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Wwww - Ep 19 - Ride Or Die

Looks like we made it! The ladies have reached episode 19...the season finale! Touching on a common saying, the ladies explore what it really means to be a true "ride or die". Be sure to follow the ladies on Instagram @whatwomenwantwednesday to stay up to date with content and season 2 information.


Wwww - Ep 18 - Support Me Damn It

Everyone has a dream, and your partner should encourage you to follow your passion...right? Hear what the ladies have to say on the matter and how long do you wait until you tell your partner to give it up? J shocked the girls with some special news Ace isn't here to be a sponsor Tiff is definitely here for the tea this week Chay better see you at her performances!


WWWW- Ep 17 - What About Your Friends

Women do it and so do men, even if they don't like to admit it...gossip to their friends. But where do you draw the line in telling your friends too much about your relationship? J has ashes where her heart used to be Chay CEO is not here for the "What Women Want Challenge" Ace has serious questions that need answers Texas Tea is enjoying time with the family


Wwww - Ep 16 - Baecation

The ladies are ready for summer and can't wait to go on vacation...with bae! Bae-cations are the latest trends for the summer and the ladies want to help you get this right. Whether you just started dating or have been together for a while, here are the dos and don'ts of planning a mini getaway with your significant other.


Wwww - Ep 14 - Friends With Benefits

This week the ladies of #WWWW get into the juicy topics of threesomes, being honest in your relationship, and friends with benefits. Check us out and see how four personalities give you the real on dating, with some laughter to go with it!


WWWW - Ep. 13 - Decepticons

Picture it: You're crazy hungry and you just got to your favorite food spot. You order your favorite meal and you pull off. When you get home, ready to eat, you open the bag and see it's not what you ordered. Sometimes people pull the same crap. You think you're getting one person, wrapped up looking great, and they seem that way for a good while. Unfortunately, when you open them up you realize they're not what you thought they were. Episode 13 is all about DECEPTICONS. Texas Tea doesn't...


WWWW-Ep. 12-Balancing Act

It's no secret that a relationship takes communication. But is there a difference between venting and yelling? In this episode, the ladies examine what it means to be supportive to your significant other when they vent and how to take a step back when you need self care. Ace needs you to have both hands on the wheel and eyes open. J has the biggest pet peeve. Texas Tea is so over stereotypes Chay CEO has a new toy.


WWWW - Ep 9 - Fighting Fair

Episode 9: Fighting Fair No relationship is perfect. The happiest couples don't get along 100% of the time but learning to fight fair is one way to help you stay together longer. K.J. is not budging on his "no-no spot" Chay CEO is putting you on the "hoe line" Texas Tea is helping you deal with kids the non-CPS route Ace has a PSA for you J needs you to learn how to hold a conversation


Www - Ep7 - A Hot Raggedy Mess

We all have our deal-breakers when it comes to relationships. For some it's as simple as messaging a person of the opposite sex and others it takes much more. This episode is about cheating, if you can come back from it, and if you can...how. J doesn't want you to eat her face. Chay CEO needs you to evaluate the "lipage". Ace is anti-lock jaw. Texas Tea is home recovering from her bday trip from Denver


Wwww - EP5 - Independent Women

Episode 5 is how to date an Independent Women! Can you handle her? What to do when you have one? How to grow with her. Ace needs you to know proper dating etiquette Texas Tea knows how to hold it down for the household Chay CEO just wants everyone to be honest J finally had a great week!



Sometimes getting straight to the main event just isn't enough. This week is all about foreplay and why it's so important. Texas Tea puts us on to her bag of tricks. J likes it a little ratchet. Ace has requirements for d*ck pix. Chay CEO ironically isn't interested in lesbian porn.


WWWW - EP3 - Dating

What not to say, how to ask for it, when to walk away; this episode is all about dating. From how to approach her online, how to plan the date, and how to keep her interested...basically HOW TO GET PU$$Y 101. Texas Tea loves a little ghost talk. Ace wants consistency. J has a healthy booty...can you handle it? Chay CEO knows where the cheap dates are


WWWW - EP2 - Fantasies

Whips, chains, handcuffs, hot candle wax. This episode is all about fantasies and how to introduce them into mix. Texas Tea wants a little sex on the beach... and not the drink. Ace doesn't want to be the only bisexual in the relationship. J got unicorn catfished. Chay CEO is amphibious.


WWWW- Ep1-Sex On The 1st Date

Starting the podcast off with a bang, the ladies discuss having sex on the first date. Is it ok, how do you know if she's into it, and how to initiate it? Chay CEO needs to see those papers. J & Texas Tea are NOT for the butt play. Ace isn't here for the salty balls.


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