the SPCA's Frances Drover is glad to hear they'll take over day-to-day care of animals impounded by the City. In exchange, the City will help the group move to a new shelter.

Duration: 00:07:23

A Pasadena woman returns home after helping fight the forest fires in British Columbia

Forest firefighter Stephanie Pinksen of Pasadena has been helping fight the wildfires in British Columbia. She just returned home after an assignment from the NL government to help out, and she spoke with the CBC's Bernice Hillier.

Duration: 00:05:51

Ottawa is changing tax rules for corporations, and that could affect YOUR family doctor

Ottawa has said it will crack down on corporations, making it harder for wealthy Canadians to avoid paying high taxes. But the proposed new rules will affect the way many doctors operate their practices. Dr. Lorena Power is a family physician in Pasadena.

Duration: 00:08:29

Sediment under a pond could shed light on the lives of ancient Indigenous peoples in Port au Choix

An archeology project in Port au Choix explores the lives of the Groswater people who lived there 28-hundred years ago. This year, the focus is on a pond near the site. Archeologist Patty Wells spoke with Bernice Hillier.

Duration: 00:07:25

The mother of a boy with autism offers her thoughts on inclusive education in NL

This week's report on education in NL highlighted problems with so-called "inclusive education." Anissa Bennett knows them well. Her 8-year-old, Dylan, has been sent home many times after attending only partial days. She spoke with Bernice Hillier.

Duration: 00:08:20

ICYMI: A new art exhibit explores how we Newfoundlanders and Labradorians see ourselves - and how others see us

Icebergs, whales, clotheslines...A new art exhibit asks: is that really what Newfoundland and Labrador is, or are they just images from tourism videos? Robyn Love curates the exhibit "Newfoundland: Real and Imagined" in Gillams, Bay of Islands.

Duration: 00:06:22

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