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What a Pair Of Trousers is a podcast for those of discerning comedy tastes and for connoisseurs of obscure and outdated references.






Episode 096 - Walking Piranha

Tuck your TP in and get ready! WAPOT is back to use an hour and change of your precious life in a meaningful way, and we do that by discussing tidbits, wors job to be hungover at, animal battles, snack argument and Pick The Subsection! Don't forget to order your Werner Herzog sex robot!

Duration: 01:23:05

Episode 095 - The Bobbing Pterodactyl

Take a byte out of this weeks .....er.....'comedy' offering! Matt is #teacherbusy so Rich, Ben and a struggling Stu delve into another serving of drivel with tidbits, Turd Talk, Smelly Children, Dr Wiggins springs into action, Robot Sex and the unexpected return of an old segment. Grab your kickstand and enjoy!

Duration: 01:25:10

Episode 094 - Occasional Men

A new WAPOT ep is here, chop chop! Big daddy Buckland is nowhere to be found so the three legged trouser returns with some of the best axe work you've ever heard. More toilet talk, sauce wars and the return of a segment no one asked for. Not completely drivel. . .

Duration: 01:21:27

Episode 093 - Colonic Sizzle

Episode 93 - Colonic Sizzle (Dust Doesn't Weigh That Much) Four plonkers come together once more to discuss tidbits, a Word We Need, a short story, Would You Rather?, Bad Advice and some interesting stats. Grease up and give it a go.

Duration: 01:28:56

Episode 092 - Crocs in the Carwash

Episode 92 - "Crocs In The Carwash (Thunder Chicken Ball Pack)" is here! Wiggins has had an exorcism and returns to normality (......well ......) and the Trousers welcome a guest as they discuss tidbits about YOB, Confirmations, and 'Best Thing I Saw This Week' as well as a 'Getting to Know The Trousers' Quiz and Ellis opens that shame drawer once more. Not only that, but Jesus hath cometh to deliver unto us a bombshell of biblical proportions.

Duration: 01:49:47

Episode 091 - Pregnant Worms

Welcome to Episode 91: Pregnant Worms (Gorillaz in the Pissed) Ok, this is a weird one. At some point on the evening of recording, Wiggo gets possessed by an entity from the underworld. He claims that there was simply a corruption with his audio file, but we know better. Anyway, as a result, Wiggo sounds weird. At times you may not be able to make out exactly what he is saying. Apologies for this, but unfortunately he brought some content so we couldn't really cut around it. If you can...

Duration: 01:29:54

Haroldcore History

The Trouser Men look at another trouser man as they study the life and (apparent) death of former Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt.

Duration: 01:11:25

Episode 090 - Hawaiian Pine Nuts

Hey sex machine. Let's open our shame drawers and rifle around in there, shall we? Tidbits and recaps, Wig has the shits, more freak gear, WAPOT has merch, Zambian Shit-Sniffers and the shame drawer gets a good working over. All this plus a special guest chimes in!

Duration: 01:41:40

Episode 089 - Plate Lickers

Welcome to the Annoying special! The cascade of crackling content continues as the tidbits flow. Creepy kids, Fraidy Cat Wiggins, Secrets of Pompeii and Stu feels the shame of getting an obscure 90's TV reference wrong. Then, the main event... Our wives wrote a list of things that we do that annoy them and sent it to one of the other WAPOT hosts, who will read it to them for the first time. Will it give the WAPOT fellows food for thought? Will it make them examine their behaviour?...

Duration: 01:33:13

Episode 088 - Chinese Finger Trap

Back for another episode and if you think there will be a dip in the quality of the content after last episodes Content Wars you better think again. You doubt us? Are you KIDDING ME? YOU WANNA MEET ME SOMEWHERE?! HUH? Sorry, it's been a long week. The usual kind of tidbits that you know and love like HBTC (Australian of the Year special), Learnt A New Word Boys, an employees confession, festival shenanigans and the sex battles of ducks.

Duration: 01:25:10

Episode 087 - Content Wars

Hello and welcome to this special episode of What A Pair of Trousers: Content Wars (Gentle, Slow and Deep) It's Wiggo vs Rich in a winner takes all competition to see who is bringing the best content to the episode. No quarter is given as these two titans shape up, square off and blow hot molten content all over the place. Throw in some tidbits and a whole bunch of crappy puns and you truly can say that audio awesomeness abounds... (Is that enough sizzle yet?)

Duration: 01:43:33

WAPOT Extra Trousers - Waiting for Rich

Enjoy this snippet from the cutting room floor from the recording for the next episode of What A Pair of Trousers. Hear the tension in the air in this prelude to the Content War that was to come!

Duration: 00:09:58

Episode 086 - Slug Prison

Hi there you bunch of Trouser touchers! Corporate Buckland is #corporatebusy and so is missing this week, and Retail Wiggins is suffering from #retailshitinternet so pops in and out like so many over-worked dillies. Matt, Rich and special guest Sam Pett forge on to discuss tidbits, more Margaret Court gear, trouble in the Wiggin's house, a new character is introduced into the fairytale of Wiggins' street before the whole thing descends into a whiny teacher therapy session. Catch Sam Pett...

Duration: 01:14:15

Episode 085 - Blade Court

Welcome to this bad example of the power of freedom of speech! (Thank you Margaret) Rich re-emerges to join Ben, Stu and Matt to discuss where he has been. We then attempt some topicality before moving back into more familiar territory of bottom remedies, Would You Rathers and an odd story. We also have celebrity phone-ins! Stuff that in your boogie board case! (topical)

Duration: 01:20:32

Episode 084 - Online Hyena

Hello and welcome to episode 84 - Online Hyena (The Punitive Yoghurt) In Rich's absence we welcome special guest Gibbo to the Trouser tent to discuss Movies That Should Be Pornos But Aren't, HBTC, Would You Rather, 1800's medicinal remedies, hyena action, and the pitfalls of online dating. Why get your inane piffle anywhere else?

Duration: 01:37:21

Episode 083 - Three Rabbits and a Postman

It's Trouser Time! Tidbits including an intertwining segment and the tale of the Dark Toilet, Canberran sense of humour, Questions for the Trouser Boys and the Shame Drawer gets opened again...... Feel free to send in your thoughts on the questions and topics discussed. Or on anything, really. Find us in all the podcasty places and subscribe on Itunes. Throw us a rate and review ans we will give you Rich's number should you ever need his services....

Duration: 01:28:26

Episode 082 - Karma Sauce

Hi you. Yes, you! The one with weird genitals. Hi! In this gripping episode of What A Pair of Trousers it's a tidbit shitfit, HBTC, The thrilling conclusion to an unpopular segment, someone who doesn't listen anymore still offers up some content, Matt and Stu being odd in front of people, we play Blankety Blanks, another takeaway store dilemma, Monkey God update and Dream Analysis with Dr Wiggins. Catch us on Libsyn, Itunes, Stitcher, Overcast FM, PocketCasts, TuneIn, and losing...

Duration: 01:15:18

Topical Trousers 1

Welcome to the first edition of Topical Trousers! We actually talked about some news in the latest What A Pair Of Trousers recording, so to celebrate this rare occurrence we thought we would release it as it's own entity! (and early so that it is actually still topical ...) A Rugby League player dobs in a drink driver and our left-leaning political part acts awfully right-leaning.

Duration: 00:11:23

WAPOT 2017 Easter Special Part 2

Jesus rises (to the occasion) again as he joins the Trousers for part two of this Easter special. Stu tries to understand Catholic Pre-marriage courses (and fails), HBTC, Jesus gets serious, another Linkedin Update and Jesus takes aim at Buckland (not like that) We also briefly try to talk about Easter!

Duration: 00:54:48

WAPOT 2017 Easter Special Part 1

Fore he is Lord! Welcome to part one of the WAPOT 2017 Easter Special, and we are joined aptly enough by our saviour Jesus. As well as a strong sense of warmth and love, Jesus brings a solid story about someone watching him cop some action. Jesus is a dungeon master, unsolicited johnnos, being caught and how much do you love your kids? Come and enter the Foretex with us.

Duration: 01:13:29

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