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S2 - #8 - What Can I Do in Iceland with Beckii Lovelock

Iceland - it was a big hit on the internet in 2016 so we thought we'd try it out for ourselves. One of us likes it... and the other dislikes it - Can you guess who is who?! We also sent our mate Beckii Lovelock out there to see what she thought. We chat about the Golden Circle, The Blue Lagoon and our walking tour in the capital city - Reykjavik! What's our game this month? Well it's only bloody Geezer or Geyser!!! ============================================= Follow us Website:...


LEARN - How To Meet Locals While Travelling with Nas Daily

Let's be honest... we all love to travel but how often are we experiencing the REAL culture? We see the sights, taste the food and meet fellow travellers but it's sooo difficult to make new friends with the locals. You have language barriers and sometimes you'll just look like a wrong'un going up to them and starting a convo. In this episode we chat to filmmaker Nas Daily on how to meet the locals... ============================================= Follow us Website:...


S2 - #7 - Places to Visit in Romania

Romania! Maybe not the most popular tourist destination but an interesting one none-the-less! In this episode, we bring you meat, cheese, vampires, castles, nightlife and of course another Pho game and this one is all about flight attendants, and no... we didn't join the mile high club! Or did we!? ============================================= Follow us Website: www.whatthephotravelpodcast.com Instagram: @what_the_pho_podcast Twitter: @phopodcast Email: whatthephopodcast@gmail.com...


CHALLENGE - How to Travel on a Budget with The Budgeteers

Ever thought about going travelling but realised you couldn't because of money? Well we're about to answer all your prayers Mother Pho'er! We've teamed up with a YouTube channel called 'The Budgeteers' to bring you some top tips on how to travel on a budget. And of course, it wouldn't be What The Pho Travel Podcast unless we played a game... and this one's called 'Cheese and Onion Crisps'. Watch The Budgeteers here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCckFCPnDSf9mMCkdEq7tTcQ...


S2 - #6 - Best Things To Do in Marrakech & Beyond Sahara Festival

Morocco is one of the most vibrant, diverse and culturally rich places we've ever visited. We absolutely love it. And that's why we want to tell you everything about it i.e where to stay, what to do and who you'll want to meet. We have Gameshow Facts, we chat to the owners of Beyond Sahara Festival and we play quite possibly our best game ever - That's What She Fez. Why? Because everyone loves an innuendo. ============================================= Follow us Instagram:...


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