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Episode 28: Discussing Dabs with Waken Blake

This week, host Will Hyde is joined by Blake Stango, Warehouse Coordinator for Leafly. Blake breaks down his love for dabbing, some things those new to dabbing should avoid, and shares a few tips to get the best dab possible. Will and Blake break into the mailbag to answer a few questions from the audience and share what they are currently dabbing on.


Episode 026: How Cannabis Gets Tested

This week, host Will Hyde is joined by Bobby Hines, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer for Confidence Analytics, a Washington-based cannabis testing lab. Bobby shines a light on how testing is conducted, how tests are evolving, and what consumers should be looking for—and looking out for—in their cannabis products. He even shares some growing tips, like how to keep indoor plants from getting "lazy" by building miniature droughts into a watering schedule.


Episode 026: Exercising with Cannabis

This week on the show, Leafly editors Rebecca Kelley and Hannah Meadows join Will to talk about integrating cannabis into an exercise regimen. What kind of high pairs well with a runner's high? How can cannabis work in concert with your yoga routine? What products will help you recover from a workout? We've got suggestions that will help you kick it up a notch at the gym, and then kick back on the couch like you've really earned it.


Episode 025: Dispensary Dispatch - Portland, Oregon

This week on What Are You Smoking, no one is in the studio, because Bailey, Will, and Jeremiah are down in Portland, Oregon, visiting dispensaries and getting a taste of a slew of new products. It's a real ghost town in here, ladies and gents. That's not going to keep us from recording an episode, though! Our dedicated cannabis experts called in from the Rose City to share what they're smoking, offer thoughts on the dispensary experience in the Beaver State, and provide tips on where to eat...


Episode 024: California Legalization, One Month In

Leafly news editor and co-host of The Roll-Up podcast Ben Adlin joins Jeremiah and Will to talk about what's happening in California following the first month of adult recreational legalization. What's changing in one of North America's most mature cannabis markets following legalization, and how will those changes impact consumers? What challenges face dispensary owners trying to get licensed? What's keeping cannabis farmers in the state up at night? We'll learn about all of these issues...


Episode 023: Cannabis Science with Nick Jikomes

Leafly's chief scientist, Nick Jikomes, joins Will and Jeremiah to discuss the latest in scientific research surrounding cannabis. What questions are researchers asking? What problems do scientists face when studying cannabis? What role could cannabis play in helping to stem the opioid epidemic? This episode, you'll get answers to all these questions and more, as well as finding out what our favorite neuroscientist is smoking on these days--and what he looks for in a flower.


Episode 022: How We Rate Strains

Will, Jeremiah, and Bailey explain how Leafly's cannabis experts rate strains. Learn what goes into a test, what factors are taken into account during a review, and how our panel comes together on a final number for the strains we rates. And, of course, what those numbers mean and how they can help you choose a strain. And of course, we explore what everyone is smoking these days, including minty tinctures, homemade rosins, and a combustion-free cannabis inhaler.


Episode 021: Looking Ahead to 2018

The crew makes their predictions for what 2018 will bring to the world of cannabis, including: a growing divide between craft cannabis and big concerns, a continuing shift in demographics, and a major expansion among home growers. Jeremiah, Bailey, and Will also share what products they want to see more of in the new year, including new and better cartridges, flavor focused products like Fresh Terps, and solventless hash. As the gang closes on the joys of dabbing with quartz, pressing your...


Bonus Interview - Tim Blake at The Emerald Cup

What Are You Smoking? will be back with brand new episodes in 2018. Until then, take a listen to host Will Hyde's interview with Tim Blake, the founder and driving force behind California's iconic Emerald Cup cannabis competition. Check back soon for new episodes, and if you just can't wait, remember that you can also catch up on previous episodes of both What Are You Smoking? and The Roll-up on Leafly's Podcasts page.


WAYS Episode 20: Cannabis Cocktail Time

Looking to liven up your happy hour with a THC-tinged tipple? Leafly's cannabis experts are here to share some of their favorite recipes and products for making cannabis infused cocktails, mocktails, punches and more. In this episode: Brett relates a cautionary tale about homemade tinctures, Jeremiah's relentless war on fruit and vegetables takes a brief ceasefire to praise the maraschino cherry, and Will makes the most of Leafly's office bar cart.


Episode 019: Getting High with Your Grandma

With the holidays upon us, the gang discusses how to talk to your family about cannabis, recommends their favorite ways to introduce consumption to newbies, and talks travel gear for taking your show on the road. What Are Your Smoking? rookie Hannah Meadows suggests CBD products for dogs AND people. Brett shares some of her favorite cannabis edibles and drinkables. Jeremiah explains the role fruit gummies play in his personal food pyramid. How he wards off scurvy, though, remains a mystery...


Episode 018: The Marinara Incident

Rebecca shares a new food-obsessed feature, Munch Break. Will breaks this whole "single-serving cereal" thing wide open. Bailey confesses to a crime against snacking, but regrets nothing. Then the whole team breaks open a MunchPak and feasts on its crunchy insides. What's giving us the munchies this week? Lemonder, one of Washington's top THC-rich strains, the portable and powerful Pax Era, and Snickerdoodle cookies from Goodship, which stands to be the start of a real vicious cycle.


Episode 017: "Headband & Chemy Jones, Sugar Foot!"

The WAYS team wraps its head around Headband from Black Label Cannabis, dips into some dabs from Dorado Extracts, and announces the release of Leafly's first book.


Episode 016: Like Stoney Go-Gurt? For Shizzle

This week the WAYS crew does a little Do-Si-Dos with Royal Tree Gardens and Ted Youngs from Pure Joy Family Farm stops by to talk his farm’s take on healthy edibles.


Episode 015: Don't Drink The Bath Water

The gang sparks some delicious Chocolope from Gabriel Cannabis, Brett shares her experiences with infused bath soaks, and Jeremiah shares his love for the Magic Flight Launch Box.


Episode 014: Brandywine, Presidential Kush, and Why Strains Have THC Limits

In this episode Jeremiah, Bailey, and Will spark some Brandywine and Presidential Kush while they sip on infused apple cider and discuss why strains have a limit of THC and CBD they can produce.


Episode 013: Canadian Vapor Lounges and Infused Potato Chips

Will and Brett recap their experience at a Toronto vapor lounge and discuss Canadian legalization. The crew sparks some Mimosa from Symbiotic Genetics, snack on some infused potato chips, and discuss if you can infuse shortening to cook with.


Episode 012: Hanging With Josh D, Creator of OG Kush.

Legendary grower Josh D joins the WAYS crew to talk strains, strain history, and how a happy accident led to the first Bubba Kush.


Episode 011: The Fweedom to Try 100 Strains

Brett and Will discuss the challenge of Leafly's "100 Strains You Must Try Before You Die" list; an adult-use retailer tells all; and Brett takes her mom on a first-time dispensary visit.


Episode 010: Dabbing With A Tribe Called Red

Will shares a sesh with DJ NDN of A Tribe Called Red, the WAYS crew taste some cake icing, and Bailey walks around with a nug stuck to her beanie.


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