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Episode 34: The "Nature Boy", Ric Flair

WOOOOO!!! The tip of the glistening iceburg that is "Nature Boy" Ric Flair's career, in and out of the ring, is the subject of this episode of What Happened When Mondays! Learn how Ric is responsible for Tony's career in wrestling, Ric's early world title victories, how he felt about the finish in the Starrcade 1985 match against Dusty Rhodes, and what Tony's very favorite Ric Flair match that he called was. But really, this episode is about the stories... The naked truth about Tony and...

Duration: 01:47:15

Episode 33: Fall Brawl 1996

This week Tony and Conrad cover Fall Brawl 1996, which captured the hearts and minds of many, including a young Conrad Thompson who made this his very first PPV purchase. How did they change the setup to accommodate two Stings? What does an Ice Train and Scott Norton submission match look like? How did this PPV jumpstart the Monday Night Wars? All this plus the answers to many questions from last week's infamous show: What was the deal with the music? Why was Conrad particularly hilarious?...

Duration: 01:59:38

Episode 32: Wargames 2000

On this episode of What Happens When Mondays, Conrad and Tony provide commentary and insight alongside a viewing of Wargames 2000 which actually occurs on a NITRO on September 4th, 2000. Did the three tiered cage work? Did Russo work with a concussion? How many men in white face paint can you fit in the ring at the same time? All questions are answered and hilarious sidebars are explored, and Tony almost dies on the air for failing to properly drink a glass of water on this very funny,...

Duration: 02:09:26

Episode 31: The Greatest Q and A in the History of Wrestling Podcasts!

Fans took to Facebook and Twitter and asked Tony every question imaginable, and Tony answers them all! Join Conrad and Tony on this episode where Tony chooses "his" Horsemen, gives his opinion on Vince Russo, finally answers how he felt about giving away taped Raw results on Nitro, reveals what the deal was with shaving that beautiful mustache, and much much more! In addition, a surprising 'where are they now' answer featuring an American Male and the first and maybe only run in from Lois...

Duration: 01:37:47

Episode 30: Arn Anderson

This week, Conrad and Tony talk about everyone's "Mount Rushmore" wrestler, The Enforcer" Arn Anderson. Hear the story of Arns career from the very beginning of his days at Crockett all the way up to his famous "my spot" retirement speech. Hear the fun stories, things you may not have heard before, numerous Arn quotes and much more on this episode of What Happened When.

Duration: 02:00:59

Episode 29: Hog Wild 1996

An outdoor PPV on a Saturday with free tickets. Who booked this?! What if rained? Was Bobby drunk? Did the fans throw rocks at the Harlem Heat? Who dressed Tony like a member of the Village People? What's your favorite Ice Train story? All of this and more as we discuss nearly two hours of Hog Wild 1996!

Duration: 01:49:50

Episode 28: August 4 1997 Nitro

Conrad and Tony provide real time commentary and insight on on one of the most pivotal Nitros of all time: The night Lugar defeated the NWO and Hulk Hogan for the Big Gold Belt. Also, the mystery of the Villanos name finally explained, theme music for the giant created on the spot, the first three hour Nitro, and a story about the Barbarian's special requests. All this and much more on a special Nitro commentary track edition of What Happened When with Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson!

Duration: 02:39:32

Episode 27: Working with Bobby Heenan

What REALLY happened? Why did Bobby bury Tony in his book, his shoot interview, and everywhere else for more than 15 years? Did Tony really have a problem with Bobby paying tribute Gorilla? Did Tony demand his chair be higher than Bobby's? Tony sets the record straight once and for all.

Duration: 01:45:42

Episode 26: Randy Savage's 1995

What Happened When Randy Savage left the WWF? Tony weighs in on the Stephanie rumor, the divorce, the heat with Hogan, the feud with Flair, and why Savage REALLY won the World Title at WW3 1995. Enjoy over two hours of the "Macho Man" in his first year with WCW plus discover the name of Conrad & Tony's new tag team!

Duration: 02:16:07

Episode 25: Beach Blast 1993

What Happened When Col. Parker wanted Sid and Vader to win so badly that he hired a dwarf wearing an eye patch to disguise himself as a shark in order to place a bomb on Sting and Davey Boy Smith's boat when they were on an island for a charity volleyball match with children? Yes, this is WCW in 1993 and we discuss it for nearly two hours!

Duration: 01:54:01

Episode 24: Q&A with Tony Schiavone

Nearly two hours of Tony Schiavone answering all of your questions! Follow @WHWMonday on Twitter to get involved in the conversation next time. For now, enjoy everything from Tony discussing Bobby Heenan to playing FMK and more!

Duration: 01:56:51

Episode 23: Bash at the Beach 1996

"Hulk Hogan, you can go straight to hell!" What Happened When Hulk Hogan shocked the wrestling world and turned heel to form the nWo? Who knew and when? What was the backup plan? What was the reaction backstage? Did Heenan have heat for his line? Does Tony consider this the most important PPV in WCW history? All this and more in a very special WHW!

Duration: 02:22:12

Episode 22: The Four Horsemen, Part II

Ole and Luger are out so what's next for the Horsemen? How did Arn & Tully's departure go down? Kendall Windham, Butch Reed, Hiro Matsuda, the Yamazaki Corporation?! "What's causin' all this?" Find out in two more hours of Tony talking about the Four Horsemen!

Duration: 01:59:44

Episode 21: The Four Horsemen

Journey back to the 1980s as Tony and Conrad look at the Four Horsemen!

Duration: 02:38:41

Episode 20: Greed 2001

What Happened When WCW ran their very last Pay Per View? The company would run their final show just eight days after this. Was it "too little, too late" for WCW? Finishes for every match, Luger & Buff going into business for themselves, lots of blood in the main event, and more in the last "hurrah" for WCW!

Duration: 01:55:16

Episode 19: Slamboree 2000

What Happened When David Arquette defended his World Title in a triple cage, Shane Douglas finally got Ric Flair in the ring, Sunny was stripped on PPV, Hugh G Rection was born, Hogan wrestled Kidman on PPV, and Mike Awesome threw Kanyon off of the cage?! Were there any swerves, bro? ONLY in WCW 2000!

Duration: 01:48:27

Episode 18: Mayhem 1999

What Happened When the Vince Russo era WCW held a tournament to crown a new World Champion in Toronto? Bret Hart, David Flair, Filthy Animals, Revolution, Screamin Norman Smiley, Oklahoma, Berlyn, and so much more crazy '99 WCW to discuss with Tony Schiavone!

Duration: 02:08:09

Episode 17: Halloween Havoc 1998

What Happened When WCW booked Hogan-Warrior II in a match Meltzer gave "-******"? With the Steiners facing each other, Hall vs. Nash, Bret vs. Sting, Hogan vs. Warrior, Goldberg-DDP how could this show miss?! Well it could go too long, folks miss the main event, and thousands demand refunds. Only in WCW. Don't miss a stinker of a story about the Giant too!

Duration: 02:00:45

Episode 16: Fall Brawl 1997

What Happened When the nWo "killed" the Horsemen in 1997? The famous Horsemen "spot" segments, never-before-told Arn Anderson stories, Steiner Brother stories you need to hear, and a Klondike Bill story you'll wish you hadn't heard! Stay tuned to the very end for a ****** remix!

Duration: 01:47:16

Episode 15: World War 3 96

What happened when... 60 men slogged through 3 rings, WCW had some intergender wrestling action, Chris Jericho fought a ref, Ultimo Dragon battled Rey Mysterio Jr. and Hulk Hogan got paid a ton to do paperwork? It's the 1996 edition of WCW World War 3!

Duration: 01:37:44

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