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Season 1 Episode 19 Marketing Automation

As we debate and conversate over the Marketing Automation that takes a significant role in today's business world. We are honored to have back on the show Justen Merc and Kim Richards Waisome!! As they bring their expertise to the table, we also throw in some great tunes as always! This is a episode that effects us all from Real Estate, Finance, Insurance, Estate and divorce attorneys alike. We would run out of room if we stated every person this episode can help in building retention to...


Season 1 Episode 18 Rain comes and goes

Another great episode of What Benefits You podcast in season 1 episode 18 Rain comes and goes! This episode is going to start your Friday off right everyone! So check it out with Anica McKesey out of the Inland Empire in California and Rose Tausaga out of San Diego! Our guest speakers are giving some great tips when it comes to property and casualty insurance and the Real Estate industry of Cali which is King! Rose is a hustler when it comes to her industry by helping her clients find a...


Season 1 Episode 17 Chasing the Dream

This episode is going to be a great one, we went ahead and added more music in to kick off this Monday great. Also we have two amazing guest speakers Kim Waisome out of Virginia Beach, Virginia and Amanda Asquith from New South Wales yep that's right everyone we have Australia in this show!! So make sure you take some great notes Kim will be giving us some great advice on the Health and Wellness industry. While Amanda speaks to us about the strength of great writing skills and how they...


Season 1 Episode 16 The American Hustle

You got it we are going with the American Hustle today! It's Friday and we got Kama Thomas and Todd Schroth on the show today! Both hustlers in their states of California and Florida, we have the Real Estate from both coasts telling us what they do to be the hustlers they are. Both realtors show what they do for their clients to get them in the home of their dreams. Ways that their teams bring the money to the MLS. Also the great marketing ideas that Todd brought to the show is one that...


Season 1 Episode 15 Professionals in the Midwest

Join us on this great episode to kick start your week! Our guest speakers Darryl Morris and Sylvia Ann Guerra tell us about their great Real Estate business and how they have built their business over the years that they have been in the industry. We will also be going over six awesome traits to have that will help you build your business even stronger! Enjoy the great music as you start your week and enjoy the show!


Season 1 Episode 14 Innovating the Big Screen

An episode that subscribers to the podcast have been waiting for it is finally here! Innovating the Big Screen with our guest speakers Kyle Hester and Hilton Ruiz both icons in the Indie Film Industry! This is going to be a great show everyone so make sure you tune in and we even go over the importance of web presence for everyone to tune into and check out the great tips for you and your business. Make sure you leave us a great review on the platform you are listening in on.


Season 1 Episode 13 Health and Wealth

Another great podcast episode with our guest speakers Angus Burke from Vancouver, British Columbia and Erin Sexton-Sherwood from Norfolk, VA. Both specializing in their own industries with Angus and his great fitness company and Erin with her real estate company. While we also touch base on how a healthy living can increase your bottom line as an employer and an employee. So tune in, enjoy the great music, and remember to leave a great review!


Season 1 Episode 12 Grinders are more than just sandwiches

Welcome back everyone to another great podcast episode! We are welcoming in Michelle Fedrizzi and Teresa Karam and their knowledge in their California industries. Michelle bringing a great holistic approach and Teresa and her Orange County real estate work ethic. Tune in for a great episode as you enjoy your Friday and as we speak on some great tips of starting a business while working a 9 to 5 job. Tune in and remember to give a written review on the platform you are tuning in with.


Season 1 Episode 11 Branded tech educators

Episode 11 of our podcast, this is only the beginning so tune in for a great show with Nick Mitchell and Felicia Young as our guest speakers! These are two individuals that put their students and players above all and want the best for their higher learning. Tune in as we go over personal branding and how you can improve your look in business and personal. As we enjoy some new music by Gyptian and Vybz Kartel as well. So whether you are on your way to work, at work, or just needing...


Season 1 Episode 10 Bright futures cost money, you ready?

Another great episode of What Benefits You as the podcast is joined by two amazing guest speakers Nichole Rhodes and Deshonda Coleman! Nichole joining us from Florida and Deshonda out of the great state of Louisiana! We also go over college funding and go over some great tips when looking at easing the saving process of such a big investment! Remember to give us a great review on your podcast platform and check out our crowdfunding to help us build an even bigger audience that can benefit...


Season 1 Episode 9 Buying dreams and investing in them

We have a great podcast for you today! We have Deb Lord out of Arizona and Susana Rhoades out of California, bringing their knowledge and expertise to the show! Covering Reverse mortgage tips and the importance of retirement. What is the difference between baby boomers and the millennial generation? We will be going over that in the show! So tune in and make sure you leave a review.


Season 1 Episode 8 Beautiful women of the workforce

Another great episode of What Benefits You podcast! Joining us today as our guest speakers will be Carey Yazeed and Nhakia Outland. Carey out of Louisiana and specializes in assisting transitioning women in the workplace. While Nhakia out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania specializes in health and sex education. While we touch bases on getting a great work to life balance with you career and personal life.


Season 1 Episode 7 Health, it effects you!

Coming for another great episode of the What Benefits You podcast. Our guest speakers this episode are Emily Edwards-Thomas and Audrey Grunst. Emily is a specialist in her field of Social Work as well as adding a healthy twist into her company, take notes on this one she has some great info! Audrey also in the field of Social Work brings her knowledge from the great state of Illinois. Enjoy the Show!


Season 1 Episode 6 Paradise and the dream makers

Our guest speakers today are Mark Dudek and Aleksander Chernin. Mark owns his own custom landscaping business out of North Carolina, bringing paradise to everyone and their own backyard. Aleksander owns his own Real Estate brokerage in Maryland where he helps his clients have the home of their dreams. This episode is going to be a great one, teamed up with Zachary Kirkland is Meisha Johnson and they speak about the negative effect of procrastination and the effects it has on your dreams,...


Season 1 Episode 5 Is this a buyer's market?

Guest speakers Claudia Miramontes and Megan Milem bring their expertise in the Real Estate market. Giving us great tips and insight on what to look for in the market and what can help you in getting the home of dreams just that much quicker! With Claudia coming from the Los Angeles area one of the most busiest and well known Real Estate markets in the world! She helps us understand the process that is gone through from a notary point of view. Then we have Megan coming from the oasis in the...


Social Media Mania!

Guest speakers Justen Merk and John Tomines bring their expertise and knowledge in the Social Media market!! Justen from Phoenix, AZ owns his own graphic design business and built it up from the ground up he gives us some great tips on social media. John from the Inland Empire in SoCal brings his knowledge from Social Media and Real Estate. Tune in and get some great tips on the industry! Remember to subscribe to our show, give us an awesome rating, and share the episode!


Work with benefits, is there a downside?

Guest speakers Jason Tassinari and Lindsay Hicks offer their knowledge about their businesses. Jason is the owner of Alpha Group in Norfolk, VA with a background in the U.S. Army he leads his team of professional agents in private investigations, executive protection, work comp investigations, and with the every now and then bounty hunting. Lindsay Hicks in St. Louis, Missouri brings her knowledge of Essential Oils and the many uses of them. We also shed some light on the advantages of...


Season 1 Episode 2 I Feel Like I Make Good Money, Am I Paying Too Much?

Guest speakers Aaron Fredericks and Deide Nicastro speak about their experience in the Real Estate industry. While we touch base on budgeting tips for all our listeners. Tune in for some great tips and updates on the industry!


Season 1 Episode 1 Events, Taxes, and Growth Oh My!

In this episode we will be interviewing two business owners that are specialists in their industries. Looking at taxes with a few top ideas on how to save on your taxes with a brief look. Tune in for a great episode!


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