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Because there is much more to weather than the weather itself! What Is It About The Weather is a podcast/vidcast series where we explore the various ways weather is intertwined into and impacts our lives. Weather itself is interesting and amazing, but what can be even more fascinating and intriguing is how much influence it actually has in our lives. In this journey we hope you will find yourself laughing, enjoying, and learning and from time to time even uttering "I did not know that". Weather geek by nature, atmospheric scientist by degree and meteorologist by trade, your host Mark T Jelinek loves talking about the weather. That love for weather actually drove him back to graduate school after a successful first career in the information services field. He looks forward to expanding your weather horizons and along the way is likely to be heard muttering "I did not know that".






Why Is Weather Essential To Advancing Technology?

Numerical weather prediction was born before computers and to this day leverages every technology advance we have seen. Why is it that weather forecasting is arguably the most effective discipline for maximizing the benefits of technology? Here a few useful links from this episode: The quiet revolution of numerical weather prediction http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v525/n7567/abs/nature14956.html The weather social […]

Duration: 00:37:46

Should Meteorologists Go Dark?

The way weather information is communicated has evolved significantly since the rise of television as have the skill sets of most meteorologists who engage with the public. Even as things have improved, is there enough emphasis on the communication element of the job? Have expectations become too high given the skills needed to not only […]

Duration: 00:34:32

Did History Change Weather?

We have explored many cases of when weather changed history, but is it possible that history changed weather? We explore a well known event in the world’s history, the sailing of the HMS Beagle and its well known passenger … Charles Darwin. So what does this have to do with the weather? We explore this […]

Duration: 00:32:02

Why Are You Politicizing The Weather?

On the heels of some very tragic weather related events, we ask why does weather get politicized? Is this a bad thing? Can it serve a positive purpose? Join the the conversation in the latest episode! Pick an option and support the Harvey (and Mumbai) victims Where to Donate to Harvey Victims (and How to […]

Duration: 00:31:45

Do You Get Too Many Weather Forecasts?

How was your Eclipse experience? Did the eclipse change your weather? Was their too much hype around the eclipse? With high coverage from ‘weather’ oriented sources, are we seeing signs that people get too much input from weather folks? Everywhere we turn there are weather forecasts, does this translate into weather forecast/information overload and lead […]

Duration: 00:35:14

What Do Weather Dreams Say About Me?

Do you dream about weather events? Have you ever wondered what it might be telling you? In this episode we explore the connection between your dreams, specifically weather dreams, and what your body and mind are trying to tell you or help you process. Here are some links if you want to dig into topics […]

Duration: 00:30:49

Does Weather Make You An Anxious Flier?

The science that governs the weather also governs flight. No doubt that weather can contribute to the potential for problems when a plane takes to the sky, but how concerned should you be about it? One of the most common weather sensations we experience in flight is called clear air turbulence, but it is highly […]

Duration: 00:32:38

Now Can I Get My Eclipse Forecast?

The great US solar eclipse is coming. One cloud could be the difference between a spectacular view and big disappointment. So is it time yet? Can I get my eclipse weather forecast? In short, NO! There are some things you can be thinking about to improve your odds, but it is way to soon. You […]

Duration: 00:29:28

What If You Couldn’t Move?

How would you deal with weather if you couldn’t move? Imagine being stuck in the desert or an arctic region, not exactly the easiest weather in which to survive. Even close to home we experience weather that can be harsh and requires us to escape. The natural world can teach us a thing or two […]

Duration: 00:33:22

How Real Is Your Weather?

There has been a lot of buzz around the world of augmented and virtual reality over the last couple of years. What is the role in forecasting your weather? Increasing our understanding of the weather? How real can it make your weather? Here are some links for exploring more about today’s topic: Simulation and visualization […]

Duration: 00:34:02

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Iced Tea?

Air conditioning is a fairly ‘young’ invention. While it seems we are becoming increasingly dependent on its availability, we have used many techniques for staying cool over human history. From parasols to high ceilings to just a cool swim, these approaches among others have been employed for centuries. However, there are some things we have […]

Duration: 00:30:24

Will Weather Ignorance Kill You?!?

Tornadoes don’t go through cities. It’s a dry heat. It’s too cold to snow. Just a few common statements we have likely all heard and can put you in dangerous situations. Don’t be weather ignorant when it comes to your life. Let’s explore common weather misconceptions and what you can do to make sure you […]

Duration: 00:32:06

What Is The Weather Doing To My Hair?

The weather is ruining my hair! Oh the humidity! I am having a bad hair day! Just a few of the utterances that connect weather and hair, but what is really going on? Where does the reality lie in the relationship between weather and hair? Do you find this hairy topic interesting? Here are a […]

Duration: 00:33:29

What Is The Role Of Competition In Weather Forecasting?

Can competition advance meteorology? Can forecasting improve because of competition? Can over-competition put lives in danger? Is weather forecasting better suited for the public or private sector? What is the right balance of competition versus unified message? How do we encourage the right mix innovation, improvement, invigoration, and impartiality in the weather enterprise? Will all […]

Duration: 00:32:45

Why Don’t I Get That Weather?

Do you ever wonder about why you don’t see ‘that’ weather that is in the news? In this episode we explore lightning, tropical cyclones, tornadoes and sleet. Who gets them and why. We have a lot of resources for you to explore in this episode should you want to examine any of the types of […]

Duration: 00:33:12

What Is It About The Weather?

“What Is It About The Weather?” turns 50. In this episode we explore a variety of questions from the last year asked by friends, family, listeners, and complete strangers. No hemming and hawing, let’s jump right to the episode …

Duration: 00:35:35

Did Weather Give Us Mario Kart?

Is weather the reason we have Mario Kart? Or for that matter, drive a Toyota, Honda, or Lexus? Take pictures with a Canon? Watch movies from Sony? You can probably see where we are going here. All these are iconic Japanese brands that exist today. Today we explore if weather was critical in holding off […]

Duration: 00:34:24

How Accessible Is Weather

Do we do enough to make weather available to everyone? How can we better convey weather information for those with impairments? Will new sonic visualization and haptic feedback technologies break barriers? Special thanks to Steve Bauer for his inputs for this week’s episode. Steve does a Jazz radio show called The Sunday Jazz Brunch which […]

Duration: 00:30:57

Can A Solar Eclipse Change The Weather?

Certainly a solar eclipse can impact the temperatures you feel much like a cloud or just moving into the shade on a sunny day, but can it really change the weather? Come find out as we also discuss planning for the weather in the upcoming 2017 solar eclipse that will cross the continental US. Here […]

Duration: 00:32:56

What App Is Best For Weather Alerts?

What app do you use to get your critical weather alerts? Has it ever failed you? Is it reliable? We explore the key issues around alert apps and discuss our top three in the latest episode. If you are interested in exploring our top choices you can check them out here: FEMA MyRadar Storm Good […]

Duration: 00:31:22

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