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Super Bowl Recap and What's Next - Episode 8 - 02/04/2018

It's the day after Super Sunday so the guys break down the game and give their insights and analysis on the game. They discuss which team of the lesser evils they rooted for along with the future of Nick Foles and what happened to Malcolm Butler. With the Super Bowl over it's almost baseball season. Finally, the guys end with basketball talk and the impending trade deadline and what moves might be made.


The Drafting of Drafts - Episode 7 - 01/25/18

The guys begin by shooting the breeze with terrible trends that have surfaced across the country. They are joined by a guest to the mix and draft their starting NBA All Star teams as if they were Steph and LeBron. Finally, they move to drafting their own baseball team with the remaining free agents to make their own rosters.


Episode 6 - 01/18/2018

Today the discussion revolves around All-Star games of the major sports of the United States. Before they talk about those, they take on a tweet from Andrew Baggarly and his proposition about baseball losing young fans and a third of teams are not trying to win anymore. Once they move into the All-Stars, Kyle and Donald banter back and forth about problems and solutions to each sport's All-Star game such as different games, celebrity players and celebrity refs, and NBA coaches versus refs.


Episode 5 - 01/15/2018

In today's episode, the guys have a special guest on to talk through this weekend's great story lines and highlights in the NFL playoffs. Then we discuss the representation of women in sports: wage gaps, coverage, marketing, and more!


Episode 4 - 01/11/2018

Today, Donald and Kyle discuss the latest antics from Lavar mean the Lakers should deal Lonzo and how Bill Belichick would have done if he coached the Browns in 2017. The rest of the podcast is filled with highly debated conspiracies such as the bloody sock, Jordan's first retirement, and the Lakers and Celtics in 2008 and 2010 NBA Finals. The guys end the episode with their predictions for the NFL playoffs and whether the Vikings should open the roof or keep it closed. Finally, they end...


Episode 3 - 12/14/2017

In honor of Star Wars coming out tomorrow, the guys talk about the Army/Navy snow game and the Bills/Colts game on Hoth. Today the guys cover the AL West preview for the 2018 season. The A's need a couple new additions to become competitive again. The Astros are going to be good again and their Texas counterpart have many pieces to fix to be competitive. The Mariners are in the same boat as the Rangers, and the Angels are bolstering their rosters. Finally, they hit on Out Routes and add...


Episode 2 - 11/16/2017

Donald and Kyle add two new segments including "Best Thing of the Week" and "Out Routes" to the podcast. Steve Kerr's interviews with the media and Jose Altuve's letter to JJ Watt. Today, they give a preview of the NL West looking at the five teams and what their future holds. Trade talks of Giancarlo Stanton and his best fit. Could it be the Giants or Dodgers? Finally, in Out Routes, they blast the twitter accounts of the City of Charlotte and Dwight Howard and look at other headlines...


Episode 1 - 11/13/2017

In their first ever podcast, Donald and Kyle discuss college football's big games between Miami vs. Notre Dame and Georgia being upset before taking a look at the new AP poll. In the NFL, the NFC and AFC West boil down to a couple teams. The guys make predictions on the Monday night game and talk about the playoff picture. The NBA has a potentially interesting playoff matchup between the Warriors and Thunder. The Kings and Lakers have a bright future with young talent on the rise.