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2.03 - Bhan Gatkuoth - Daughter Podcast

"Bhan Gatkuoth is an independent podcast producer who is passionate about sharing the stories of marginalized groups. Her podcast series, Daughter, is one that is dedicated to sharing the untold stories of her mother. A strong South Sudanese woman who was unfortunately forced to become a child bride, a prisoner, and a refugee all before she turned 21 years old. The story of Bhan and her mother is one that uniquely situates their mother-daughter dynamic against the backdrop of their social...


2.02 - Renelle Nelson - Straight No Chaser

Renelle E. Nelson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, and Infidelity Recovery Coach who has been providing therapy for over 11 years. Her passion is to assist you with getting your sexual voice back and shattering sexual shame. Life and relationships are an adventure. It helps to have a guide. Her goal is to illuminate your path on whatever road you may take. Her personable nature creates an open atmosphere for you to explore how you form and...


2.01 - Kwapi Vengesayi - Shades of Black & Good Reads

Zimbabwean by birth, Kwapi Vengesayi studied architecture and sociology at the University of Idaho. He is a social entrepreneur, speaker, Amazon bestselling author, and creator and executive producer of the regionally acclaimed and award-winning social commentary performing arts showcase, the Shades of Black Show. He has worked with singer/songwriters that have gone on to sign to major record labels, dancers that have toured with major artists such as Ariana Grande and productions such as...


0.19 - Safiya Farah - Risks, ROI & Life After College

We all end up at this place in our lives where we just don't know what the next step is let alone what we see ourselves doing in the next 10 years. What you've got to realize is that life is a journey made up of one step at a time. Its not a big deal that you don't know what you want right this second. No one ever really does. Join in this weeks conversation on how to navigate life, and how to take the first step towards where you could possibly want to be one day. Safiya Farah -...


0.15 - Adulting - Balancing Work, Life & Relationships

The problem with being an adult is that it comes with a whole bunch of obligations that take up so much of our precious time. Finding the correct balance of social life, work, health and relationships can be extremely difficult but once you do nothing will ever be the same. Here are 5 tips on how to maximize and enjoy every minute of your life. LShompole.com Join the Minority Magic Newsletter 2 individuals will be picked to win a large print photograph from my collection. IG & Twitter...


0.12 - N.L Shompole - The Poetry of Immigration - Sign, Seal, Deliver

N.L. Shompole was born in Kenya. She is a multi-platform artist whose written and photographic works have been featured in various print and online publications including Two Cities Review, Words Dance Publication, Maps for Teeth, Invitation Annual, Kinfolks Quarterly and The Rising Phoenix Review. She is the author of five poetry collections, including the amazon bestseller Lace Bone Beast collection Lace Bone Beast: Poems & Other Fairytales for Wicked Girls. She's dope yalllll and shes...


0.11 - Attending Networking Events

This week I cover 5 quick tips on what you need to know to be prepared and get the most out of networking events. This includes work conferences, meets and greets or even college job fairs! How to pack efficiently, how to read body language and how to maximize your interactions. Yes these events can be awkward especially for the introverts but with a little practice and preparation you'll do great! Tune in! Check out www.Lshompole.com & www.Kingdomsinthewild.com for Merchandise & the...