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12 - Who Are You Working For?!

In this short but sweet episode, the DJ's(guest starting Amber "DJ Smiles" Jones of the Professionally Silly YouTube Channel) and company discuss the current state of "the system" in America, the ever flowing moral compass of the human race and a cancer Chucky doll. Ask us questions and comment on the show Twitter: @wesdroberts(Capricorn Jenkins) Instagram: Amber "DJ Smiles" Jones...

Duration: 00:21:17

11 - The DJ's Homecoming Spook Extravaganza

The DJ's discuss the cross cosmos appeal of Homecoming and the concept of dances. The future conceptual joys of being a grandparent. And Yes!, Halloween(The Most Imaginative of Holidays) has came and went but that doesn't stop the DJ's from reminiscing on there most spooked moments and costumes. Recorded on 10/22/17 Ask Us Stuff/Comment on the Show Tracks Referenced We Made It Instrumental Prod. PURPDOGG "Ghostbusters" Performed/Written/Produced by Ray...

Duration: 01:59:32

10 - In The Search Of Fairness

In this episode the DJ's discuss the current atrocities amongst the world; from the brewing Civil War amidst the south to the fallacy of the Mayweather/McGregor fight and sports in general, to of course the future of society. Recorded 8/29/17 Ask Us Stuff/Comment on the Show List of Sites for Donating towards Relief Efforts Track Reference Samurai Champloo Music Record: Departure Track One- BattleCry

Duration: 01:31:29

9 - Boy Meets Wonder Years

The DJ's reminisce on moments from grade school given the reunion and homecoming season. Recorded on 8/16/17 Ask us Stuff/Comment on the Show Song Reference Samurai Champloo Music Record: Departure Track.1 BattleCry

Duration: 01:28:45

8 - How Wonderful is this Woman?: A Wonder Woman Retrospective

The DJs return with a full retrospective of the character Woman Wonder. From there personal histories to her humble beginnings all the way to her recent film adaptation. Recorded on 6/14/17 Ask us Stuff/Comment on the Show Book References Secret History of Wonder Woman Paris 1919

Duration: 01:23:58

7 - State Of The Podcast Address

In this downbeat episode the DJ's speak on the present and future of the podcast while reminiscing on drunken spats, a quick fire summer movie review list and the validity of the cinematic universe. Recorded on 6/5/17 Ask us Questions for the show: Get at us individually at: DJ HeyCuzin: DJ 11AM: Twitter/_11AM_

Duration: 00:46:13

6 - What's a Video Game Again?

The DJ's(Feat. DJ Blackademics) speak on there favorite video games, there personal history in the medium and exploring the requirements of what makes a good game. Recorded on 6/5/17

Duration: 01:06:43

5 - I'll Fight For The Right For You To Say It

The DJ's speak on the affects of the PC culture on entertainment while also sheding light on Iron Fist, Vasectomies on humans and pets, Pregnancy, and our literal place in the solar system. Recorded on 5/19/17

Duration: 01:11:15

4 - "Use the Stairs Sam!"

An early morning episode where the DJ's speak on there weekly Trump update, there first sexual moments, the logistical means of Clarissa and Sam's Friendship(Clarissa Explains It All), and..... THE FUTURE. Recorded on 2/23/17

Duration: 01:25:32

3 - Regular Bucket

Days after the Super Bowl(tm) the DJ's speak of the horrors and history of of the Falcons lost, the money spent on Super Bowl(tm) commercials, the rise and fall of popular artists and future of football. Recorded on 2/8/17

Duration: 01:22:20

2 - Out with the Old, In with the New Year

The DJ's bring in the new year with there resolutions and how dumb they tend to be, checking in on the ages of amazing people, the relatability of female celebs and the affects of people meeting the new president. Recorded on 1/3/17

Duration: 01:07:46

1 - A New Beginning

A proto episode if you will, me and the other fellas find some shit to shoot and hits quite the few topics, cops and of course Tinder. Recorded on 12/1/16

Duration: 00:29:40